Podcast 267: Summer Gaming Begins

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Summer is officially here and with it comes some down time and gaming time. What games are we most looking forward to this summer and what are our gaming goals. As always it's a blast talking all things Xbox and gaming with the most positive community on the planet! Whether you're on the Game Pass or Game Pass for PC. This podcast is for you!

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hello everybody welcome this is the x1 Bros we are your positive gaming and Xbox one community another week has gone by and we're back and we're glad to be back because gaming is fun that's all right as always I'm joined by the bros the exilim bros first that's mr. big spicy hello mr. spicy I don't know what that intro was but but damn but I was trying to do something cuz it's summer now it's like officially summer did I screw up your mojo and oh no no not at all I didn't know where I was going with it I just like I just get it a character in role that was if I didn't jump in that was probably a 20 minute promo right you know I was like five seconds no it would've kept going if I didn't jump inside I know you I know you next he's Jordan Jordan Amman Jordan how you doing hello there he is and let's put on least I am x1 we are the x1 Bros thank you very much let's jump right into it it is summer and summer gaming has begun hmm let's we got a question that came in from mr. R Chopra our Tropper writes in and says hi guys just wanted to ask I usually don't have this out at this hi guys mr. Chopra hi guys just wanted to ask what game are you guys looking forward to most this summer games you're looking to most this summer Jordans rubbing his hands together he's really excited answer this question Jordan go ahead I was summer this summer summer is a time of goals right no I'll tell you what I our goals what goals you have this summer um to have fun for gaming I would like to I'm starting to get more achievements I think I'm gonna go on a beat again I think I'm gonna get into achievement hunting and I don't know what game I want to beat I either want to be Metro Exodus okay or I want to be Wolfenstein - OH Wolfenstein - yeah that's one right to do that's two legit but if I I got a do it the thing is is I just get playing other games and and then you forget about some games and then and then it's just too late the days over yeah then you got to move on like we recently just jump back into overwatch cuz how is being back in overwatch it was fun so my brother-in-law messaged me one day and he said amen I need to play xbox and I need to play overwatch and I need to play right now yeah so we've been playing overwatch it was it's kind of fun yeah yeah load down the leveling so you'd pay more money no they did that a while ago yeah that like you're one yeah but that just still frustrates me but well there's a reason I have hundreds of yeah loop by loop boxes because I don't feed into that system have you guys tried paladins yeah do you like it as much is the free version of overwatch it's fun it's good I'm good at it I am too do you think pet because paladin's is killing it right now like I see everybody stream champions really in it they also have a realm row royale do you think overwatch has lost their mojo a little bit with that competition or or or not watch yeah have they made some missteps there was some overwatch news well well yeah they've made missteps I guess but it's not big enough to I mean look at loot crate's the other boxes I hate those things and all you get are sprays pisses me off if there's one thing I'm having I'm having a good time oh joy in killing people in the game and then it says oh here check this out you got a little crate and I go oh all right well thanks I'm having a good time anyways let's see what I get crappy crappy sprays or sprays poor Springs that I already own and then it ruins your day and it's then up for I'm in a bad mood then and that's how it is with every loot crate I've ever experienced besides the one percent where I get a an elite legendary that I'll never use I hate those things man I hate those and I feel like I'm talking to myself because no one is looking at me well I am I'm trying to sign in its at something here it's not oh he's trying to sign into his loot crate sorry I wasn't paying attention I'm trying to get a loot crate unlocked here yeah okay well anyways I don't like him that was basically the TLDR of what I just said Oh like how are you guys faring in the matches you're doing ladder matches yet are you just warming up we're getting back into it so you got the og team back together basically yeah yeah we're doing great yeah we're actually we win more than we lose that's that's generally the direction you want to go in we haven't started ranked because he actually did start a whole new profile and character so he's got to get to do this is your brother-in-law yeah he's just getting back used to be on PlayStation right and then he wanted to play with us on well then he played with us on the Xbox videos his brother's Xbox and then her mother moved away so I happen to have a spare had my house you know yeah because that's what you do why not just sitting there yeah and he actually he actually just texted me before the show and this is how you know you got someone okay he said hey theoretically if I were to buy a game which game are you guys playing right now oh oh what did you what did you tell him I don't know cuz there's a lot of power yeah to influence that tell him tell them to get war group so I can actually play as somebody that plays the game hey man I play war Grove we flit through our first match like that was turnip buh-buh-buh-buh-byeeeee back and forth turn turn turn turn but then yesterday today I actually had worked I need for everyone out there that has work roof message me on discord because I want to get as many games open and going as I can yeah I've been playing war groove a lot same thing just head over to the strategy channel the nice thing about war groove is it's just turn like you can take a turn and then like today I had two bunches up to do so I was never able to take a turn I know and then marks like looking everything I showed I took a screenshot for mark I'm playing like 20 people I've liked just playing one person and it doesn't play dude it's great how come I don't thank me to get up to snuff to jump into multiplayer just do it yeah that's great I just go into multiple gets spanked but that's how you need spanked no but you're gonna get spanked when you play me anyways until you're up or whatever like like losing is good in these game what if I'm like a war guru savant no way used to have to learn the caracal then yeah it's it's pretty simple it's just turn-based strategy I know it's Advance Wars basically or firing that's exactly what it is just the character models are different yeah oh it's more fantasy it's in a fantasy setting not in a well do I have to play the campaign to understand that everybody's ability uh the campaign does a really good job at explaining like it enforces you to the game Yeah right so this unit does this this unit counters this do they have the sorry to interrupt you but do they have the like the triangle right like Spears beat horses horses beat inventory or infantry infantry base yeah yeah yeah it's basically that's what it is and what's cool about a multi-player is you can just play a move and then go to back to work and do whatever and you can have multiple ones going at the same time there's no time yeah whenever I'm at home working on my PC that's I just have that up do some work oh my turn do some work my turn do what's really nice is the PC is actually connected to the Xbox well I'll tell you what so we may spice and I did Al and match spicy spicy and I did Al and match and spicy though so this game is all about like order of operations and if you got the and spicy split how many hours have you put in this game do you think like campaign on campaign ad yeah a lot hours like it's the game he plays whenever he's on the road basically we're and at the gym which showers the gym already works out with Lauren I'm sitting at work like on site somewhere and after wait 20 minutes yes I'll pull out and play anyways spicies your order of operations were impressive I was in awe like it was like whoa and just yes you just want to talk about somebody that got spanked he just ordered me Google's me real this will actually this will make this would make me play it like right when I get home from the podcast can you do like a free-for-all before like yeah all three won't be 1 b1 b1 Royal Rumble let's you like all three of us like just you're gonna do you can do teams of two you can do two verse one we have yet to play a Royal Rumble but we can do that yeah super fun anyways I'm loving that game at the moment but summer goals summer's here it's the time we play games introducers have new games new games that you're looking forward to during the summer myself it's not a game but I was talking about this last night in fact Barbara Blake helped me get a new achievement last night the stack achievement in Minecraft dude I don't know what it is I'm just you just stack a bunch I'm doing those achievements then I'm doing I'm doing a rented Redemption achievements turn 100% debt I'm problem gonna hit up some for achievements after this it's time it's gonna be the summer of achievements it's the summer of George summer of George but for me no I summer of a Cheney headsets fun I think I well I'm in the same boat as you I don't know if there's I mean I'm usually looking forward to all games right I mean that's kind of a dumb answer okay I am but no I really I I haven't decided there's been a couple recommendations in chat I think I might take it but I don't know if I want I want to beat a game okay and I don't know if they know Metro Exodus but see chat was telling me to do Wolfenstein well thank you oh you're not you're not done with oh that's right you move aside - so I'm either gonna do Wolfenstein - of a site metrics well it's not - oh do that okay then metro Exodus maybe I'll save metro for the winter because it takes place in poetry that's my summer goal all right summer goal let's write down hold on I want to write down these summer goals so that we when does summer officially active hold ourselves accountable summer is now summer no I know when does it officially end cuz there you go Barbara Blake's right I'm actually still on Odyssey I gotta beat that dude this is true so I got that's okay too games this summer I got to beat Odyssey which I'm so live the way I was watching Barbara Blake stream Odyssey holy crap but you know that game I didn't realize how just yeah you guys talked about it a lot but it's not typical Assassin's Creed it's basically non-stop action yeah which really appeals to me and Alexios the man yeah that's what he wants whenever he was just an unstoppable Batman fighting and it doesn't matter you're either yeah it doesn't doesn't matter your age you just you just go in the only people that care are the people that you kill and they're dead and they're dying anyway so who cares what they think do you know what I did the other day in Assassin's Creed you tell me so I'm sitting here I don't know if these guys right they're just doing their job protecting the farm or whatever it was I got this ability where I basically throw my spear at someone yeah so it's like it's like a ranged ability right I throw my spear you stab them and then you still like but what you can do is you can actually combo it so you can throw your spear and it'll say hip left bumper to combo to the next guy and these poor bastards we're all like lined up in just the raw I got the whole base in like one it was pretty awesome and I'll tell you that that game you've been missing out man I did not realize that it was not stop actually because okay traditional Assassin's Creed games are moments of intense stealth action and combine feathers combined with long moments of finding and fetching fetch quests right but this is once non-stop action everything from the ocean to the mountainous ranges just non-stop action I know it's beautiful oh yeah gorgeous that's got shanties Oh I mean shanties were the best thing about that black flag yeah easily you feel really I know a lot of people don't like the ship as much but I'm telling you when those shanties start going and you're you're feeling the heat of battle the drums start hitting oh it's like Greek it's like Greek shanties yeah you just you just want to go Ram a ship so it's like war cries yeah he might are happy you can say they're singing we aren't the rowers of Greece ship slaves yeah that was actually a no-go for I was you can say out of all the like jobs and horrible things that happened in history that was the worst like suck no yes cuz because they chained you you're you're beneath so if the ship goes yeah you through our chain yeah not in my ship there singing he he treats his slaves good they may be chained down but they have no fear no fear of dying in your shit no because you're not losing that battle and there's like attack mode and you go into and sale mode cellphone to sale mode sell mod you're just like who should I kill next the game is gorgeous like it's beautiful yes it sees us right at the beginning he's the mountain home you look up and you go that's a man in the Ford hair eh do there is no doubt why he has become God well the god of gods the god of thunder baby of thunder actually he's the god of what is he Lightning of all he's the king of the gods yeah I guess so Jordan gulls let's start with you goals for summer gimme him okay so give me um I gotta finish Assassin's Creed Odyssey guy write that down finish and I'm gonna stretch it I also want to beat Wolfenstein now I need a date though what is the official last day of summer I think October 1 oh that's gonna actually be easy to remember oh so September's in this is September Cal guys and I actually have an answer now that's our brother's birthday September cat's birthday is the month of September no October 1st to prefer oh yeah so Jordan Z goal is to finish AC Odyssey and Wolfenstein and Wolfenstein I think that's easy a CIT C's gonna be your harder one cuz it's open-world Wolfenstein are not long games yeah but I mean do I want to rush through it or do I want to enjoy myself I'd say for it that's sacred well speaking of savoring stuff did you know that you can get Kansas City barbecue delivered to you from Kansas City from Kansas City city city city Kansas City Council Chevy yeah they should so so shiny chat this morning they were telling me about all this great barbecue that we've never experienced that destroys Texas barbecue apparently it's Kansas City barbecue ok and they can deliver they'll deliver to you we should do it let's do it it's gonna be like five hundred dollars to pay for the flight was like 16 bucks wait what yeah what's a great business model what debt they will they show I call like Frank and Louisiana he's like well cook it know what ok we're cooking it for you we're putting like this I got a body just truck them down there and an Amazon no no this is how to throw it on there or do they like cheesy corn that's over they were talking about oh my goodness cheesy corn looks so good it's think of macaroni and cheese but with corn oh who is the who's the poor person that has to drive this oh no what drives they put it they put it FedEx they FedEx it overnight they put it in a special container oh yeah I forgot that you can overnight stuff yeah in a container dude isn't think we should do it I think we should do it yeah that reminds me I made dinner and I didn't have it yet oh no ok make spicy oh hey just for the record official last day of summer is September 23rd I feel like that is when all this never go by September 23rd September 23rd wrote it down make spicy summer goals what summer games are you looking forward to our chopper wants to know so I don't do goals I them okay okay but games I want to play as Gears 5 because that's in September Gears 5 yeah you want to will you beat it before September 23rd do you think that's I'll have 13 I feel like your goal for supply should be halo 5 yeah actually that should be yeah halo 5 and get back into the story it should be your goal to David thing I've been playing Halo multiplayer I run into anyone when I get rocked it's so fun even when I've never experienced that let me tell you it's fun no these multiplayer games like your halos your Call of Duty's your gears your everything I have this problem where I go when the main screen pops up I go I could do the campaign but I want to get in the ball now there's multiply I want to get are by PvP on Oh with my cheesy corn I've been doing SWAT because I'm trying to improve so like so everybody everybody a few nights a week I'm doing halo nights over on mixer mixer com4 slash next one bros come join us it is a glorious we got some good at halo players in the community by the way put shoutout to pickle 22 he's fabulous high warriors another fabulous halo player loyal doyle he's on point and then it's myself and fitzy we were kind of keeping up the back end right there fitzy fitzy did really well everyone carried me carry me because I went from social in social I'm like in second third place then I go over to rank last place the whole difference it's all the different group of players played ranked mode to PvP and halo but I've been doing SWAT ah cuz everyone tells me that's the way to get better SWAT is good for your twitchiness right to twitch your joystick over and pop pop now I do think I need to increase the sensitivity on my red Joystiq because I'm a little bit laggy on my movement my sight movement many advice tips halo 5 yeah so do you have overwatch uh-huh so in overwatch there's a training arena mm-hmm they have robots that move around oh and you go there with McCree and he's the one he's the killer and strafe left to right and hit for the head on those I just get good with that it's good make it an appendage it'll help it'll help in every yes mm-hmm it'll do wonder that like and so if you want to test to see if your sensitivities on point go to overwatch there are two robots right at the beginning of that arena and strafe left to right and try it you don't even have to shoot just try to put keep your cursor on their heads like this while you're moving and if it's moving too fast your sensitivity is too high if it's moving too slow then I guess you could do that with in Halo as well go to any map or anything and just keep a target on a point in the wall and do that left to right see these tips these are tips you don't get anywhere else good actually I'm gonna do that you think that training arena is the best way to get better than well the training arena is nice because it's got movable targets yeah you can practice with you can do it I know the the joysticks are a little different each game so maybe if you get that overwatch grind maybe it'll hurt you and the game you want to play which is halo but so you can just do that with Halo just go into a create your own map and go into it and then left to right and just keep the target as close to the point that you're looking at as much as possible if you move too fast your sensor phases too high etc and then go further further back and then try to hit targets as they're I don't know is there any destructible targets in that game in halo halo oh I guess you could you could figure it out but you want movable targets once you get past to that point and do that 15 minutes a day don't do it more just a routine just yeah and you'll get better before I play maybe like as a warm-up and then play yeah I would argue and you SWAT the best that everyone says SWAT does what SWAT basically is what is doing that for ya because you're shooting for a head Ronen and chat said SWAT is not good to improve just saying and I agree he says if they die immediately can't react I would I would slightly agree to that but I would also say that it does help you with your targeting which is a big part of your well my only problem in that is like and what I notice is sometimes I'm just getting lucky because the area like the battle rifle it's like a circle this big and it's it it doesn't seem that I'm as skilled as I am just reacting and and getting lucky there yeah then I move over to Slayer and I got worked because I had gotten used to like the one hit well I'll see well yeah and that's the thing it's like a cat and mouse you can't there's always away in Halo to disengage usually there's a way to disengage because you're over shield right yeah so that helps tactics wise but I think swats fine to learn your twitch and to learn you know the I guess the mechanics of the joystick a little bit better than the other way cuz the other way you know you can get away with shooting in the chest and stuff but you know what I forgot to that was that was destroying me I did I forgot that in Halo 5 when you sprint your shields don't regen yeah yeah I forgot is nice it's okay to get to disengage but once you've disengaged don't run yeah you just got to stop and let your let your shields recover and play the outside of maps oh yeah I've been doing that that's that's and Halo David plays the way outside forget that that was the funniest thing I've ever seen in my life hug the corners know the maps cuz halo halo does a good job in the maps where they give you corridors to traverse the map in a way that you're protected to an extent yeah unlike called duty call duty you're just exposed everywhere you go sir and they spawn behind and they spawn behind you so called duty call of duty that's why you hug them you can't be good unless you hug the outsides of the maps in Call of Duty cuz there's it's just it's just rough you know rough terrain rough terrain but yeah that's what I would do to help improve your game so spicy's goal halo 5 halo 5 but you're most looking forward to this summer as Gears 5 September 2010 September at Matt shot Matt shot in our community is a huge gears guy and he has said many times that he'd go through the campaign Oh John oh and I beat it in a cup I drink that's game on and I might as well my play multi-player to warm up very cool mine is just again two more treatments I don't have like a specific number but I've really one million when that jewel drops it's like especially if it's the rare oh one more cuz my gamer score is so low like cuz I just oh it's the second rare um I don't remember if stacking was rare I would imagine it is what are we talking about again minecraft is one of the achievements last night's I had there's a lot of achievements that are easy gets in Minecraft that I just haven't done that I know how to get to do it I was looking at the Chipman list so maybe I got to do that I think I will well thank you very much our chopped red great question summers here the gaming that is summer is here with that oh let's get this show on the road okay Jordan tell us what is happening in the world that is xbox one this week oh there's a few things so we're still kind of coming off the high of III all right it's just like before everybody calms down then everybody drops everything everybody calms down again yeah so but actually funny enough we have a lot of patches this week we do it's like patch week we do fall 76 we patched it yeah yeah fall 76 had a patch now it's not you know the the new deal see the diamond out with but it does outline a lot of fixes with like nuclear winter and in the manga I think there's some graphical issues that they fix there are some shadows that look square now they look more like shadows right now but yeah it's about a three gig patch on the console so not super huge but it gameplay improvements and all that fun stuff did you guys know that they extended nuclear winter like indefinitely yes yeah so oh yeah you know do you know that Wow yes so fallout nuclear winter which is their battle royale version it was just supposed to I don't know how long it originally supposed to be a few days or something like that but they just were like we're not gonna I thought that was the idea originally was it not I thought it was really it was no cuz they it was a big deal when it will you know the news is a big deal when they're like oh they did it turn it off yeah they just kept it plugged in it was I bet you I know why they kept it plugged in why Obi well same way same same reason overwatch let their beta go on a couple extra days man you got a lot of hype going around a lot of you were playing a lot of people were streaming it yeah might as well I take down a good thing sure I I would like to i download it fallout 76 on my new high jump back in it and played it a little bit that's fun yeah I think I I think that's a game that I'd like to get into yeah that's fun I'll play with you yeah okay so black ops for another pet another game another big patch so this is this actually their biggest patch yet in the entire zone right I had open up a new tab for it cuz it was so big so big so but anyway yeah I'm a scream I couldn't fit on my screen but anyway basically a bunch of new features it includes contracts which is pretty cool s I can't even pronounce this one of the agenda oh there you go Hacienda Twilight a new multiplayer map updates in black out more maps for prop hunt and capture the flag and the launch of a hard more hard mode gauntlet oh wait that's only a ps4 if you have a ps4 any of call duty launch of hard mode gauntlet in zombie mode which will eventually come to the Xbox which is pretty funny but and then there's a weapon to knee and weapon tuning and ballistic changes in multiplayer Melda but huge huge patch so I'm very cool and then if that's not all this is probably one of the coolest things of the week I'm excited for this I'm gonna jump in oh yeah just crazy and I hope you guys will do in here there's a bunch ik there's a bunch of people at work that play this game and I'm thinking oh I'm thinking I'll say this game here's a game that will improve my twitch ET twitch oh yeah twitch eat eat watch here we're talking about I don't think that's that's a word that doesn't sound like it shit oh that sounds dirty he's my twitch movement sorry I'm gonna prove my twitch it eat watch I think you usually Google your twitch need to watch the game we're talking about your poison eat watches clean the game we're talking about is of course apex Legends now what's going on baby yes they announce season 2 seconds they came out with the trailer no this is a long story well not really but it's a cool story so they came out with a trailer so this they did kind of showing character yeah yeah so there's there's a couple of there's a couple other characters well sorry well yeah he's still under a lot you wanted about a there's a cousin there's a couple familiar characters in that today and then it did introduce Watson yeah the new character and what they did is they blew this thing up and then a bunch of animals came in like pterodactyls and dinosaurs big dinosaur in a dragon so anyway if you're playing the game right now they're kind of taking a page out of the Fortnight book stuff is happening in the world right constant if you go to do to do where is that I don't know it's in one of the canyons it's somewhere on the map so yeah the map is evolving yes so basically what's happening is there's these things they're called the repulsor towers and if you remember from titanfall those towers no because this game is set in a ton of all universe right if you remember playing in titanfall those towers in the lore where we're basically big defensive towers that I don't know if you want to say like sent out it's some type of audio weapon right sonic weapon because it keeps the animals away it like really hurt the animals and in this trailer when that tower goes down which is what that tower was the repulsive towers all those animals come in right so I think that's kind of the story behind the next season oh it's so cool so but anyway in the map right now if you if you're playing it over in in Kings Canyon is where it's at if you look at the towers there they you'll notice that they're turned on they've been dormant like the entire first season and now they're starting to turn on because you know the animals are coming what are we gonna do the animals are coming but anyway anyway I just I really like that fortnight does stuff like this and I'd now like that apex of course well everybody here's a game fresh here's the thing apex had a great initial launch a lot of hype a lot of people playing a lot of people are still playing that game I kind of died down a little bit they they did say they did come out and say they're not going to do updates at the same speed it's for tonight they don't want to do that that's not what they're about I actually think that hurts for tonight do you really I do it's kind of what turned me off a little bit oh the always changing then the meta meta is always changing right the attic Plains adding hoverboards adding yeah got to be so much I will does pacing have a big deal to do with it cuz fortnight spacing is incredibly quick like planes came out then hoverboards came out one after another I mean it's like give me time give me space less I'm saying do you like apex approach to it I I do like the changes yeah I remember some of the first changes like what was its season in fortnight was it season five the superhero one where they had the rocket come up and then go across the sky and move around and then you had portals everywhere that was cool and that lasted a while that was like the golden era of fortnight right yeah it lasted a long time where they didn't screw things up yeah all this stuff right so I think actually I don't think I'm alone and I say to my ages you know I actually respect that they're not just trying talking about AP AP thanks yeah that apex is is saying no this is who we are and we are we will make a change we'll make some adjustments we'll let it play out for a season and then we'll make the other change adjustment Finke itself RC cool to have before like three fortnight stuff patches hit then things just changed yeah there was no like no animals running through there was no hype there was nothing wound up to it you didn't see the change happened yeah that I think that's what we're talking about like the the morphing of the terrain changing to a certain way I think I think that's awesome I think it adds immersion to a game that otherwise would just oh absolutely it's kind of a way of telling a story in a game that otherwise has no story yeah right it's really cool yeah so what so yeah so I just don't like to too much changes yeah so the repulsor towers have been turned off since the launch of apex they are now turned on because of the you know increased populated they're called the Flyers I guess yeah but anyway and in that video when season 2 starts which starts very soon by the way that tower blows up and then all the animals come in right so so I'm curious to see what again season 2 Jurassic world unleashed can you imagine like you're fighting a character then almost on a big dinosaur come see us okay that guy's God you know like the guy in the movie where I was taking a dump yeah yeah that guy I think that he was kind of a huge jerk well he's the reason that the whole place the monsters got in the first place no I'm talking about the guy that was like taking a Duke er he ran to the bathroom and the guy was like oh you gotta go and that's like the part where the waters shaken boom oh yeah boom oh the guy that was on the John yeah that guy had a that sucks man let's go that's not the way to go way to go know when you are doing your business you do not go good that directs did not know no respect he did not see the ocupado and this was before people had phones to occupy themselves on on toilets it's true this is yours oh he was just trying to do his thing oh yeah true truth you speak truth the lawyer that's right he was the lawyer that's right the lawyer I'm not talking about the guy that goes yeah Newman hold on to your butts that's mace windu yeah another patch so there's is actually pretty cool well I mean all these powers are pretty Ronin I know he wasn't actually going to the bathroom I get it but he was wasn't he sitting on the toilet I mean he was hiding in the port-a-potty it was yeah I believe it was more of a bamboo potty I remember don't move t-rex's I just say I just can't solve all places to die how did they know that t-rexes can't see movement they don't know that oh yeah they do how science oh are you okay okay and this is gonna get me in trouble and if the hacker website I'm sorry so it's just funny I just what he said that I if Bill Nye the Science Guy so I used to like him when he was actually used science you know back in the 90s when he was like guys look what happens when we add vinegar and this we make em okay no no he's just like that seems like that's science and the whole crowds like oh my god they like freaking have you seen the Netflix special you gotta watch it man they freaked out he just says something like completely dumb and he goes it's science the crowd they're classier there it's like I think the perception of science has changed yeah a lot yeah I think back back in my day we had like hypotheses and the scientific method and you know things were things were things were things now it's just like but if you tap it on at the end of anything it's science no I'd seriously my comment that dinosaurs couldn't see without their you know whatever they have leaving and then I go it's sign but how do they know it's clout man how do they know that that's what I don't understand and then the crowd goes oh my gosh this guy must have went to school forever see he can't mess with science that's true I kid you not luck I kid you not it was stuff like it said the vols science science tells us that I say let's go it's cold ice cream stays together because it's frozen science I just think it's crazy but they know that I also think that going being killed in a bathroom is not how I ever wanted I I would mind there's worse ways that that has some sign that's like drowning I never want to join you are urinating you you're completely exposed like whoa and more ways than one yeah here's that I like your back you're facing a wall in a room and there's everything behind you that you can't see what's gonna happen oh yeah I that's like a favor great point why don't they put mirrors face eye level mirrors so you can see behind you so you know some guys coming to whack you guys there is this one time so a beacon of Mark exposed Sadie was exposed the bathroom together and you know the boys but like a public bathroom yeah and you know the boys bathroom has the urinals on the wall oh there was this one right on the corner of the wall I didn't you have to pick that one I was forced to so every wood had like a wall but there's one like literally right on the corner of the way yeah lax they had you know how you walk around a corner and then there's a bathroom like what you know yeah so there's no doors will they like loop it in a circle they put that corner while I'm looking into the lobby as I'm pissin it was the most uncomfortable urinal and I was forced to there's a lot it was busy yeah and you know you kind of have to divvy where you go yes the circles around and on that circle there I threw the short straw just waited what the line was you didn't know how exposed you were literally and you went to that corner and I'm like being soda like people but your shoulders as the next guy come around they maximize their lanes their parking lanes in that bathroom I think what if you miss some guy just walking in there's like a little like it was even a shorter wall than the others no I wanted all the other ones like stalls like people from Pekin except that one where you could like lean out and say hi mom I questioned not rating for you too he could have peed and reached his hand around the wall to wash his hands hey there's c5 that's where I flew in oh wait I got checked my flight yep there it is what's funny is when they put the bar high I don't know what's funny is is I I didn't see him cuz I went to the one way back in the corner yeah and then he tells me afterwards and I knew exactly which one I taught you he was talking about cuz when you come around the corner you're like oh oh hey sorry like don't know where to look oh sorry I'm fly and there's it's a busy Airport and you're in the line and there anyway everybody's just like luckily people are on their phones so speaking of the war Jurassic Park guy and you said you shouldn't expose I don't say Elvis died on the toilet and it was sorted and it was a gold one sounded legit so did the lannister dad yeah but that one wasn't gold those times at school yeah that one just like went into the town you know isn't that how they did it no like lannister like didn't tyrion yeah shuttle with across the cross leaping with his who yeah but here's to deal with that I don't want to be shot while I'm on the toilet that's my point I think of all places that's I least wanted I well don't sleep with your sons who are life lesson who is okay all right or at least lock off all your you know portable or and don't let in doorways also also don't have a midget son alright life lessons and give him a crossbow that's just asking for problems man was kind of a douche to him his whole life yeah don't be a jerk to him politely that's probably what caused it I actually really like Tyrion Lannister isn't he though he's like the coolest guy out of Oh him and Jamie yeah well Jamie started out stupid but then he became like a bad egg I don't know I really didn't care that he just shoves a kid out the window well I think you oh that was bad okay I don't like Jamie yeah but yeah but then you learn do that because they manipulate me you got it my feelings no but they do that cuz you're like okay he's not so bad cuz he actually becomes like a cool guy I'm okay with that well it's he had a you know okay we're way off topic what are we talking about division yeah the division the division came out with a patch so this introduces the Gunners specialization gun war for your characters right so to get this to unlock the gunner you'll need to complete the special field to research five stages of challenges that each boost their own objective and rewards now hey hey hey hey stay on task killing children that's like it sucks that's stupid it sucks killing children sucks sucks that's stupid but you know you know things happen and he learns the error of his ways he redeems himself yeah yeah he stops hanging out with his sister and yes we are talking about Game of Thrones when we should be talking about [Applause] continue because check chat is bringing us off the rails hard on this episode division sorry Joe so the gun our special specialization you have to complete the special field research challenges if you want to unlock it or if you have the season pass or you're one-pass sorry you will unlock the gunner immediately but you can still get cool rewards for completing the special field research challenges such as fisticuffs fisticuffs yeah I actually had not heard that word in a very long time and this week I've heard it like four times fisticuffs screams front flex emotes charcoal and Duras great this estate dies there's too many colors of mine done the colors that yeah gunner masks and the gunner specialization uniform anyway very cool for division this one's exciting I actually watch this so at e3 we got to see Jenna Star Wars Jedi fallen order yes now we get to see just a little bit more so they have a new they have it's not new it's kind of what we saw at e3 but it they've kind of filled theirs it's basically the full demo okay right so we got to see probably what a 10-15 minute demo at e3 this is a 25 minute demo and it's mostly the same demo that we saw but there is at the beginning and then towards the beginning middle there is a few difference together that we didn't get to see that yeah the game directors said they put this back in because they destroyed it for e3 yeah they put this in to show more of its core gameplay the nonlinear design like a Metroid or Castlevania and also he wanted to focus on lightsaber more on the lightsaber actions yeah and you can upgrade your robot yeah dude that game I'll tell you what that game looks fantastic that's one of that's that's one of the highlights from this past III that doesn't come out in the summer comes on November alright a couple more stories cyberpunk 2077 we got a rough approximation of how big the game is gonna be uh over under a hundred it's gonna be under right yes okay I think you just looked at its I think you know what it is I think your screen I saw you look at though I said over or under a hundred its I got a question I could pretend to not know the answer in the nail at you know I didn't know it though I asked the question that Jordan said under so this is I mean this isn't for sure but allegedly around 80 gigs which honestly that's not that bad I know and I've come to a consider in the games that we have read it redemptions 98 halos 100 and something they're all out 76 is I think like 80 to get you know if you like all these games are huge force is another big one they're giant so 80 gigs which so it's not too much of a surprise to me and then one last story that I forgot to actually put on your notes guys but battlefield 5 big update big big update this is the chapter for divine odds defiant defying the odds comes with new Maps basically progresses the tides of war ya know very cool but anyway also in the they have a trailer and I will admit the trailer is good I think they are I think they're getting away from the don't buy our game strategy although they have been for a while they've been they've really been focused on this game yeah battlefield 5 is on point like I would I watch people stream it occasionally it's it is fantastic it's what we want from a battlefield game it's really good they they've done a really good job well like we've said before it's a shame what happened to it at the launch when they did all their their stuff because I still to this day think it's mechanically the best battlefield I've played oh no it really it's it looks we should play that guys that's that's another one that's downloaded dad saw in my box as well yeah so anyway and this update is free go how about that go fall so they talked about it i in the trailer they teased a few other things there's one that we knew about the pacific theater which is coming later this year which and they told us about that id3 that's gonna be fun absolutely that's gonna be fun that maybe we'll get a little 1940 action maybe they'll bring back the island the thing is they just got to balance the tanks well what's that was it like a full-blown oh that was just that we dominated up for a week yeah anyway yes I did not do yeah but they also announced something cool it's called I think it's the underground or something like that they now send a trailer but basically what it reminds me of is you guys remember I think it was either battlefield 3 or 4 I want to say it was 3 but do you remember the the DLC close quarters DLC close quarters yeah I believe it was battlefield 3 may have been 4 but it was one of them but it was called the close quarters remember looks like teddy bear remembers from chat but yeah battlefield 3 close quarters basically what it did it's exactly what it said it was close quarters right it brought everything in right yeah which made things kind of chaotic especially on that engine right with your explosion stuff so that's what this reminds me of the underground more of a close quarters combat combat which is kind of cool all team so and they just teased it just a little bit but it looked a crazy chaotic fun like it so look like a good time there battlefield 5 is on point I'm just thoroughly impressed with the continual updates there and that does us I'm just reading this article oh go ahead it's about cyberpunk 2077 mm-hmm why do articles need to add so much fluff like I mean you're paid to really oh look at this this is this is the article you posted it's like it I think it's a GameSpot article while cyberpunk 2077 won't arrive until April 2020 players may need to start making preparations for the massive shooter preparations I hit the button and hit uninstalled other like what does it take I mean dad odd to uninstall other games well really makes me laugh I don't how hard is that like I'm gonna the game comes out next year I'm gonna start making preparations to get uh uh uh well it really makes me laugh is the next sentence it says quite literally the game's install sighs allegedly hovers are over around 80 gigs and they're like baffled but that's what makes me laugh is why these hey I just think it's funny like oh hey sorry prank Punk's gonna be okay cool right yeah lady is like oh okay it's not a hundred I mean I I added it because I like the I just like this knowing the fact of hey but I mean like I said halos that first paragraph offends me like seriously io your stream of the poll that I you're a straight to the point guy you want to be offended there's an article I've meant to show David cuz you would have lost it oh really there's an article by GameSpot that I'll show you later okay actually maybe this but you're a straight to the point guy start making preparations that's gonna take me 15 seconds when the game comes I don't mind it I'll take the opposite here I don't mind it it sets up but gives me like an image of like yeah yeah like it's it's imagery it's it's sucking me into the story there I like it I don't like to get sucked okay there's a quote there's a quote quote that one see I'm a fluffer okay sorry I told I totally went back to another story but I'm reading that article and I just know it offends me just you can do better I'm just saying you can do better with your fluff you don't have to make it this pompous remark that people may have to start preparing so do you read it like that I read it as it like fun like hahaha tongue-in-cheek like prepare now because these guys are huge yeah oh well I mean yeah they're huge but all Triple A games are huge now no it's true I'm like relieved that it's 80 like I know at least it's under 100 right yeah since my brain I have I have one more thing that I want to go over real quick that dropped this is the e3 critics way let me find it here the e3 critics award came out let's just go through and see what you guys think best of show who would you have given best of show to e3 like best game yes okay I know mine bleeding edge is my favorite pet you're betting I would I would say bleeding edge very closely by Keanu Reeves cyber bug best of show oh oh yeah well are we talking like presentation so critical what the critical awards are is all the press there submits a ballot vote for all these different categories so bleeding edge was your pick that was mine yeah because I had no idea I didn't know if I was ago it was fresh and then I got to play it yeah and it is an awesome game very good I think that's a solid pick a best of show Final Fantasy 7 remake one that's because it's got a lot of hype behind it I can see that Best Original game the outer worlds that's that's exciting that's legit best console game Final Fantasy 7 remake of course there it is back best PC game and here's I do have kind of a problem for this one because it should be exclusive PC games but doom eternal one it's not really like what was that category best PC game I mean it's on PC yeah that's kind of dumb that categories a little bit muddy right there but still doom eternal deserves some kind of award yes here we go they definitely deserve this next one best action dumi turtle yeah I mean heads down super fast super fluid best hardware peripheral went to the Xbox wireless controller series two elite controller series - I got to play that is really nice it's got my fingers best action-adventure game I'll give you a hint Ubisoft Oh watch dogs watch dogs - that does look watchdogs Legion what's our watchdogs legions right now watch dogs - watch dogs Legion yes best RPG best are say cyberpunk Final Fantasy 7 remake it's just taken away Awards here but cyberpunk would be a good one Crash Team Racing was best racing game best eSports was a football Pro Evolution Soccer best strategy game I didn't even realize I had seen stuff about this but I didn't realize what exactly it was best strategy game John wick hex on PC ha hi there's a John wick it sounds like it's a turn-based I swear I think I've seen something about this and I've just ignored it huh is it good I don't know it's John wick oh yeah well I'm in best online multi-player call of duty modern warfare is that came out is John wick hex out I don't know we should look it up if it is we should jump on it best independent game 12 minutes which did look super interesting best ongoing game was destiny - and last but not least special commendations for graphics with cyberpunk 2077 which I'm sure like behind closed doors the gameplay in that looks fantastic I mean that game just looks like it's really good John wick hex is out it came out in May 8th 2019 there you go you know you go through battles as a strategy turn-based kind of game and at the end it plays the fight in a fluid scene that looks like it came from the movies oh that's so sick that is very cool thank you very much Ronan her own unless know about that there that brings us to the last segment of our show this is the portion of the show where we take your questions since it was last minute we didn't get that many submissions so I apologize for that I forgot that it would that we were changing the day this week so the post will go up earlier next week but we already went over our choppers we have one more from Black Knight Black Knight writes in and we had more than this but a lot of them were really questions anyways like night I don't know why I said that but it says hey Bros how you doing he says my question is with the X cloud do you think you'll have enough power to stream just from cell towers since sometimes Wi-Fi sucks in certain places and you know like you switch over to just yourself because Wi-Fi is doing crappy do you think X cloud is going to be able to handle that when you're in that situation with your experience with X cloud now Ronan actually got to take the Ethernet out of the X cloud when his here he took it out and she said here you go play it and he played it and he said it worked fantastic like it you didn't notice that huge of a difference at all what do you guys think you think that the technology is there let's go okay go go go Ok Go Ahead good let's have I remember on inside Xbox a couple weeks ago it was a couple weeks before e3 Phil Spencer was being interviewed by Larry herb and they talked about it and Phil Spencer was out in Japan and he was testing it on his phone and he said he was testing it outside of what they originally planned its capabilities to be sure and he said it was working right he said he's so that was from his phone at a hotel and he was 8,000 miles away and was still working I would assume that yes and well in LA we had terrible oh yeah service everywhere not service but Internet but our phones were fine yeah and I would assume that in places like LA your cell tower service is better than oh yeah yeah be your swamp a 12 cell town I think it all depends on where you live too right I mean if you get in dense areas you're gonna have better phone covers than you are if you're way out yeah I mean my phone gets like it gets really fast up down on I have t-mobile yeah and I'm really I have really strong signals here and I've done that I've played I've played halo PvP matches with my phone and that was several years ago I would assume that oh it's improved and I mean with five g's expanded everywhere to your your speeds are gonna increase it's kind of perfect timing like I think makes spicy you mentioned it Gaming is literally pushing no gaming forwards everything you know pushing everything forward so with those speeds yeah black tonight I think I don't from our experience anyways I don't think it's gonna be an issue I think that it's built for that I mean you got to think google stadia is planning on that as well Google stadia really couldn't like if if you could not work from data and you were dependent on Wi-Fi Wi-Fi is so unpredictable depending on what building you're in how their Wi-Fi setup what their permissions are you couldn't depend on that so Google stadia would not launch their sole platform is streaming you know what I mean so it's not a gimmick they I don't think they'd launch a gimmick can I ask you a question yeah I would think yeah well I'm just curious what you guys think cuz I have my own thoughts on it do you think it's a do you think it's a mistake for Google stated to only start out on pixels no not at all I think I mean cuz how many people have first of all the pixel phone is super nice but it's also flagship priced oh yeah well and I think that that's they're they're they're using that as a marketing ploy so you're you're basically causing a you're preventing a lot of people from launching with your product by making the price sure but it's only basically it's only on it for me but here's my thing is you're your new player in the game right like you have Microsoft Sony and Nintendo right doing their thing and you're coming in and then you're only letting certain people play your product right so they feel like they just they just said at launch and then it will expand and I don't think they're playing on cell phones being their big one I think they're playing playing on PCs at home like I think they're you mean TVs or they're playing on a PC on PC at home in their Chrome browser right or on a laptop in their Chrome browser I think that's where they envision how long till that and the most of most of their players or or like you said on their TV with because you when you when your pre-order you get the crew the chrome I forget what it's called chromecast chromecast the new updated chromecast you get a controller and then that will enable you to jump into their service so no I think I don't think they're planning on cell phone service being their number one place that people play no no I get that but I just I I don't know I just I mean maybe it's maybe it's I'm not a business person no I just I think why is let me Google you're you're already new to the game so people it's already kind of like well am I gonna go with X cloud or am I gonna go with Google sell if i if i'm google cloud if I'm in charge of Google cloud or not Google cloud Google stadia I look at previous models of people have jumped into the industry and I say we're planning on sinking and losing money in this until we hit it big like gaming is a billion-dollar industry but I would I would I would argue the opposite side as far as their moves to forward because this is a move I think that is a bad move I don't I don't agree with it but it's not full lunch so I think cuz it's a beta so your beta testing so there's gonna be issues so why not beta tests on your most on your flagship phone flagship phone where there's no bloatware or anything so you don't have to deal with that you own it in and then there's no bloatware that you don't you don't approve up right yeah so so hold it in there use that for beta and then bring it out once you've got that perfected but that's my question you got Microsoft who's coming in a month or well no no doubt I think what you're I think that the core of your question and allowing everyone is they're at a huge disadvantage to everybody Sony I mean Sony let's say Sony comes late to the game was streaming ah Sony's got a huge advantage over Google because Sony's got okay you got established clientele you are not your brand is there with gaming you've got internet already you've got friends on your system you've got your exclusive games already you've got exclusive IPS that people know about and love it's that's a hard hard market to break into that's why I'm curious about Google because not only are they launching only on the pixel right for however long I don't know how much it's gonna be right but in chat they're talking about Sega's not cross playing with PC either well no so there's a little bit of misnomer on that they're not cross playing with PC at at first that's up to that was a developer decision with destiny particularly destiny said they will eventually they want to bring it eventually just right now they're not I just think that is a mistake - yes I just think it's a bad move I really their beta is a bad move they're doing they're using the same marketing thing they did for Google glass which failed because the price point was too high and I do then it was a beta yeah and I do think that's a fair the biggest concern is that Google starts all of these huge projects with a the Maui high-priced beta yeah I don't I know I think it's a bad move i but they're they're they're betas not high priced what the Google's 120 bucks you get a controller that you can use anywhere and you get chromecast which that's the price of I was just the price alone oh the phone oh I see I see the same eye it has the same vibe as the Google glass well marketing but again I don't think their main I bet you they run the numbers and I think that plane on a phone is like for people like especially in beta it's all gonna be they're planning on it being at home well that's what's great about cloud with their chromecast is having it on a train having it on a bus having it wherever you want that's that's that it's cloud putting you but it's a beta so that so they're not it's not a full release so you say well like for instance it's a it's basically it's essentially a closed beta that's what it is it's a closed beta for what net net so say it's a closed beta nodes a it's a public beta on our on our highly priced Hardware well it is a open C you guys are looking at it as just one uh know that it's not only on phones it's on that's not me and browsers and everything what my console is your consoles not a browser browser I know but it's where my TV is yeah yeah but that but I mean or my pete or if it's on my pc that's where my games are - I'm just saying the the easy entry level is where I already have my equipment well that's what well I think that's the thing it just illustrates how difficult it is to break into the gaming market like Google has an uphill battle I think where they have an advantage is with YouTube like it seamlessly we working with YouTube recording it wasn't 4k 60 frames publishing the media to YouTube stuff like that for creators I think that they have a huge advantage there I kind of disagree what I mean I think that they have to you know use what they have I mean it's a great idea sure but when you have it so easy to upload stuff it's just gonna get noisier and noisier and the people that are gonna rise to the top are the kind of people that gonna be the people that actually prepare their content oh right yeah I think by just having a quick upload thing it doesn't help anybody well as a quicksave so you could save it as a video and then download that 4k right so it's perfectly captured you don't have to have a super powerful PC in order to do that and they did it from there yeah yeah I just think the content creators that are actually making money won't you join me I think I think they're really emphasizing their Google gaming is where the YouTube gaming as well because that's a big I think it's a really cool product and I'm not trying to you know degrade from that I'm just thinking that I don't I don't really think that it's a smart move to do what Jordan my core question was do you think it's a mistake for Google who's coming a month after X cloud to only release 2 pixel well yeah and I think I think X cloud I think there's I think X cloud Google pre preemptively struck right they they came in and said a week before Microsoft boom here you go suck at Microsoft Microsoft said here's a month before you release ya at Google right yeah we were gonna release I really think that that's what happened they're like you want to be first to market well what I really have an uphill battle what I like because we got we were in Fan Fest and what Phil Spencer said behind closed doors was really funny where he was a lot he joked about it he's a very you know he's a very polite person but he said that Google said they were at e3 and he's like no you weren't you were week before e3 no word III now why I think that's what it is I think there's a lot of gaming ship there I think there's a lot of business moves happening with that I mean regardless it does a little straight how difficult it is to break in to the gaming the gaming scene yeah well I I don't I mean if it wasn't for Halo Xbox would not I think it's a cool product but I don't think they're the only game in town and I I don't think that using the Google glass marketing team to do it is a good idea yeah I know that's just that's just my thoughts on it I hope it it I hope it works I hope it I hope we get another player in the gaming world just to spice things up and make improvements all around the board and I think this is the future and I've said it before I think the next five years gaming is gonna completely change and I think this is a part of that right that's like a competition is bringing it at bring it back I think I think Microsoft has been talking about streaming for a long I'm they've been talking about games as service they have games of service implemented Microsoft is just set up to hit the ground running I like that and I think it's gonna be hard to beat them you know what Microsoft did that was so smart everybody that has an Xbox has your own personal X server also that's a bonus just out of just added let's just say safety numbers here there's 20 million cloud members right there yeah you at least have 20 million consoles out there yeah it's it's just it's just gonna be interesting to see I'm really excited really excited to see whether they're speaking that phil spencer had an interview earlier this week and i can't remember where the interview was given but he talked a lot about in in the interview they asked him about like what why does it seem that Xboxes first party games have diminished in quality a little bit like they just they worked at the level for instance his playstation 4 and he talked a lot about like what stuck out him to what stuck out to him the most about III was the games that they didn't show at e3 on stage and by that he meant we didn't have that big of a library we didn't have that big of a studio president of first party games that we we were we were scrambling he said that microsoft if they had to hit their deadlines in order to show that game at e3 he says now we've got a big enough library that i he said this he says i don't need to show every game that we're producing just to hit some kind of fake rating number on a three he said oh but that was a bit he said what about the games that exclusive yeah he said what about he said I'm really excited about what turn 10 is doing taking that year off for four is that they you we need to give them time I think Sony followed that model with god of world it took a long time for good god award or release right and make sure you get it right you get it perfect and I think Microsoft has learned and is and is definitely doing that and they have a catalog now he says he's really excite about what playground playground games is doing with what's rumored to be fable I he did say fable but he said what they're working on right so they they didn't have to show off their whole library and it was interesting I feel like they're really focused they're really set up it's it's it's exciting times super exciting time school dead that was a good interview yeah great question Black Knight thank you very much for writing it that does us for today guys summer it's here gaming game it up game with your friends yeah there's really not a lot of games I'm interested in until September I was looking at the list sure dude then you have like six straight then is losing your life because you got the end of this year yet gears and such they have all those oh one and then yeah starting in March April May I don't know my eyes are gonna explode I I don't know what I'm gonna do there's say start saving now people save your body down so yeah be smiling later what I just I've been game releases do just do game releases quarter 1 of 2020 holy crap but some of them will probably be delayed by looking at well no these are all the ones that have been delayed well when does Ghost Recon breakpoint that's one that enjoys this year I enjoyed that fall so this this year you got gears you got your force on and then you have Borderlands 3 so you got 4 big ones right there dude outer world and zoom eternal you got doom eternal as well and then Star Wars oh and then outer worlds so outer worlds is 2020 No October 15 2019 I thought they said 2020 that was this fall as well Oh Star Wars Jedi that's October as well right when's Ori coming out the new well that's November Star Wars is November oh my goodness dude I would say Ori was the biggest most pleasant surprise like those big boss fights that they showed off they were scary looks like so good Ori is just as 2020 19 so by the end of this year you know you're probably looking at Christmas time for that doom eternal I think it's October right is doom eternal no it's November as well oh my goodness just those four games alone Ghost Recon outer worlds Star Wars doom Borderlands 3 yet borderline series coming out this year Borderlands 3 is September 13th then here's four here's oh there's no there's five is September 10th that's gonna be a rough week what do you pick what do you play what do you do I think you got three days to be myself I got a go board Lance you could read the campaign in three days the campaign's usually all gears yeah no doubt yeah but I'm gonna get distracted by Playboy and horde mode Oh super fun then you got a new Call of Duty that looks new Wolfenstein game the end of this year too often Stein Youngblood Youngblood no not Youngblood no yeah it's Youngblood thirties right there I don't see it it's your players twin his twin daughters so basically summer from what I'm getting from chat and our chat here some before the storm summer is the backlog this is where you play your game pass backlogs backlog something this is where you play here game Madden comes out in the summer so I'll be playing that but yeah you played that at e3 knows a good time yeah I watched yeah you played that instead of meeting Phil Spencer right yeah I was but you're in a game man where you are in a competitive game he won that's sure if he would have lost it would have been a difference everybody won yep anyone handle it I was watching you it was good wait no you weren't you met Phil Spencer and then I went and found Dave why did we split up afterwards Oh cuz you were like the halo signing oh he was right and then David went somewhere and I I lost my sunglasses find him no oh those were your wife's those are my expensive sunglasses yeah they were unisex glasses so I wasn't girly okay okay they were still your wife's though and I had to buy her a new pair expensive it was my fun money that had wasn't one of those things where you were unpacking she's like oh yeah where's my sunglasses oh I walked home and I gave her a hug and I told her you gotta you just gotta rip off the band-aid did you buy new ones yet I did yeah he said they're really expensive the new ones are really important she was like good I didn't watch see really she's like yes when I when I feel bad I I go the distance make me feel good I gotta make you feel bad yeah I got it what have you done to me in my life mark you made fun of my computer I need a new one did I make fun of your computer well nuts cuz that computer sucks look at it now you that made me feel really bad alright I'll buy the new one computer guys hey thank you very much have a great week we love doing this [Laughter] we'll be back next week at our regular time if you haven't yet please head over to iTunes rate review and subscribe to us there that really helps us we're almost the 400 reviews on iTunes are you serious yeah thank you everybody yeah yeah that that really helps also if share us with your friends that's that's a good way especially if you're laying on the beach Kenan it's really good way to do shares with your friends how I share I don't share mud nah that was a really awkward outro [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]