Podcast 268: Call In Sick & Game

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Have you ever called in sick to game? Which game was it? Do you have any plans in the future to call in sick for gaming? All this and more on another episode of the best xbox one and positive gaming podcast on the internet the Xonebros. Whether you're on the Game Pass or Game Pass for PC. This podcast is for you!

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- everybody welcome to the stream welcome to this month's episode this is the x1 Bros podcast number 268 thank you very much for joining us it's been a fantastic week it is Independence Day was the day after Independence Day its independence weekend it's Independence Boxing Day Boxing Day yeah Independence Day after-sales if that's a thing welcome as always enjoyed by the bros the x1 bros mister make spicy hello Jordan man oh and I'm x1 hello everybody we've got stranger things dropped last night have you guys why I was going to but then I didn't oh I watched one episode uh I haven't even seen sees my I'm worried that it won't live up like they'll try too hard I said so here's the deal I saw the previews sure you know like the trailers and it looked like the budget is too high oh yeah no they go to more CGI so stupid but the reason Oh Oh Blake screams sorry everybody sorry everybody they've used more CGI in episode 1 then I think in the last two seasons combined well what's the expensive part right paying for that yeah but I mean like even though I don't know the charm of that show was just it was so 80s and it was like crap it was almost crappy in a way but it was good it's one of the eight yeah and I saw the previous and it looks like they upped the budget pretty hard with all the like everything about it the lighting crew hat like it's new camera gear looks may become a huge success uh so here's my thought of season one or episode one that I watched last night this was no spoilers I went into it and I'm very wary about once you start to get into third seasons especially for a show that really was just gonna be a one and done and then they stumbled into success I mean they'd made it really well and it was super successful so they decide to do season two in a season three it starts out and for the first half first you're not gonna you know they always 45 minutes it really annoys me and I think great this show is done because they're trying too hard they're trying to every our scene is like awesome 80s music Sandlot situations right that feel that character the charm and it's like all guys are trying too hard you lost your touch here this is this is too much and then and then it ends then the last 10 minutes ends and you're like okay I mean I'm hooked they they they hit you then they hit you're good well that's how that's how a lot of those that I mean that's a that's a formula yeah that they do they don't do anything cool until the last 10 minutes of every episode so you binge watch it oh yeah that's what causes well but the first so we'll see episode two I'm gonna be watching tonight right after the show here and we'll see we'll see if it's if it maintains but my favorite character and the best actor in this movie from a character standpoint is the kid with the curly hair that has the Lisp oh yeah fantastic yeah he's he's also I think the most popular outside of the show now too because no really yeah he's really good and he still has the same feel about him where's the other kids you know like as child actors age they're all actually a really good job cuz that's what was one of my worries when you see child actors age they as children they don't know any better they're just they're just saying their lines and it's natural but as they grow older this happens a lot of sitcoms they realize they're actors and they start acting or trying to act and it comes across as a high school you know I'm sorry you sense that I depress that but this doesn't happen to all of them actually do a good job in this one so that's good because they've all gotten older you could tell puberty is hitting well you could tell puberty was hitting yeah a couple of that kids in this in season two like right and you're like like you see him grow one of the kids grow four inches and then you know which one they filmed before boy cuz he's back to young again yeah so it's but it's good I mean that's so far so good we'll see we'll see how it goes but I'm excited to get you guys's thoughts as well let's do our patreon giveaway before we forget last week we didn't do to the end of the show because we forgot and I've actually forgot dang it right here oh I don't know how I don't know how to help I have it I do have it okay he is currently working on it yeah okay we'll do it after our discussion question here this is how the sausage is made pay me okay let's get into our question Neil dodsworth writes in um and this is how we're gonna start off today's show with one question then we'll we'll do other things he says the size from getting fat by mistake I think I may have screwed up I've booked a trip to Florida actually talking about that first part of that I hear you man I think I may have screwed up I've booked a trip to Florida in November and the release schedule for games is looking hot not least of all which is Jedi fallen order my question should I fake an illness and stay at home to game or have you guys got a better idea by the way I'm 47 live in the UK and the missus will be pissed what do you guys think sure what advice to mr. Neil dodsworth he's in November right well better be up by then no yeah it will October is believe they don't ex cloud for this very reason boom the yeah preview of X cloud you might not have to piss off your wife she'll be pissed that you're playing games in the hotel it's them you're not coming with have your cake and eat it boom yes you can yeah Wow but let's let's just for the sake of argument let's make it so X cloud doesn't exist in November I think I'd be hosed okay because you had to go that that's a trip like that across so know when you travel across an ocean and you planted with your wife I don't think you can I don't think you can skip I mean you can get hit by a car I think that's a good kind of sickness is like death yeah a fake death if you're willing to jump like your palms you can fake death if you're willing childish but so is high school if you're willing to jump out in front of traffic then you can stay home since I mean you can't you know you're hurt right so he can't bring his xbox with him we're making sure that that's the thing well you could try you could to bring his xbox but I've always done that yeah but usually like you got things booked all day you know and you're like oh yeah we're gonna go seat snorkeling and going to Florida so he's probably going to Universal Studios I mean it's like regular world my regular regular world regular world there's like a vacation that you got to well going on vacation a regular world well welcome to regular laughs all your dreams are mediocrity so yeah you go to work and then at the end of the day you play games right so same concept here but again and the Dolphins and floran experienced like you know what games is he playing right well he wants to be doing battle for Star Wars let me start with ya but Jedi he's got a European xbox right he's coming to America yeah you can't get the disks here right so you're gonna have to download the Internet's awful maybe you could region on Ritchie is the internet awful I think we've experienced that everything is awful in LA I really think Florida's probably not I just think hotels don't have good Internet well where would he be stayin oh that's true maybe it's an Airbnb that does have a good Internet oh man there's lots of data points that we just don't have accessing it but all things being equal go to the library yeah plug up your Xbox ironically the library does have a good internet yeah well of course okay so let me ask you this bouncing okay Neil dodsworth hopefully that's helpful I doubt that was helpful to you but hopefully the hell is helpful I think I think the X I think you go the X cloud you couldn't have gone on a trip at a better time yeah X cloud I think it was August and you'd be endued yeah yeah you'd be screwed that month way to plan it in November because you got a month of base so well see ya a month of beta so you're at least two matches in right so it's somewhat stable by that point you know oh yeah yeah no doubt yeah um so let me ask you this have you guys never called in sick for work I want to start with Jordan I sick for work I don't want are there spies Lissa deep ok big spicy have you ever scalded sick for work for game for gaming what was the last game you called in sick for work for well my that's kind of hard I got to think back when I had like a regular job no even your current job day or like that games coming out I'm not working we're doing this what I did take I did the last game I did was write Red Dead Redemption I took off but I still have to work that what I took I take time awful so like this full vacation time David with my job I choose the 12 hours each day that I work also you're still working just you're pushing those you're just fumbling it I just go okay I'm gonna play this for an hour and then I'll go back to work and then I I need a break I'll play it now but when a new game comes out how do you just play for an hour you make it happen I know I don't know I just have to I have to get stuff done but what if you just took a day off I haven't then then the next day he's actually oh you just gotta do 24 hours correct okay correct it their trade off I see it's it's a juggling act you just choose which 12 hours of the day you work so Cantigny says first game II called in sick form was Indigo Prophecy psychotic was original Final Fantasy 7 so there was a better question was the first game you called in sick for oh because there you go profit it was so good I've heard about thing I've never played it that's the that's the one where it's like three people and you wake up let me let me know if this is the right game isn't it the one where you chat isn't it the one you find yourself in a murder scene in like a bathroom in a like a diner and then you murder people and then you're going you don't know what you did but then you're the two people hunting you down as well and you switch off between those roles that's cool that was a really great game that actually that's awesome I love I love that I love Max Payne super shocker says hey Trisha and chat says she took off destiny to my last one was read I remember we took off Red Dead Redemption one I think the three of us took that day off yeah we did for online mode and then remember online didn't work for like two weeks there was rockstars first on I remember that it was very disappointing yeah that's one that we all took off did I spit on you oh no I had like an H on my face okay I think sorry also I'll take off for titanfall on the on the original launch cuz remember that game launched like weeks later and remember we went and sustained in line and people were coming out with a giant statue yeah what game titles the first time yeah yeah yeah but did we take the day off I know that's the first title that's so actually what got me to buy my xbox oh yeah yeah cuz I didn't buy it day one yeah I think I was ill I went I was dealing with the next but I was just there for your support it was awesome yeah it was a good time so much fun Jordan first game you called in sick for I can't even remember you've called in sick for so many I know this Caroline high school because I I ditched a lot of high school to play in a memorable high school game you you've called in sick um world of war I would always away on the Sega Genesis I would always play the x-men game remember that x-men game where you start out as psylocke well actually can I tell ya yeah oh sorry Oh George is gonna plow through that I think that one yeah yeah I mean you called him for that one though oh and then yeah all the time and actually my neighbor that lives across the street was the one who ditched with me which is funny he didn't even know I loved here when he that is hilarious across larious Jordan no so in high school I used to live in California right yeah and they were really intense about like security of everything sure like they put cages around the soda machines though you know so you can't like shake them and steal them you know yeah I mean so I mean I think that was because of me I don't know because you have you there I have stories no Ryan I probably better anyway and I don't mean this in like a bad way but I actually moved up here during my last what semester I score some more in California you do they don't block anything I know you can just take a flash drive of like whatever game you want throw it in the computer at the library and just go to town well that's what the library's meant for Starcraft they don't like anything down what did you do that yeah what game minecraft a lot like when I was in high school you could walk into the library at any time and there will be twenty kids playing Starcraft yeah I grew up in a prison basically yeah prison here there's no Southern California there was only one security guard so he couldn't catch everybody you know yeah when I went to that mean Jordan went to the same high school there wasn't a security guy there so I think let's not make that mistake again that is hilarious I remember I don't have these kind of fond memories no no I remember my mom walking in and she was like looking around like with her ayah holding her ID like waiting it to hand it to someone and like no one ever showed up we just roamed at the school oh really yeah yeah which by the way sounds weird to some people but coming from a school where they like wrote down your license plate and you old there was only one exit like it into the park or yeah you have to stop and register yeah and then you walk in you're like there's barbed wire along the top of the fence like it's the you know the kind of like tilts out yeah we're more free-spirited here so we would dig under the fence you'd roll under the bus gate cuz they're a little bit higher this gets briar yeah yeah yeah nice yeah I was really bored in your high schools prison mmm-hmm I don't know if it was to protect us or to protect people outside of the school you never know well calling in sick it's a good time hey thank you very much Neal dodsworth for writing in let's get to our patreon giveaway cue the music oh if you would like to join the patreon giveaway you can do so just by supporting us on patreon so thank you very much we got a couple new supporters here during the stream the during the show so thank you very much all the newbies and everybody else who has supported us our longtime supporters we appreciate it but this month game winner a game of your choice as you get to pick coming in at 5 feet 1 425 pounds of pure bowling ball muscle as you don't know if that's your height and weight but if I guess they're right that'd be hilarious nothing really good yes the one and only Eric doe forward or do for I think it's good thank you very much yes congratulations we will DM you over on discord or you could DME and we will get you your choice of a game ASAP thank you very much for your support and yo-oh keep going I want you to keep talking about that but I do have something good so it no I'm just going back to like the high school discussion yeah my high school is actually pretty cool like we had assemblies for goldeneye tournaments and Mario Kart tournaments oh really we all would go there and we'd watch the top four play Mario Kart at the school yeah it was an assembly like that's cool I'm pretty cool high school you guys California people suck I didn't have that we had security guards I took in the Goldeneye tournament I believe I took second or third oh yeah it was big deal I was really good you had to reach like shoulder deep just to grab your soda what you barely could reach so if you had short arms you just wasted hours you just kind of kicked it against the wall and then you could get your pick of the litter yeah if you wanted to be you know jerk and steal soda what you should not do I'm not advocating that I actually experienced that firsthand what David was their way of what apple juice theft apple juice theft yeah I had to go to court with your mom actually with my mom because you stole apple juice no cuz I watched you watch someone I were there you literally were like what happened during us that I watch that guy still apple juice and I said hey I might come back later and then I got called into the police officers office at school for like and he was like he looked at me and he like looked at his butters hey is that you and I said yeah I was like we're in the same what I want to say you say allegedly allegedly that's me you can't proof thank you alleged anyway it's allegedly me anyway that's all you have to say you are protected by the Constitution man yeah yeah get that allegedly no get this so with a smirk no get this I saw I'm sitting there and I I don't know what had he didn't go out for the kids that actually took the apple juice right I'm because I watched and did not report it was just as bad I had the committee in the crime and what really frustrated me is I think he was I thought I was being a smart aleck but I was like do you want me to give you 75 cents they told me he said I was only saying that now because I had been caught and that's when I kind of got you got caught what I mean someone steal yeah and that's why I said cut forward you're supposed to do tackle in and then he called your mom cuz you're at this point in my life your mom was actually my parental guard yeah yeah so what's really funny is we went down to court by the way your mom and I were the only ones like dressed nicely cuz usually I go to court where a nice little tie yeah good for a nice dress right we get in there and like all these people have like committed murder and I have like sold cocaine yeah and I'm sitting there like I'm here because I watched someone taken apple juice like with this the scum of the earth yeah what I was I was so mad that's not I give you a suspension for that no I had to like go in a service right no I literally got nothing I think even even at the court like my mom was explaining what happened and the lady was like so you didn't do it I had this all happened to me it happened I had the same thing happened to me but I got charged Oh with just watch i watch someone commit a crime and they booked me for it I wait at in high school it was I was an elementary in elementary school you got booked in elementary school I did your hardcore community service or doing what I don't know if I should say I well okay so it was like a legit crime well yeah I watched somebody throw light like something on fire and throw it into a garbage can and do you know what I did I was on fire I was the one who went and pulled the fire alarm cuz there was a fire and I got in trouble for pulling the fire alarm why yeah but wasn't there a fire yeah it makes sense in my head yeah and I got I got like expelled for her I got a week where they suspended suspended I don't understand what like what do they say like hey yeah what were you supposed to do yeah Ida you know where you probably got in trouble I'm in fifth grade pulling the fire alarm that they got you for yeah I got I had to go to juvenile court and I had been there man yeah I had Duke 20 hours of community service all the slope what did they say like were you like well there was a fire in the trashcan so I pulled the fire look I have no idea and they were like what you did what when there was a fire oh I know I've been through a fire there's there's something else I had to take care of like in my life and I went I did the same thing as you I went to the judge and I was in a tie and I'm around people that are like going to jail and this is really just just something stupid and what I said to the judge I this is when I was like I wasn't married yet but so I was like what like still a match for you yeah 22 ish and I just I just walked out the judge and I just said I just want this taken care of I don't care and they threw the book at me never say that never say that yeah it cost me a lot of money to do that way so all I know is the law is ruthless so that's why you say that was allegedly me particularly Elementary isn't just as supposed to be blind well they can choose you like a judge can choose like the there's like parameters yeah he gave you the max so we've all been to do juvenile court interests yeah you actually punched someone like you're hit cry actually come on an act of violence yeah so at least mine makes sense right it was a crappy apple juice to like I to this day I to this day I still don't like that guy oh yeah the school what are they called assholes oh sorry so I just coach Jordan soccer team oh that's right I was in high school we actually made we actually made it to the championship round that year and then David didn't show up and we lost with damn good coach no the other coach did like the adult no I thought that was supervising me no like it was actually the real head coach but then I would just coach but seriously like you didn't show up and we lost men it's also I've also never forgiven you for that I really up to this day I've thought about my fifth grade experience and I don't know what else I could have done I mean I got I got like I had a record right I was fifth grade and I had a record you know juvenile but I I saw a fire kids Micronesia I saw somebody likes something throw it in a garbage can and in a poof and so I went at the fire alarm and I was scared so I ran away and there's a fire you don't generally run towards it unless you the fireman and then I got like I don't underst the law confuses me I had to go to anger management as well I had to complete an anger management course and this is what I learned I mean you were you talk about okay mine was forgetting in a fight that's it at school big deal and I didn't start it I just ended it and well that's you know what that's like have you ever read Ender's Game he doesn't he does he ends the fight so the net fight never happens again did you like kill a kid no no kiss just when you and fight you and the fights he wedgie them just punched him a bunch but it was he was on the ground that's probably okay I got in trouble but uh it was a no tolerance policy which I'm completely against as a result of this like where is doesn't matter who started the fight the other kid he had like been in multiple fights right so every probably was everybody that's to let out what right like yeah so I had to go to anger management and I'm sitting in anger management and you want to talk about crazy people okay I'm sitting in there with kids you have to go around and say what you did and like one girl stabbed her mother with scissors another person threw his grandfather down the stairs and he was paralyzed in the hospital I just got in a fight right so I'm sitting like whole I just better be quiet these people are crazy do this what I will remember to this day what they taught us the five stars a star a star stop think act reward that's good did they have it like on the whiteboard so like people with legitimate issues needed to be there not me I can use that's that's what that can be used in a lot of video game scenarios that good like seriously go on the spicy walk stop think act reward it's totally true or when making a decision in say war groove stop think act reward yeah I think I have anger issues because of my juvenile experience I agree the system did not help me isn't isn't isn't beast a lawyer he says use a lawyer get off yeah beast is a lawyer here I'm gonna talk to you man next time I get an apple juice situation apple juice apple juice bystander I was literally just okay they were shaking the vending machine and they fall out right first of all it's high school I just be honest I'd hasn't done that Yeah right I mean I would have I was actually running late for class and this teacher was already pretty pissed at me for always being late to class so I was thinking hey it was I think it was like Minority Report cuz I was thinking of Mike I was thinking in my head like hey after this next class I'm gonna go back and get me an apple juice and then they got me before but the crime Europe and we all came up on the ball we all know what happened in Minority Report oh yeah did you have to change your eyeballs yeah I pulled the wrong string yeah spicy uh you've joined me in the war groove bonanza how is war groove going for you that's really like the online multiplayer online multiplayer really planned a lot of online multi-player really fun I want to say if you all have if anyone out there has war groove you can do custom matches online yeah with that game code hop on discord at play with me I want to have as many games going at the same time as possible I have I have almost twenty games going it's a it's super fun time basically the basis game so fun is this turn-based and you don't have to be online for the other player to do your turn so I'll do it like I haven't done I didn't do any turns yesterday I know you didn't I was busy it was a holiday can I tell you guys a secret that's the best time to play games anyway so tonight tomorrow I'll probably be doing some turns Jordan yeah do you want to hear so yeah Oh George got war war group ten I downloaded and played it yeah how you liking it a good I did the first level oh thanks oh you're one level in it I got distracted no but it was next really fun did it so got very advanced wars ish and I liked Advance Wars wait what game you guys played a game that you were talking about before the show okay did you play Star Star Wars oh yeah is a Star Wars story you know I get into that read what happened that's I know I enjoyed it oh yeah we had a good time and you can't take that game seriously or you won't enjoy it I really like it I upgraded a lot of my star cards the next day because uh I mean Jordan was making fun of me because I made this comment but Oh hilarious they really were they were nailing the lure so much that they made the reticle not shoot straight line in the game shoots around the reticle you know how like a trooper in a new hope they just shoot the walls well the troopers just can't aim and I'm pointing my reticle at people and it's going to do all around them and so I I mean it make it fits the war I'm the stormtrooper can't chant anything worth a darn make sense wait so did you guys wait what mode did you play all of them yeah we played lots of so we started out the game is beautiful by the way I even I think when we jumped in Marc Marc actually said Wow at least this game is really pretty it's it's gorgeous yeah it's a pretty game so that dice engine we played there was a bike engine yeah there's there's a group of us we got four people in plane and we played the first one we played was the first order which everybody was making fun of cuz everyone hates this guy like hates that that section of Star Wars first order yeah well the whole like new series right yeah so we were making fun of things although we did get to be I I got to be the flamethrower guy that was pretty cool he has no practical use which makes sense like you're in we literally have the technology to run in Lightspeed and you got a guy with flame tanks on his back and if you watch maybe I was using them wrong janitors are more powerful than flamethrowers for doctrine now if you're gonna be a flamethrower you got to get the guys from Captain America those dual wielding guys that just box you in okay yeah those guys yeah now that guy him that they knew what they know what they know how to Bernie yeah yeah yeah it's more of a hurting thing though it's like you're hurting all the people and doing [Laughter] and then we played extraction which we quickly realized this is like my second / third time plane in like a year and a half right now since it since they changed the star cards or whatever while right this is probably your first time since the launch yeah since the launch yeah so and then we jumped in an extraction and we really quickly learned that just don't run anywhere because good there's grenades everywhere like I told Marcus the trick is the trick is if you have a grenade destroyed [Laughter] you spawn you die so I was telling work so I really like the game but I throw certain points where I felt like it was just pure chaos too much and you're saying and people could like compared to like battlefield battlefield there's chaos but it was I felt like I was able to control some of that like Direction like chaos there's chaos but I can still think and like figure it out of the can divided right you understand who has where appointed in Battlefront like you're on the objective and I had no idea like I don't know ten or twelve of us running in a circle because we didn't our whole team didn't know how to get on the other side of the wall where the base was you know the capellini we had a team of 40 people or 20 people all right but no there's like billions of explosions going off on like this payload that we're on and then all of a sudden like four Jedi and Sith swing in and you just don't know what's it like I feel bad for stormtroopers cuz you don't stand a chance well first start gun suck I was trying to change my weapon again and again to try to find a gun that shoots straight they say never gave the stormtroopers straight shooting guns not even their snipers no there's no I did notice something though I cuz I played as a sniper and I got a couple crotch shots by mistake one shot kills one she might have a hitbox - ah I think they might have a hitbox down there and then we played the freakin longest game mode ever holy crap it was the newest supremacist but I don't know no it was really fun a B+ kills how long was the round it went on forever it does it doesn't end it so you play a match and whoever wins that match makes it to their Star Wars base well so the the goal of which is oh when the match ends does it okay no so the goal a timer the goal of the game is to capital ships come in the separatists and the Republic right and then you are Oh Nabu you all go to the ground that one's like the prettiest what you're turning it into one yeah so we go to the ground because shooting another from ships doesn't make sense so we go to the ground and you have to take over five bases and it's a ticking system so like when we have three bases we gain points it gets first one to a hundred wins that section but this game doesn't know then all of a sudden you have to run to your dropship which by the way I think there was no point - there wasn't I was so then a dropship comes down to like oh shoot so you know like in titanfall when the drop ships come down and you have to jump on that they do that in this but it's a slaughter I shot there with a tank shooting everybody going to the ship and they just kept coming and there's you can't shoot so much money whether you get in the ship or don't get in the ship the same result happens so I think I don't know if they're like loading the next section in the background I don't know if anyway then after that you drop ship up to their base and you have to take out four objectives or Ansari to their starship then you have to take out four objectives on their starship and if you do that you win the game but they can push you out of there so match if you lose the start they can push you out of their starship which they did then you have to replay the city again and blow up in a buoy and you start out you don't need it's not like always sorry you start out at zero so you gotta gain a hundred tickets again then you go back to our ship because they beat us back oh my gosh it was so long but at the end you did get like eighty-five kills I had 80 plus kills which is one of the tops which is funny cuz all I did was used my minigun as its stormtrooper and you did get in that tank a lot yeah the tank is funny well cuz people aren't very smart in that kind you were Yoda I was Jodha which he can jump really high do you know what's hilarious is so I was a droid Iike right and you guys remember the first one in Phantom Menace where he's like master destroyers yeah I turn around it's those little cockroach droids that have shields uh-huh so it's hilarious cuz like those guys are pretty cuz they have shields right so when you like come out of your ball form and like put on your shield there's a dodge mechanic everybody just gets out of the way unload cuz you're I mean you can't beat that guy you know those little rolling robots and even you're like yeah when I when I stood up and put my shield on you can see everybody's like wait so in their eyes is that the heavy for the opposite team neuro that's just one of the hero classes you go play yeah I had so many points that I had a point I couldn't spend them all I was chewy like 15 times so what was the total time of all this position for all that long it was like it was at least 45 minutes like a dream sucks it's like a MOBA it was a long match Chuy's crossbow isn't as cool as so his crossbow used to be like one hit right they babe nerf that majorly well no it is one hit but maybe my reticle system is just a little flawed system you know I'd go for a good iron sight some guns do like the the assault three burst that has a scope on it yeah well like the sniper class right yeah oh that was the assault assault class has that yeah it's a three gun burst so overall Star Wars Battlefront - I joined it I played it since that day which I think was like Tuesday or Wednesday I think it was once I've actually played it every night since it is such a chaotic game that you can't take it seriously and once you achieve that I'm not gonna take that game seriously it's fun if you actually go into it trying to win you're gonna be confused and you're gonna get mad it's like a perfect play style cuz you wait for everybody else to kill themselves and then you walk across their bodies boom take the point bow walk away that it's over so fine it was getting real pretty thick how come I wasn't invited to this Star Wars I didn't know I texted you and said hey we're playing or I'm playing now I can show you my texts sure let's see oh yeah right here when way what day was this no Jordan's about to be proven a liar I know for a fact oh yeah yeah no well no it's no I know it was Wednesday because I had to work late there's Thursday here's Wednesday no you're right so I had work I had to work late and I didn't get off tell ten thirty and I think it was just whoever was I just assumed well you weren't on xbox I didn't work on Thursday because of you know July 4th I could have played that's right you son of them well you were not accessible I invite you a lot and you never show up same with you no that's true well I've been busy with work here Isaac used to know but your Excuse off work a lot earlier than I do I still work at night oh that's true you know I invite a lot of people in love that's very true David David's a very busy person that's why we don't invite you let's get to the news okay Jordan tell us what is happening in the world at his xbox one this week some good stuff David are you leaving okay I'll be here I pretend to know what's going on oh okay so we got free play days right yeah for grip combat racing have you played this no but I can now for free so this is the game where they go on the ceiling right or something like that's the style of the game yeah they go everywhere because their grip they have yeah they got good grip to all those new airless tires airless have you not seen those no well I think they've actually been in concepts it's like the eighties are those ones that are like I know of like bicycle tires that are airless but aren't they like super heavy I don't know I just know that everybody has an airless tire but you never really see them on the road because welcome okay I just don't know I don't know if that stuff oh well that's neat that there's airless tires so those are the tires in this I they gotta be if they're gripping like that yeah okay so grips on back racing is yeah free free to play so the event begins Thursday July 4th which was Independence Day for America mm-hmm good job America nice job America and runs through Sunday July 7th which is probably Independence Day for some other country and good job other country good good next one is fun gears 5 multiplayer tech test starts July 17th which is really cool so at e3 they talked about having you know the tech test and your hockey basically giving us more and more info about Gears 5 until the release in September right we have a little bit more that info today so this is what's cool included with your game past membership or your gears 5 pre-order you will get access to the gears 5 tech test which starts July 7th or sorry it starts you start downloading July 17th with online play being active on July 19th and running through July 21st so since we are all game pass members and actually let me correct that since we are game Pass ultimate is yes we should get access to the gears 5 multiplayer tech tests and then of course anybody who's pre-ordered it whether it's at a retail store or digitally you should get access as well so three ways to get it pre-order retail digitally or if you're a game past member I like it I like it very very cool also big week this week apex season 2 - baby I started lots of cool stuff Ronin actually told me there was a lot of cool new features dude and they've been nailing their skins - there is some sexy sexy skins the battle passes won't improve when your update is 26 gigs dude they've they've overhauled this thing I've just watched streams I haven't played I do have it downloaded I'm thinking about jumping back in I was waiting for you guys know yeah I'll do it with you I've seen everything is revamped and it looks fantastic yeah and I think you know you just download it this way yeah okay do cool stuff like daily challenges we have the challenges in parts of the map like daily challenge go to this part of the map and do such and such and it makes it makes certain parts of the map it forces you to explore it it forces you to fight there ultimately like it's a high traffic to area stuff like that super cool stuff so we should plan a day and play and I will invite you yes my see I mean yeah I actually downloaded the update we were going to play this week when we didn't invite you we're gonna play apex but that's what it was cuz apex I was like oh let's try it out and then we were like oh who's got Battlefront so there is the new legend Watson which is the new character Watson there's also an improved battle path which it actually is pretty cool I mean the first skin they give you is friggin awesome the improved bottle but the new weapon the L star and of course you got ranked leagues and it's a free to play game all you gotta do is download it you do have to pay I believe $10 for the battle class but there is it it's basically the same models for tonight there's free stuff you can get from the battle past and of course there's eyes itself yeah I will say this again that is to me at this point in time the funnest battle royale to watch but by for apex I think you will do well in Apex you know why what you've been playing halo I haven't I haven't played halo is available very well but I'll do better yeah it was a skill-based game and I feel like apex is a swell it's it's because I've been what like I said I've been watching it all week different people play it stream it it's so much fun to watch oh and it's because it's it's fun for instance when I watched wonder when I watched fortnight it's not obvious to me as a as a lay man as someone who doesn't play for at night what did you call yourself a lay man a lay man so like a person who lays oh sure well that's lays down man who lays a man who lay he who lays know so someone who like I'm not super into for tonight I don't know the meta I don't know like what all the new stuff does it's never apparent to me who is good and who isn't like it's just not apparent in titanfall it's very apparent to me when something is a good move a good shot when a good situation happens it's just it's a with pub G I can I can more easily tell with pub G who is good and who isn't and for me right now the fun is to watch its apex then pub G and then I would put fortnight at the bottom for fun factor to watch now for play maybe fun maybe maybe for tonight it's the finest play I don't know but for me apex is is easily the funnest to watch and it's because I think it's there it's the shooting it's the twitchy you can't sit down and watch a guy play call duty for instance and you know who's good and who's not same with halo same with apex and you put that in a battle royale and that's all they do that those titanfall 2 controls oh and it's just so good well it's just like I mean hi how do you say it like it's a skill based shooter not not to say that fortnight doesn't take skill on the higher levels but I mean like for example the sniper the bullets have dropped right you don't have to you have to get good you have to know your weapons I mean it's a twitchy shooter well I don't know yeah you know I don't know all the skills of all the players when someone uses an ultimate right I know whether or not it's succeeded or failed like just to sub for someone you take 10 people off the street you plop them down I believe they sit in front of apex they'll enjoy it the most from a viewer perspective like spicy you have two big battle royale guy you agree disagree which one is the funnest watching your mind no I which ok so you asked me two questions do I agree with your assessment that apex is more fun to watch I mean that you know that's relative too if you like this game over that subjective that's the chair it's very subjective but I like apex more than fortnight to watch I actually like it to play as well the reason is is I feel like you can be punished in Apex for making bad decisions a lot more so than in fortnight where you can just build a one by one and and you know it's more cat and mouse Essure you know oh you got caught out of position well I have a chance to get out of it right we're in apex and pub G it's the same it's the same thing if you're caught out of position you're dead yeah so you have to play smarter right so this the skill threshold I feel is a little higher in that aspect of map knowledge of game knowledge of weapon no weapon knowledge I think Mozambique that's a good he brings up the crappiest weapon in the game cuz Jordan thought it was a favorite at first I think they buffed it since yeah they have yeah no and so I I mean I do and I enjoy playing fortnight as well I love playing games I feel as though apex is more fast and fluid and has a higher skill tier yeah that you can you know why you messed up a lot of the time oh yeah right and with you when you're watching like a fortnight it's really hard when you're watching a fortnight pro for example it's really hard to understand their choices because all you're seeing is someone building so fast at the speed of light and you don't know how they're tracking the person when they're going up and down and left and right it's it's as a person that is not you know into that game heavily it would be really hard to understand what's going yeah whereas in an apex you understand because you've played shooters before okay I have you sure got yeah nice shot you know nice shot nice move man look how fast look he got the beat on him real quick look they turned the corner he was just quicker you know and apex I gotta say this so I have an apex Legends shirt that I wear occasionally of course we're in it two days ago well last time I saw you every single time I have one that shirt someone said hey every single time I was at a shoot out way in the middle of nowhere which by the way I have a funny story about that place which I I was I was an official bad guy in life over it I can tell you that story later but I I I was wearing that shirt and I heard this noise shirt how many jobs you got people love apex dude it is great well it's so fun to watch I think it was the same with Rainbow six the reason Rainbow six has succeeded is because and exceeded in eSports particularly is because it's easy to watch it's easy on the eyes and it's easy to understand who is good and who is not on you know and I think that apex has that advantage as well yeah well I mean because it's it's just a shooter didn't you try and get your nephews to play apex and they weren't having it well yeah cuz they're not used to it right they're kids they're like 9 and 10 years old and they're so used to fortnight and they I'll be honest they struggled with not being able to build a one by one because they're always out of position yeah they've never been forced to use the map to their advantage correct or disadvantage correct in in an extreme case where you don't have a weight out of it if you got if you get caught out of position unless you're Jordan you're going to die if you're Jordan you just there's a fight going on you just like the end of it or others man it was awesome you just run in the middle of everybody fighting and you start looting even even our brother Jonathan who's very good at like Rainbow six and stuff like that he was like wow wow how did you get away well could you remember the first step or this uses so it's like in Tombstone at the OK Corral everybody got shot except for Wyatt Earp well you remember episode 2 abandoned brothers when he runs out there to grab the the gun and everybody stops shooting they're like oh he's a medic or something this is crazy guys going down the snow that's what I didn't they just stopped shooting at me they probably there's a character called Mirage that has like a decoy they probably thought you were Mirage yeah and I was like I want to hear my story about being a bad guy like a legitimate bad I had to take pictures of this property and it's July 3rd and it's 92 group 90 plus degrees outside yeah it's a hot one and they're like 40 kids playing in a swimming pool but I have to take pictures of the pool and so and the signs the management wasn't there at the time but all the sign said the pools closed but you know there's an open pool no one's there I'm gonna get in and swim I had to kick 40 kids out of a pool July 3rd evening oh man 90 plus degrees and they were so sad there was even this like little four-year-old kid that what he was yelling at his mom he's in the hot tub and the mom was like can you just tell him that it's locked or it's closed then I went up to him difficult badge that's it I had an apex legend shirt on oh let he was I told this little kid oh sorry buddy it's closed and he's all you ruined his life I was a villain July 3rd the day before Independence Day a day that will live in infamy 30 minutes for the water to settle yeah yeah it was a kid 40 there were so many people having a good time that I just crushed their dreams and you know it's funny so there it's like an apartment complex so there's all these houses around the pool and this is when they were yelling at me that they liked my shirt anyways they're all these kids lined up on the balconies of all their apartments and and swimming clothes waiting for me to finish that's funny I was a real Jew or that so funny did you like call the management than like what do I do no I I got the job done because there's you know photography is capturing light and the light is Sun setting at this time the light is going down I don't have time to call it but I just have to kick everybody out I was a jerk in a very nice way new games with gold yes for a June July why because it's in July it's just it's just it's July inside yes so inside fantastic a we're going to say the ending wait we're descending on the planet we all have different opinions on the ending yeah I think it's stupid oh no I think that what came inside people tried to make time with it it was like they build was a giant left hand turn they built up to this moment and then I wonder I wonder if we replayed it now if they basically that when they were writing in there basically I don't know how to end this they lost it this is let's just do this this was their meeting like the CEO comes and he's like guys we gotta listen to whatever you want this is what you do right here here's what we're gonna do and people will think that because the entire game is deliberate and artistic that we're making some kind of artistic statement here especially the critics and that's exactly what happened don't get me wrong the game is great fantastic one of my favorite games ever I've minutes the game is just weird at the end it just and its abrupt it takes a turn and it's a harsh ending yes this is from the same the same people that made limbo at least limit was ending made sense well it kind of did how do I say this without spoiling it he's in limbo okay it makes it make sense to me no no fight this one got you know what was the question from from Neil dodsworth aside from getting fat by mistake we also have big crown big crown for the xbox one and then on our 360 side David I thought you liked this why I read this and I said David I immediately said that out loud with castlevania castlevania castlevania and then for mark Meet the Robinsons the old Disney movie yeah it's not the one word the t-rex is like I have a big head arms as a funny part of the movie not make the Robins you're talking about the Robinson's that were stranded on an island like Swiss Family Robinson Swiss Family Rosie you knew or did yes I think that was what this new word Meet the Robinsons maybe it's not the t-rex Ron I don't know but it's onyx it's the one of the backward compatibility games this month okay for games with gold Castlevania Symphony or the knight is - right yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah a lot of David yeah I believe I want to play that one I never played that one and they think I want to I like these games what a cool name Symphony of the Night I'd like that to be my superhero name when I become a senior yes Symphony of the Night Symphony of love that's too long for a superhero name I'm gonna make people say cuz guess what I'm a superhero what is if any of the night oh look at Symphony of the Night Man it's Sun its Sun man Sun insulin Sun Sun man Sun man no I wouldn't take you seriously what if I suck with us full of children and babies if there's anything I've learned about superheroes they have to have a good PR team what if true what if a bus fell in the river and I picked it up with my bare hands and then denied it later because I was humble if a bus fell into a river and you picked up the bus with your are you talking about Superman yeah oh yeah no one made fun of him because it's Superman not symphony of the Vice Hey mystery of my life we also have some new game past games and game past for PC so check this out big one boom Middle Earth shadow of war out now on Xbox and PC boom yes very very cool my time right at Porsche yes are you and also on Xbox and PC undertale for the PC and then coming this month on 7-eleven Slurpee day oh we got blazing chrome Xbox and PC Dead Rising for Xbox and Xbox and PC and I'll probably give Dead Rising for a chance the only resentment by Dead Rising for originally is cuz they took out the co-opt part of the Dead Rising 3 the coop I worked really was we were so excited to get this we actually even were on the screen to buy it together on part of Jenna said it's not cool and we were just and we were like wait what yeah that's why we didn't buy that fortunate a blessed the best part of that game Dead Rising 3 was how awesome the coop was it was yeah it was a shame but dead rising for 7-eleven Xbox and PC also the same day 7 the rest of these come out on the 11th so we got lego city undercover on the xbox and then we got two new PC exclusive well not exclusives but you know PC Gate well I think that whatever ignore that last whatever they are wouldn't ignore that last sentence you had time spinner on the PC and unev out on the PC which is really cool because I'm excited to see the the PC pass the expand because they actually really do I played a little in pure tour oh it is just a game is it yeah that's a good it really is like seven total war it's a grand strategy it's really Center Kings on crack it's really good with Rome it's crazy and you know how I feel about my Romans you love them I do if you have not played Middle Earth shadow of war now's the time to do it it is a great game very good that's number two right yeah it's been on my back because number one is solid but there was some things that keep it from being great right number two they fix all those things and make it great and that Nemesis system is just on it's like commander nemesis system now yeah they do a really good job and remember Jordan your rocket boots and stuff you get in there like having cool yeah they just gave you like the best abilities it was so good to get stronger and stronger and stronger III need to beat that game that's on my to do last but certainly not least fortnight and call of duty black ops for both have summer events going on right now new events new maps for Call of Duty stuff like that and then same with fortnight events going on so heartily fortnight actually has in the mall some stranger things you know the portal that that comes out those have been cited so there's some stranger things gonna go on the upside down they're coming in the upside that they didn't ask for permission no this is like Avengers right oh it's gonna be an event that happens there with fortnight but very cool stuff yes or some good stuff there you go that brings us to the last segment of our show this is the segment where we take your questions you can submit a question each and every single week over on patreon patreon comm forward slash support our x1 bro oh no score slash puzzle gaming and x1 bros like on four slash support bill I am writes in and says happy fourth of July everyone now that we are officially halfway done with 2019 what is your best game or games of the year so far up to this point and what game are you guys looking forward to coming out the rest of 2019 Jordan has his hand raised Jordan yes let's go to yeah I'm gonna say something bold and I don't know that this is necessarily answering the question but best game of 2019 well it did it come out in 2019 I don't know if it did what here we go we'll tell you okay so I haven't played it yet but I have heard from very credible sources oh that Wolfenstein - the new Colossus is one of the best wolverson - is legit so and I didn't come out last year I think it came out last year so I don't know if it counts since 2008 but I'm gonna beat it in 2019 so for you it's bounce so uh most looking forward to I I got it I gotta jump on the bandwagon with everybody else I will have to say Star Wars I will have to say a very you're most looking forward to some I like it I have to say one of the emotional roller coaster games of the year for me that end up looking back as one of my favorite games of the year I don't know if it's the best game of the year but it is one of my favorites rage

- it was a fun which ii was really good and i'm looking forward to jumping into the dlc the expansion rage - is fantastic i think there was a few things that held rage back from being great yeah but it was a fun overall like if if you don't if you just sit down and play it it's just fun right it's just fun yeah yeah yeah like spicy how about you game so far best game of 2019 yeah I'm gonna say apex legends cuz that came out in January they did yeah they came out and it gonna be I'm out of a new game out of nowhere and war grooves on this list didn't work groove come out now or groove came out last year I think it came out this year on like switch no yeah they came out January first Windows Xbox Nintendo switch it literally came the first day of the year Wargrave did yeah Wow there you go fascinating so war groove for you well I'm a pics legend game I'm most looking forward to for the rest of 2019 there's just so many Borderlands 3 is a good one too but III don't know after seeing the gameplay for that Star Wars I'm just excited for a good singleplayer adventure game I think the single-player adventure for Star Wars I think it goes for me too yeah I like that there's no multiplayer what they show off in the fighting just blows my mind well and I'm really excited person and this is this is more of my hype I'm excited to see how respawn typically their roots are first-person shooter right with with call of duty modern warfare titanfall was fantastic apex is another one all solid first-person they're a good developer right so keys I'm curious to see what they do with the third-person adventure game right now it's gonna be fun yeah spicy heroes and it wasn't some hearts we've had a good year so far yeah it's been a combat 11 I really enjoyed but I would put that behind the others we've talked about right so I'm looking at the list now I got a chance not smart enough to remember everything no yeah I would say okay my full answer is war groove just by the sheer amount of time I've put into it what about most looking forward to Oh Star Wars oh yeah Borderlands I would put Star Wars ahead of it see yeah and that's how that's where I am too I would put summers ahead of Borderlands is probably the next one I'm excited for yeah ya know Call of Duty's jumping back into that call dude he looks good I actually might pick you well I'll probably pick it up also Wolfenstein but it also might sign with you you need to play to two different storylines to different story are like next week in Wolfenstein doesn't that come out like next I don't know when the release date is for but I can't wait for that I literally think boom what about doom oh dude what is going here such a good year yeah there's a lot of oh yeah well done there you go thank you very much bill I am for the question appreciate it fitzy writes in and says happy fourth guys hope everyone has a great time in a better weekend it seems like this year xbox doesn't really have a big holiday game selection other than Star Wars in November and that's cross-platform gears and borderland well I mean Gears is their game but there in September cyberpunk is 2020 do you think they will announce something in the coming months or will they just be going with what's already announced let's go with to make spicy with this question there is a lot of indie indie Xbox games that are coming and some one incumbents had mentioned that they're all releasing this year every all the indie games that were shown at e3 a lot of them many we're just talking exclusives cuz cuz like first parties right but just a well just anything big games around the holiday season that there's a lot I'm lying I mean let's go well I think he was asking like Microsoft Studios right well no but Star Wars is not an exclusive yeah but gears is but gears is in September so let's just talk games let's not games go for it hit me with the games a customer in December or you know holiday season okay well I mean or I might be kidding I don't know but that's stranding everybody you want that game Tom cotton breakpoint right No number one in October the title just gets me you know a girl who chants love at the bound of this world what game is that I don't know but don't tell me you're not curious after that title well cuz we have so we have a Tom Clancy's break point coming out right yeah we talked about we just barely talked about right point I'm actually really excited for cuz we got to play that and I'm really excited for that game that was really fun guys def strandings November 8th though that's huge which freaks me out man you're gonna play it man I probably well I probably will fallin order the 15th doom eternal is the 22nd that's a big that's a big one for me yeah guys there's actually oh nevermind and then we have Gears everything I think I have a I have a feeling that after cuz right now we're in a lull in summer the summer lull where you hit your backlog there's gonna be a point where we're just gonna have too many games to play us I think it starts in October is like the see what's Tom Klatt break point I'll be probably getting that yeah that one legit looks one should I play the story for wild lands in prepping for that do I need to a lot of people the community have been back into wild lands doing co-op it's fun I played honesty let's go with few people it's a good time it's if division were a far cry game that would be that game yeah kind of yeah I get what you're saying but break point felt much more Ghost Recon II to me when playing it very well you were yeah of course you were throwing grenades at us very sorry but I'm very deliberate easy to be killed high-risk must cooperate yes in fun uh also you can't forget orys coming out this year and outer worlds the outer world and one that one looks good and youngbloodz i just looked it up it does come out the end of this month there you go young bloods the end of this month for this day yes so to answer his question it seems like this year xbox doesn't have a really big holiday game selection well December is not generally that big it's November's the big hit in October and November are the big heavy hitter what's November uh November give me some November well we I mean we did Star Wars doing eternal death stranding Jim eternal day ago yeah doom eternal that games going to be awesome so and then December's you know historically there's they want to hit November to get everybody the Mayan honestly the big big hype games are gonna be announced at e3 next year so I think they're just why schedule I mean you're gonna get anything big from Microsoft until 20 well I think I think you're right I think they're gonna wait till next holiday because we're gonna see how the halo infinite well cuz this holiday you're slam packed I mean I guess a lot of holidays you're always like this every holiday right so I don't know why I release a new IP or something like that in the mix of all these heavy hitters right yeah I mean I feel like only certain developers can do that yeah and not the same Microsoft isn't one of those developers but I mean they are right they're releasing gears so that's their big game for this year right so so halo infinite can we spend a minute on halo infinite later yes you did halo infinite we know that there's gonna be a social space in Halo Infinite do we that did that was already talked about you think they're lying to us okay I would if I was a game developers yourself I spread my own rumors then I would be a great like PR agent right maybe we can patch it halo infinite John I want to start with you what do you hope he'll infinite is and what do you not want to see from it from a halo infinite this that's a good question I'll jump in okay I want rich story that has Master Chief in it okay and so far it looks like I mean just from the story that we got recovery yeah it looks like that is going to be the case that's the focus anyway tell me more about that that universe I love the store I love the Halo universe it's fantastic agreed as far as game types and genres and yeah fun stuff now you want to see if they go the destiny around where there's cuz there's a social space you jump in and out with your friends do you want well I think what the social space would because there's like the lore of the multiplayer you're you're decent number four there was I think they've stuck with it right like you're a Spartan four or something like that and you're just played in the war games too you know train right yeah that was like a big part of Halo four I in Halo 5 I don't really remember them mentioning it too much but maybe it'll be a multiplayer thing you take your multiplayer character into a social space not and they keep the single-player and that's where you can show off different skins different gun skins stuff like that I really hope that they keep them which I think they will but they keep the multiplayer skill-based oh yeah you know I think that formula works for Halo 4 holds really deviated from the plan and then 5 I feel like 5 is one of the best modern multi here is the thing think about when you play Master Chief collection and your jump in tape from Halo 3

- og halo and halo 2 and up to four right and then you jump into five and you can just do something that as well they all hold up all of the halos hold up in multiplayer despite what the graphics are the graphics might look bad but the gameplay holds up and it's because it's based on skill there's nothing gimmicky there no yeah it's in for number four except for number four where they call of duty did they did it beast chat says I don't want to see some other stupid fireteam story yeah no I hear that so like the m1 I think I told you guys last time I didn't necessarily mind Spartan Locke right like I think they're good characters like good slut like the arbiter right he's a good side character oh yeah but in Halo 2 I wasn't the biggest fan of playing his levels you know what I mean I've had the same concept I liked I Lyman I like being invisible that was his ability remember it was that really all you liked you know but I enjoyed his story like when he got tortured but I enjoyed this story because it was it was this perspective of playing a misunderstood enemy right like like his story and seeing things from his point of view I thought it was a good storyline yeah but it never excluded Master Chief right that's the mistake well no and I don't know I I mean I don't know the count of the levels like you play the arbiter 50% and then Master Chief 50 or is it more Master Chief than are you know what's it cuz in in Halo 5 which like be said you play as blue team or sorry sorry you play as fireteam Osiris most of the game and again I don't necessarily mind them as side characters I mean cuz Nathan Fillion is in it honestly all you really needed was him yeah but I just didn't like that master chief was kind of sidelined for like the second half of the game I got you let me ask you this loyal Doyle in chat says I want loot shooter ish like destiny but no leveling that makes you stronger it would ruin halo the looting aspect in Halo if added should all be cosmetic do you want to see something like that that would be the multiplayer space that you're talking about yeah I would like to do how would you do a loot shooter and that you like in that game because the how that game works is you get power weapons well that's why I said all cosmetic it would all be cosmetically so kind of like what it is now cosmetic card attack you know like with the red card packs like I don't like those I wouldn't really mind I would like to see I'd like them to do what they did in Halo 2 but and then you have to do with all armor you can still have red packs or whatever but I'd like certain sets of armor to be earnable like yes Halo 3 the samurai was actually like the easiest way to get the samurai wonder yeah I think use that like get all the skulls what she's just YouTubed whoa get couldn't you two but back then no we did Donnell and I didn't legitimately I took you hours took it ten minutes but then remember there was other ones too like when you hit this no there wasn't back then YouTube was all about cats and halo skulls are you serious yeah I earned that samurai outfit man the samurais shot at the back I agree with you I think that's a good way first of all it adds essentially replayability to your game because you get you know well yeah cuz you would have that outfit and they would guys there was some yeah you'd giggle do you think he beat this solo is to get that Samurai helmet sitting there and everyone has this way you don't have it what was the outfit that you had to beat levels in a certain time IRA there was multiple outfits there's probably good I don't know how many that one it was like the last level that you're racing and you can't you've got to get that stupid helmet it's like in the middle on a jump and you can't get it that way I replay that one like a thousand times yeah hey you know what I did though I did beat Halo 5 on legendary solo yeah and I didn't do the whole there's a boss that you fight like 50 times and I hate him because I feel like they just got kind of lazy uh-huh and they're like the mechanics in the fight well cuz you fight him like 50 times oh okay so what if you run a hybrid oh sorry anyway yeah so I beat him legitimately it was really annoying hey well done could you patent when you guys get to them I would like to see your experience because you fight him like 50 times I think we'd have to start playing it in order to get to I know weren't you guys like gonna start last I mean I started halo but like Mark said then there's malt you know I fired up my player will I wait there's multi player that's what happens man so that's I've been a multi player with a halo do you guys remember when we used to play breakout mode we should do that again to break em out is fun to get mode I hope they bring that mode back yeah I think that's a good buy one time one be for people that was good it made me feel good about my you are good about my life so what if they do this height this hybrid in Halo joint I'd like to get your thoughts on this hey Byron says the armor should be unlocked by daily and weekly challenges so what if you what if in multiplayer there's daily and weekly challenges would you like that or would that ruin multiplayer for you well that's not what I do specific things with specific guns yeah but I mean halos multiplayer if everybody's trying to get headshots I mean that's not a bad thing yeah no no if it's like you know dance on someone's body eight times in a match then yeah hilarious what tea bag would be you know whatever he's doing that anybody ever is doing that anyway now yeah I think they'll be smart about not doing stupid quest like yeah that's what you think chalant we'll see challenges like that or you would that be a good thing or no well I think games and I think Halo fives are gonna do this and this is just me I think there's gonna a lot of games are doing like event based stuff and in Halo infinite halo infinite sorry yeah event based stuff so I think we'll have like different event challenges and stuff like that for like different seasons of the year and all that good stuff but and in those events you can probably unlock I hope they do it that way I think that's the best way to do it unlocking stuff the challenges real world events right I like stuff that's difficult that you they you iron yeah I like seeing somebody have an outfit that I know what it is and how to get it and how hard it is and just go oh dang see how awesome man did not just but oh I got lucky in my role for this loot crate yeah I hate that but to answer the original question I would be okay with like weekly challenges and stuff like that as long as it's done properly oh yeah like well you can just basically you can just do what you did in Halo 3 beat levels 1 through 4 in less than 20 minutes on legendary or whatever right along this helmet you know and you have a week to do it like I don't mind that you know and then it makes it right and of course you can always you can always rotate them back like ever like the next month will have that same challenge again and stuff like that right what if a game that was fully multiplayer tied their achievements still a thousand chief achievements but let's say let's say the spicy super awesome game drops tomorrow right ah that's a good one get it you would just sort beforehand and you say every a week we're gonna have a weekly challenge uh-huh and if you miss one of those weekly challenges you miss the achievement for that week they've done that yeah I think well all you wasn't all watch out achievements are tied to this time base oh I didn't go over one I have a story cuz we have a lot of achievement people in our community yeah freaky ro was passing it was when he was moving from I think it was the west coast to the East Coast and he passed her Utah and I went and said hello why he was traveling through here right and he told me that he had he had to boot up his xbox every day because he was working on a daily challenge that he had to do for a full year in a game or something like that and so that was the hardest part about his move was was the net because he had to be consistent here's the thing with that achievement I think it's discipline I think that achievement is not time-based though so forces like we could do that achievement if we started today we don't love no I think he had no I think he could not miss this active no no no I know that but what I'm saying is like like for instance between an achievement that's between July 1st 2019 to July 30th 2019 or July 7th 2019 only this achievement is going to be able to be unlocked and this is what you got to do for it overwatch did that oh did they and I didn't like it because now I can do it because you do an art core enough man get an achievement and then you're like oh crap I was like one kill or one junk in revenge and now I gotta wait till next October I don't like I like I like gameplay difficulty not real life difficulty yeah oh yeah cuz what if you're gone oh yeah that would yeah well I don't like stuff like that I want gameplay difficulty where you see Jordans outfit and go I want him on my team that's what people when I had my sword yeah I said guys it's 10 minutes go to youtube check out this guy in chat castle will kill says that would drive me mad hey Byron says no I'm not into that that yeah I mean it's they do that because there's lots of people that enjoy it and there's people that don't right but so whatever different strokes for different folks there you go let's finish up one last question here we are let's take one of our non-gaming ones catapult dreams writes in and says hey guys love the podcasts and all your work bringing positivity to gaming on the theme of the holidays what is your favorite holiday and why mine easily no contest Christmas I like the snow I like being in so I am an indoors guy I buy a nice house so that I don't have to go anywhere and I can enjoy my nice house right that's exactly why I buy a nice house in fact my mother in live we had fourth of July at my house cuz she said to my wife I know David doesn't like going anywhere should we just have it at your house yes your house is nice thank you thank you for that nice anyways so my favorite holiday is Christmas because it's cold outside baby it's cold outside I get to stay inside and you don't feel like you're not doing anything and it's just presents music family's food food Oh any holiday that involves food Thanksgiving we're probably my number two because of food yeah spicy I'm gonna say December favorite holiday yeah Danny's birthday yes he has the unfortunate or fortunate no it's unfortunate it's absolutely tell every but your birthday is December 24 it's it's real close to Christmas yeah I think I came home from the hospital when I was born in a Christmas stocking nice is it my son's birthday no I don't want to get my birthday my son's birthday is December 16th so yeah I was a Christmas baby how does a Christmas miracle so you just got they doubled up your Christmas presents see Jordan my whole life has been yeah happy birthday yeah hey the Christmas pile and because it's before Christmas so look it if you take so Jordans is January 10th right two weeks after so two weeks after Christmas but if you flip that and go two weeks before Christmas those two are being combined but since it's afterwards people forget about Christmas all Jordan's birthday let's buy I'm a president when they feel bad cuz it's like a separate day and this it's not the list made me it's taught me a lot of life lessons life sucks there it's exactly so now it really adds it's it's whatever Jordan how would you favor holiday is Christmas boom yeah holidays I like doing lights oh I have my own house this year so I can know let's say our favorite holiday is outside of Thanksgiving and Christmas cuz those are obvious okay I really enjoy st. Patrick's Day because I love I love the idea I liked I liked to drink excessively only on only their Mardi Gras you like to get beads no I love I love potatoes I get meat I love the roast the st. Patrick's Day roast I like corned beef corned beef so what I was looking for it so so good so crock-pot that have I shown you a mashed potato have I shown you my freezer no I know you should talk up used I spend like three hundred dollars on corned beef because they only sell it so we good and what's funny is corned beef like I think back in the day was like peasant food wine are so but because genetically okay I'm gonna go into this genetically our bodies crave salty meat because in the old days when we were growing up as a civilization we didn't have refrigerators to keep meat you know stable yeah so you would salt it salt the crap hat and meat was kind of a deluxe luxury luxury him and so our bodies now are like ooh salty meat salty beef corned beef right soaking it up oh yeah I I it's my favorite that's my absolute favorite Goodman ice my whole freezer is full of that right now so again because of food I think st. Patrick's Day it's a nice little holiday for me it's I don't think that's an official holiday but you know event yeah outside of Christmas and I like I like the fourth of July cuz I like hot dogs and I say the smell of fireworks blows is so good I love this they should make a firework handle I think it's just smoke a firework of fire wet it's called sulfur get that at any marsh or wetland true try to know what you outside of Christmas I don't know I really that's art that's art question I think I'm gonna like say Washington's Birthday my lease because no one gives him any love you know go celebrate love something that gets no love yeah my least favorite holiday I did a lot your least favorite is Halloween on a Halloween guy on okay I try to get up I try to go to a movie on Halloween now Halloween when you're dating or like single is cool cuz everybody just dresses up the slightly naked there's some benefit to it but once you're married and you know you're settled down hey you just go to a movie that's what I do yeah and that people are ringing your doorbell and waking the kids up you know those Walmart 365 days a year

- yeah we can now have a holiday Halloween everyday yeah you just hold a low price of 98 cents I don't like forced socialization I don't like being forced to socialize isn't that what Christmas is no I don't have know it's not forced those no one no strangers are coming to my door oh that's with an expectation of me giving them stuff you just turn your light off they don't and then unplug the doorbell today's Towson's don't respect the light they don't respect cones either I don't know my mother's no and I'm oh by the way guys you remember how I was having you're trespassing you know the lack of respect in my neighborhoods youth I drove I fixed it Oh how'd you fix it I turned my sprinklers on for an hour at like seven o'clock every night no one cuts through Oh cuz that's the time that they were cutting through interesting story yeah you've got a fence problem and I drove by your house today you need a fence no I'm telling you I need if people are cutting through all the time and also your brush back there it's grown back man yeah yes but the trees are gone yeah this is true thanks for helping with that I don't think I did the sprinkler technique is a very good technique yeah I and I turned up the power by the way so like it tags you because they're the ones you know so will you get hit puts a hole in it's gonna it's a zinger but the hole I have I live next to a high school real close to a high school anyway and I have students come and try to they like vape in my yard yeah this is dumb it's late girl I think it's like one block over I know they're like sneaking in like you know and I call I call the high school up and I'm like so what do I do with these kids and they told me to turn my sprinklers on you go get the flat-head screwdriver you just turn that no Naz it up man you know what you need we need to figure out a way to do this a water cannon that that you can control from your computer like directional everything that comes out of your yard just a sprinkler that you can control or a hose I had a friend growing up that you know the on your on your car's okay you could flip him sideways I wrote square people as they go by where as you drive by and I just want to clarify something it's not that I'm like the old guy that lives on the corner kind of I know like if it was like my neighbors like hey you know Jordan can I cut through your yard to go to the park oh yeah sure neighbor kid well thanks for asking was the process the kids like you know that lived like a mile down the road and they're always there that need to cut more than anybody else no I mean I maybe just cuz I'm getting older but they dress like hooligans I didn't dress like that nice crew words two words to fix your problem German Shepherd yeah I got two more paintball yeah yeah is that legal on your property Commission thirty thirty at mine or not minorities not minorities minor I think my yeah you get is that legal I don't think so on your own property to shoot never be assault right I don't know but it's your own property and they're just fast you might have to have a clearly stated sign maybe or something I don't know I don't know who knows yes so just get a German Shepherd if you were to ask me or like if you're the neighbor could like hey I know I know you and I know that it's okay with you to cut through the yard I'm seriously these are kids that I've never seen before they're running from my neighborhood oh yeah that's a bad it looks like they're like cutting through but my wife obviously kind of kind of paranoid yeah yeah I didn't really believe her but she she came in she's like I smell marijuana in the backyard right and she wanted to call our little brother because he works at the jail it shows badge he's not like a real time you call me next time can you I want to figure this out cuz they use like yes so she thinks they use our backyard to like smoke the doobies yeah well like they'd like yeah like your front yard yeah can we turn our yard into some sort of like firecracker minefield yeah that'd be cool like how can we like turn like a made like in Rambo when the terrorists make the guys run across the real mighty you run across go run I've we got something here Papa Papa hey guys before we go I'm redoing my desk oh I'm so excited oh yeah I want desk ideas or like so what can I purchase to enhance my desk an engraving of your never mind oh I'm going Wireless I'm thinking about going wireless mouse and keyboard were you gonna say Wiener craving of your wiener a nice nice you know one-to-one ratio a statue of one good RGB int put on some lights light it up no I was gonna say like like of your wife of a basic box that we open it up a place Tina Turner and spins no I was gonna say like your wife across the top but then I it's weird because she's my sister-in-law you know and I don't want to walk into your room yeah you know that he got kids we were alone I definitely thought he was gonna say we do our like you can get a picture or a model of never mind bobbleheads on your desk good I'm thinking spicy I'm looking at your keyboard right now I do not own a mechanical keyboard I don't own keyboard world and he could type a lighting yeah but I'm thinking because I want my desk clean like no not that your desk is not clean but I want no wires so I'm thinking going wireless mouse and wireless keyboard that was the asshole Bannen bad move by me or no I wouldn't do wireless mouse I wouldn't either keyboard I'm a little bit even Wireless Gaming Mouse Bluetooth I would so so do this cuz I thought about doing this too so you know how you have a I have a pad underneath that yeah punch a hole through a desk because you made the desk I have watched people do that and put your cord underneath that one right right where your keyboard and mouse sit just yeah I thought about doing that but I move as I work I move my keyboard around a lot so I mean you could still have slack on it so young could do that that's what I do but wired is the way to go but also the keyboard slat the keyboard or the sorry the mousepad that we have could also go underneath that okay that's a good idea the the problem with wireless and this counts with the Xbox controllers - with Wireless you're always always always always gonna have a higher latency right because well it's just the nature of it that's why you'll notice pro gamers like the Gears of War halo guys they're always plugged into their Xbox controller because it's a quicker you know I mean I am going Bluetooth speakers though or something every muscle every time I've had a wireless key word I've had trebles I have a wireless keyboard right now I just don't have I want to get it's not a gaming one obviously right but so I want a cool gaming one I don't know you can get good ones like I would get the Razer one for my xbox but other than that for like mic yeah I kind of lean just go wider you can make it look like it's wireless just go wired with drill holes you know what I've you know what I'm money in a desk and I actually want this what kind of phone do you have iPhone I don't know if it works with the iPhone but with Samsung they do a lot of wireless charging now I've seen people what they do is they my phone is wireless they cut out a hole in the bottom of their desk and they stick the wireless on so you just put your phone on no it's like you can't even see it yeah you basically just put your phone on your desk and charge as well it's whatever you just like what's I mean it up a hole through it can be like well then you just shake you know you just fix it yeah putty that's a good idea no yeah I've seen people do that a lot and I actually kind of want to do with my phone cuz it has Wireless my dad used to say a little putty a little paint make a carpenter what he ain't yeah Amen so you could do whatever you want big spicy you say no to four screens I was thinking of join us thinking to go in four screens I have three right now it's a lot of screens yeah you don't need it and well if you put up wide you're okay I don't like I personally don't like this this top center above your head screen what about this bugs me what about up like that yeah what about three screens okay like your computer screens like let's just say these sizes here just railer computer screens then you take your TV and mounted above so when you play xbox everything is like your computer still right here well here's the thing boxes see I thought about doing that but what I wouldn't use my monitor over my screen above because I love gaming on that I have that 4k is free sync monitor HD I know it's really good I love that so I guess I could go 1/4 monitor up above it put take that bad boy and move it up and get my just a normal 28 inch as that third one that's not a bad idea but again I don't want to look up I'm with spicy on that I don't want to look up for ya for the thing if I use that top monitor it wouldn't be for gaming it would be for it be for like monitoring in the spicy can oh this is a spicy Camp Chef says check out the Logitech g600 2 wireless mouse I have it and it's awesome yeah I've been looking up wireless gaming mouses and a lot of them really high reviews like super super super tight stuff like that so yeah I like the wide and I like it all I like just a couple the top of the screen just a couple inches above eye-level bottom of the screen II mean no the screen in the middle but you're a little hot it's just comfortable because then you can lean back and then your direct well here's what I want to do because I want it clean so I right now I have an arm so it's my monitors are not on the desk they're on one arm I like three hold like yeah so but it's not it's not a it's not ones that make it like so it's even so it's both of whom and curves it you know like three monitor if you were at a game on it like these are completely separate yeah I got like like that yeah but just on on an arm I'm thinking about getting a new arm that makes it can I have your own tips yeah because I think it's clean no I do like the arm look so you're I never clean that but you usually there's no there's no wires yeah it's when I do clean it it looks really clean like it looks like that desk over there yeah when you already have your hedges lighting is must I'm gonna light the crap out of that bad boy it's some RGB going yeah that's cool you get those fun colored lights in the ceiling that connect to your Wi-Fi No you know anyways that guys thank you very much for joining us that does us for this week we will see you guys next week enjoy the rest of your weekend if anybody for a 4th of July and if you haven't had a chance to game it's time to game time to game it up then are we do we hit it after music yeah we did do you know what I just realized it and set up the lighting I'm gonna do it at the end keep talking yeah we're on normal lights here yeah crap why don't any buddy tell me we never know are you just flexing at the camera I was flexed when I stretch I flex it's just a thing I do it's a good problem to have that is that is a good problem ultra light sorry everybody difference has gone up 3% see everyone a chat yeah it's my thanks yeah this light disgust disgust music guys thank you very much for joining us enjoy gaming if you want it to the Minecraft realm we're back in a big way in Minecraft I've been working on a highway this week actually ever even jumped in yeah Jordan jumped in how was it it was good I thought you gave me a tour you get mad or Dave taught me how to fly who taught me how to fly with the firecrackers yeah yeah it's a good time just hit us up inside the discord also wart groove don't forget inside this court as well there's strategy games for group minecraft for Minecraft there you go we'll see you guys next week have a good week everybody see everybody happen [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]