Podcast 266: Is Forza & Lego a Good Match?

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Forza Lego Speed Champions is here and we had a chance to play it extensively. Is it a good DLC? Is the Lego/Forza partnership good? What other DLC would we like to see? As always it's a great time talking all things gaming with the most positive gaming community on the planet. If you love the Xbox Game Pass or Xbox Game Pass for PC then this is the show for you! 

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[Music] welcome everybody to the excellent bros this is your positive gaming and Xbox one communalism press those buttons hey you almost did not press umm I think we're having mixer seems to be where do we do this live every week on mixer everybody seems to be having an issues today I don't know why I don't think it's us I think it's mixer mixer all that even this morning it was having issues so for everybody watching live just be patient turn off the FTL button and usually that fix it but sometimes it doesn't those people that can't hear us because they don't have the video video for ya everybody in chat can do that welcome everybody thank you very much for joining us it's been another fantastic week we love doing this show we look forward to every single Friday and regretted to come together have fun talk games as always I'm joined by the bros dx1 bros first and foremost it's mr. make some I see I had it mister mister I see do it really good next it's Jordan hello Jordan hi and I'm x1 hi x1aa guys Forza Lego championship speed racing yeah is here it is upon us uh-huh I had a chance to jump in and play it and live up to like the Hot Wheels hype I think it's better I prefer this Hot Wheels and Hot Wheels was a blast it's a different it's a different focus though in all fairness Hot Wheels was more PvP in my opinion like playing with your friends yeah this is more of just a regular campaign PvE campaign but in a lego universe so much fun though so much fun they I have a everything is often awesome radio station you can turn everything if you'd like as you're driving around though you run in and overall Lego stuff the entire world is Legos and it's so satisfying you know when you're playing the Lego games and you have that like crunchy satisfying feel of breaking the Legos apart and collecting them yeah put that in four so now usually it's a it's my wife punching me and have you uh I've the part I'm really excited about is the brick collecting and building your own home house have you gotten into any of that yeah they have that's actually what makes that one of the coolest parts is you gotta do different tasks to get different Lego bricks and then eventually a build your house for you super fun I just think it's really well done the driving in every force game is superb like just on point there's no mistake that they're right oh it's whether or not the world around it lives up to that and in Lego it does I will say it's if you have stepped away from Forza horizon for a while and you've been looking to get back into it I would highly recommend getting back into Forza just for the Lego series I've I haven't done fortuna island although I heard that's really good Fortuna I have worked for toon sorry fortune Island Fortuna like it's for me for tunas for them yeah shape that's fortuitous yeah let's download bumblebee bumblebee - I do have an important question for yes give me that question you know as fun as Lego is yes is it so much fun that you can ignore the broken aspects of the game oh yeah no no it is and the reason is is because I'm not in there so the brokenness is what Jordans talking about if you're just writing it for the first for the first time we love the Forza horizon series far as horizon he was on point for my south it's one of my favorite games um some of the things that they messed up is they they brought in seasons which kind of they don't mess stuff up they're fun but it gets old waiting a week at a time to get to the next season yeah and then also the other the other criticism that we have for Forza 4 which makes it not live up to Forza horizon 3 is the leaderboard aspect of it you can't compete against each other in the leaderboard you've got to do everything inside Xbox clubs it's just not as good as it was in Forza horizon 3 um I came into Lego Legos or Forza at for Legos for tuna for tuna for tuna before tuna Legos knowing this already so I'm I'm basically ignoring it although ready for this we're still ranked 200 in the world baby really the x1 bros club good for once probably everybody kind of fell off when it was broken yeah no 200 in the world baby that's nothing it's good that's great so shake your thing we've got like 600 guys in the in the club a couple guys are still racing pretty hard it looks like so anyways the game is a blast I highly recommend it I really do it's I don't know how much the expansion is because I purchased the we purchased the Ultimate Edition that comes with all the expansions I would say it's $14.99 no expansion is actually buy I do have one criticism of this probably thirty there are only three Lego vehicles to choose from and then there's Riley there's an extra one I hear that's a barn find that I've yet why I don't play why didn't they turn them all into Lego vehicles yeah that is and then you're racing with regular cars in a Lego world that's a little bit jarring but I'm telling you the races the race design guy Larry the stuff guy at Forza just nailed it with the races it's not bad at all the speed championships Oh Piper said they and Chet - I love it but see proof I I love it I think it's I think it's really good I highly recommend it go pick it up guys it's it's just super fun and everything is awesome in the Lego world and it really is everything I don't know how long I could stand listening I mean I just have the radio off when you turn it off or do they still have a turn on occasional oh yeah well so anytime you anytime you're like at the end of a race it has its end of the race song but when you're in a race and everything it's off so as long as you turn it off okay just left on that d-pad or right on the d-pad sorry mom yeah Forza resin and the recommend I think orsa and what so forces so far has has linked up with toys they had Battelle right with Hot Wheels they have Legos what no just Hot Wheels yeah Mattel huh who's next who's next what would be a good toy company to link up for the next Forza horizon DLC toy company yeah cuz that's what they've done they did Hot Wheels and then they Hasbro try was just about to say a Transformers bro what do you do just make your cars transformers transformer cars yeah I surround dude you fight the Decepticons what do you mean what do you mean yeah that could be a PvP one like where you like battle right out the battle royale with cars they already have they have some of those modes in their death race do you know how cool that would be to be Optimus Prime racing well maybe he probably won't be the fastest car in the you know but he can pull out his sword and that would be awesome they'll be so PvP races with with with transformers yeah I would dig that wouldn't you wouldn't you yes I would I would probably dollars yeah I believe that would be a good price point to buy that that's a good one anything you are you think anything else Barbie Barbie would be cool toy story toy story would be car be well Barbie well I guess it's Barbie Mattel as well Barbie's but yeah but I'm just confused why Barbie oh no there's like less Barbie world yeah Ken kid Barbie's dream doll house Barbie and GI Joe you put those guys together yeah I Joey can see toy soldiers Oh toy soldiers okay what W II do would be awesome to our talkin Wolfenstein our dog race in hell race in hell that would be doomed cuz you know yeah we'd have spikes Forza 4 hell that's a good one anyways guys there you go Forza lego speed champions I think it's a good matchup well done thank you for doing that I want to thank my mom I thank my producer in Canada the Academy everyone involved that was a lot of production like you David for that analysis I wanna know what we literally just think I know sorry I don't know what you guys played this week make spicy what have you been plain because we haven't we haven't talked about we've been playing in a shoes the week that I was out of town so that's why did you not take your switch with you though I did i lure group oh yeah that's an Xbox game did I am loving wardrobe at the moment well I mean Xbox switch Xbox game past for PC I'm both I love war groove it's like my one of my favorite champion of war groove I'm running three simultaneous games right now and losing every one of them if anybody on shine is in one of them if anybody has war groove so the great thing about war groove if you're playing multiplayer it is turn-based and there's no time limit so you could take your time I that's what makes it so nice it's relaxing so I want to get like 50 games going with everybody if you're interested go to the strategy channel inside discord if you're in our disc or channel if you're not go join discord and go to the strategy channel and just say hey David hey out x1 Bros I want to join and I'll shoot your game code and then you can just join me there did I want to get I have three right now simultaneously it's so much fun I love that game yeah you've gotta be patient though I wish I'm pretty good at being patient in that game but last one I saw a chance to attack am i attacking I killed yeah that's called what do they call that a loss I mean so do they like bait you in did they beat you into a now I could have Richard I could have I could have I was in this no retreat mentality I could have I could have you thought you're playing civilization right yeah yeah exactly and then screwing over your neighbors that is exactly it for those of you that don't know we also have before we get on to what George of the plain we also have had a bonus episode this week if you haven't had a chance to check it out just go onto iTunes to probably download on your phone already it's the e3 special where we talked to Dark Knight and Ronan from the community who represented the x1 Bros at e3 they got to meet with developers so we had a little behind the scene talk sit down chat with them what games they liked what games they got to play their experience what developers were like and stuff like that super interesting super good interview go check it out if you haven't yet already it's a good time the bonus episode you get that by patreon no no no this is talking about sorry you that one if you want to get the bonus of so that one's coming in about a week the way it's those worlds gone wild the bonus bonobos as well bonus of the bonuses this week that's Rosie bros gone wild carwash will be the bonus episode it'll be beautiful got ghosted we're having a lot of inside jokes because we have a pre-show and then we actually talk to God I see it a little it was rated M for Mature Jordan you've been playing some halo I've been back in here I'm gonna pig right every night I've been playing a little halo 5 yeah I don't know if you guys know this but I still got it so first no no seriously first round first round I went 17 and 17 and 4 no I'm serious I get these weren't ranked it was just social because I wanted I you know dust off the rust but that was that was with rust so imagine what I can do when I dust off yeah well you've got your script I was telling mark before the show I it's like my nightly routine I like to play around or two before bed I like I feel like I wake up better in the morning does it not why are you though before bed like no no cuz like a drug he's saying no halo it's kind of that game like if he beats me he beat me for a reason you know I know it's true you can I did a lot of big like super fiesta and Fiesta mode which I never played before in Halo 5 and so a lot of those weapons I'm like I've never used this weapon before oh my goodness yeah but yes super good Titan is dreaming that early early in the week like on Sunday I did a little sea of thieves but the other game I'm playing or been trying to play is fallout 76 everything you dreamed that ever since e3 I wanted to be inspired yeah they inspired you told me you killed a guy yeah I did oh my gosh you shot him right Mikey wanted for murder yeah so can you just shoot anyone in that game how does one know so they have they have like it's it's basically a I don't want to call it like a revenge mechanic but there it it's set up in a way to where if you kill people people will know that you're a killer and you know you can avoid somebody I'll try to kill you yeah it will meet the Meerut feature me and him we're like we're cuz I'm still really early on I'm a few hours in but we're just hanging out and I shot him oh because it's the way it was your friend you show know some guy I mean we probably could have been friends but not anymore Jordan told me this story and the guy was really polite to him waved at up huh and just went mosey on her way back and then they're not it's like guns don't kill people I do boom and so I was I was actually having this conversation with Jordan Tom out or yet Tom Howard Todd Howard Tom how you know Tom Howard Todd's brother know Todd Howard at e3 when he was camp coming he went out and spoke he talked about how they built this post-apocalyptic world where anything goes and everyone's nice to each other you know I am and he was confused at that well Jordans now playing and wasn't the wrench I hadn't played I hadn't played the game yet he's been waiting for me he was like Oh to go and then just all everyone's happy dandy and then elder George shows up and then you didn't even do it to his face you did it as he ran away walked away yeah George when I murder someone I murdered them to their face you think to do that shows respect walk away you fled Red Dead Redemption with me you know I I kill people to their face yeah and I look at their eyes when I T bent them yeah make spicy might tie them up but at least he looks at their face when he does it it's fun game they're one of the best clips I actually uploaded it as a highlights to Instagram is when you to Instagram well no sorry to Klutch when you uh when you tied up VIPRE fiber who's in jet you tied him up and he was laying on the ground I shot him in the face with my shotgun oh there's so much fun that gave me so much pleasure to fight destroyed by everybody I was a guy this guy looks Purdy we should we should all play it fallout somebody say so you can get a group of four I'll go kill some like hell bats or something on random peeps and people yeah so know everybody since e3 I've been hearing a lot like hey it's a lot better now they've added a lot of stuff the patches are nice you know and they're coming out with some new stuff and they added the battle royale MO which I haven't played yet but it looks like a lot of fun watching people play so anyway I think we should all jump in together I'm down you Lola I purchased a 4 terabyte external hard drive because my other one broke oh no I had no room and it was pissing me off no I hate that so I bought one and it's glorious how much was it where'd you get just Amazon $79 that's nice how fast is the do you have now load times or any I know it's built for the Xbox 1 it's a Seagate I just plug it into the Xbox one only like it's not like a wall unit you know oh ok good good for you I'm not proud of you thank you it's nice having games again load it on your xbox yeah like Halo I had to buy it for Halo it's like a 4 terabyte game hundred well out 76 is like 60 good guys I played Red Dead this week is well let me tell you so I've been I've been streaming Red Dead playing an online playing online multiplayer killing people's fishing doing some fishing doing some card games oh can I say I channeled you spicy this morning actually I'm sitting playing poker and people are ruining the game cuz they're all just all in all the time all the weight on the first one with your you can even put your cards down so that they it's broken because they put a limit they put a $25 limit on the right yeah it's it's 3d I don't play poker on there I think it broke the game because there's no you there's no way to explain because I understand it like the five dollar limit but at 25 you're not losing enough done no hand can go over twenty-five dollars ever regardless of how many hands you have it's what they all in max is five dollars exactly and if you have five people go all-in it's 25 bucks you know you keep so you can't go past that it breaks it breaks the game well I can I can walk away with more than $25 know like per hand oh I thought I cannot get higher than that game is a lot but no it's not it's not a lot and that game it is well they should they should stay when you get 11 cents for killing one person $25 I know but I mean it's it's not it's not a lot that's like well that's well may not they'll introduce high roller high roller table they should have no limit no-limit Texas Hold give you the option for it yeah they should have lower tables and higher I think you bro do you think they're doing it for the ax-cut do you think they'll introduce this first and then eventually introduced like could it break the economy I find it that way no I think they did it so you couldn't give your money to your friends how I would suggest to not do that is don't just have a public match matchmaking doesn't allow you to play with your friend that's random and then you can have no that's not that's how the limit is right now yeah I I enjoy it but this morning two people did then they left and then the poker got real but when you go in five dollars where did you what do you do when that happens spicy you're an online poker guy you just bow you just back out or I just I just fold it every time it depends then they left cuz they're only getting like I mean it's the big blind if you get the power cards like ace ace ace king or King ace Queen then you go in then you know then you can then it's it makes sense to go in he has the people that go in all the time don't have those cards right so oh yeah it's this black friend but but that those cards happen so rarely that you just you wait them out they're gonna bust they're gonna just go to guys after about three rounds they left what see five bucks in that game is nothing yeah you know you're right you're right but I think I bet you they bring it eventually because Grand Theft Auto just announced that they're bringing that there casino is coming soon day now state what is the casino called I forget but the casinos coming to Grand Theft Auto online then they have gaming yeah I put a car they do it the same way then I'm not gonna play it like it's just Grand Theft Donald's wild man yeah well they won't do it the same way team a that's tbh that's that's the wild to the alpha - yeah that's a wild team they're wild men yeah I wish I wish I was so excited for it but then it's just it's a weird limit it's not even like I get pot limit it's not pot limit it's just an auto what's pot limit explain I don't you can never go above the pot so I can't so like if the pot was a dollar the pot can keep gray yeah so like if the positive dollar after round one I can go mad all in on a dollar yeah yeah okay I see what you said yeah yeah like that I like that that's a good way to manage it just do that I bet you prediction by the way they are red red redemptions support online support like every couple days something's coming now Mike you know every time I log in I eat gold bars for who yes it's it's ramping up you can see it ramping up it's still is it still it's still in beta I think no no they really they fully really done it just a few weeks ago then right anyways I bet you they do bring that as an option because I think they see how popular it is cuz every time I go in I get a full table immediately my favorite format is preflop pot limit post flop No Limit so what so it prevents all ends until you see that cards and then you go okay that's my favorite that that's the that's by far the best in my opinion that is we fought no preflop pot limit post flop where you see the flop the three cards right yeah then you can do whatever you want that's it prevents everybody so if you just had if you had a toy because it's $25 buy-in right and so you would have tables with higher buy-ins essentially yeah yeah yeah just you're like prominent poker does they have they have $5 buy-ins $10 buy-ins $20 binds $5,000 binds 10,000 after I think million dollar buy ins so to be clear this is not the single player her single-player poker in that game is normal poker this is the online poker that we're talking about in Red Dead Redemption - yeah I bet you that comes they've they're really supported and I think poker is huge for them like everybody I'm telling you every single time the world can be empty and I go into a saloon join boom full table one second but I think that the people sitting there aren't actually playing I think once you hit join it takes you in a matchmaking no that's what I'm saying when I hit join boom full table hands down like it's never you're never waiting for people or anything I really wish it wasn't the way that it was yeah I love well and what sucked what sucked when we went to play we had a bunch of people online and we went to do our own table in our posse and we could only do five five dollars was the entire buy-in yeah so that was pitiful anyways yeah if it if it's if they fix that then I'd be that's the only thing I'd play anyways I was what I was saying is I've been playing a lot of online but I'm going for 100% on this game again and achievements I'm starting over from the beginning I from the beginning although I will have to do a submission so I'm thinking of starting over because there's some things that I want to go back and do but I was just sat down I put my headphones on no streaming no multiplayer that game when you're by yourself I went on a lake I was fishing I was trying to get the the northern pike because it achieve mints I got him I got him by the way he put up and put up a good fight talk about ten minutes but I haven't really been in trophy fish nice job that game is awesome that world the atmosphere in these headphones because I didn't have these headphones when we had that game first did you play it in 4k as well 4k HDR nice dude it was beautiful I loved that game and it's nice to sit back relax and do nothing you know do whatever you want fish fishing games is excellent it is actually even really like the the dumb minigame in stardew valley fishing oh yeah i really play those was it bass hunter like I played the one there's like the you had the thing and you could oh you had the little fishing pole you had that one yeah you were a rich kid wasn't me it was my friend yeah he also had a pool thing one jacuzzi so we've got it's the friend you want we would play pool while fishing and in the jacuzzi at the same time constants that's pretty awesome it any was really into WWF at the time when this was like when the rock was at his prime and in Triple H when they Rock Monday night robbers Dannette smack so we would but he would buy because he was rich he would buy the pay-per-views and we would just watch it playing pool fishing and sitting in the jacuzzi that sounds like a really good time I did a summers of my life that's a that's a yeah that's good yeah with that shit how old are you ah as this was from like junior high all the way through high school yeah it's good no responsibilities no no and then he lived on a private golf course holy cow who is this guy he now lives in Tennessee and so we would go he also had a Bowflex right next to his pool table so we would lift Wow while doing all of this we'd be getting swole like it was the most effective summers of my life they still have Bowflex commercials I feel like I used to see him all the time I don't see him anymore I don't know but see they have different Bo fluxes now I like the Bowflex with the like he had the one with like the tension rods the ones on the original low they would bow and flex why so why'd they stop making those I think they still do I just think it's like a specific model and it's not very good no one bow flexes anymore that buff looks all the time there's so many things I would wanted to say right there but I'm not going to say all right Joe on the road Jordan tell us what's happening in the world that is xbox one this week we have more games coming to game pass there's some big ones that does now include the PC game as well can I say wait I've been playing more PC games than I have in a while because of PC games did you download impure impair Toyota Imperator roam and football manager oh and Wargrave let me tell you when I work from home I'm doing stuff at home war groove on my one screen I got my other two screens up a like ah I didn't even think your play about playing war groove on my computer PC game pause op dude and then we can be played let's throw up like four simultaneous matches well what's interesting is you can have a game going on your switch your Xbox and your PC all at the same time well no I just go I just hit the back button and like when I can I stay in the view and it shows all my matches and it'll tell me your turn on this map but it would be cooler if you had the money that would be I guess that would be cool I think it'd be cool thank you you're stupid yeah anyway so we got more games back off man hey Jordan we got we got Morgan it's coming to game past so Resident Evil revelation coming to the console on game pass which is fantastic big one here big one rare replay come yes rare replay coming to game pass on the console torment tides of new mariya coming to game pass on the PC I own that part I own that game and we got goat simulator coming to the PC and the Xbox which is fantastic dude rare line play that's that's a big that's a big game a lot of good games hey do you guys ever ask yourselves what wonder I wonder who's gonna be in the new Marvel game always yeah always they have confirmed some characters so far you know what that means that means that means there might be more that means so of course we got the heavy hitters by Captain America and Iron Man we got Black Widow Thor Hulk and Thor Thor boom we got Thor we also got ant-man's the fat Thor or good or strong thoughts are never gonna do fat door again thank you only in cosplay that's the only time we're gonna see fat Thor's cosplay Thoris cosplay cosplay that's acceptable because the talent that goes into creating that costume well done we so we got whatever I think I don't even have to bring his hammer he just needs a beer out of control earth or an ant-man then we also have task mass task master that's a good one I know her the abomination Hawkeye nice oh wait wait sorry so sorry it's upset abomination so Hawkeye is it confirmed yet I thought so I teased you I'm sorry anyway yeah those are the confirmed ones for and yes it does look like a good Thor now I've been hearing I've been seen online some people are upset that they don't look like their movie counterparts I think that's a good thing yeah they're more they're more the comic character it's their own story they said it's their own storyline yeah I don't need them to look like the movie coming are you doing online online strike stripped away wide web no I've seen a few comments about it and I just wanted to get your guys's thoughts and impressions think about when they invented the world wide web they were like the guys that came up with the terminology world wide web they were probably like world and then one guy was like why'd the third guy was like web got it nailed it that's probably and they thought it was correct and now no one even probably like kids don't know that that's what www stands for world wide web mmm what does gov stand for do you know if you know well the government edu education up is there's a door org organization what's GG tadaka gain that's what we turned it into but I believe it's an island down like the Bermuda Triangle GUI decides a paper you see in Dominican Republic people are dying people in their hotels like tourists they're just waking up dying waking up if they're dead well I mean people are waking up and find out your story full holes big hole there why did you make wrong time the way you turned the subject like that and look no you're making me sound like an a-hole it's like the ultimate trol I'm like oh like you were starting to tell a joke I know I thought it was like they're dying alright so okay you want to talk about that story or should we just move on like I don't like is it like carbon dioxide I don't know they don't know oxide monoxide I don't know you guys are both throwing out words I don't understand well carbon monoxide yeah it's like killer yeah yeah you can't smell it you don't know what's there is it the cartels no I don't think there's cartels in the dominican republic it's an island oh no no it's not they're just like Ryan Phil they're just waking up they're just they're just dead they go to bed at night and the next morning they're still in their bed but they're dead well who's cooking that would be my first question who's cooking yeah well but not everybody what do you do what shoes do they wear I know you eat dinner and then you go to bed I so you know that's that would be my first question check the chef's like they're being poisoned you guys never watched the movie clue that's good I think it was and then a real ending yeah well how they did it originally from what I understand is in the theater when it released they added a different ending every week so people would go see the movie multiple times and they'd make more money and then now the yep those Parker Brothers man would anything else change in the movie or just the ending like like different don't watch the movie yeah come on you have okay I have it on my staff reading about the Dominican Republic I have that movie and watch clue it's really good see see I'm not wrong passive potato says they had they had drinks from a lot of them are drinking so something's in alcohol there what did I just say I should be a chef yeah you did not say bartender it isn't you know they're all in alcohol they're all under the same category you pour I mean they're all the cooking staff it would have sent me down there I would it would have been over already you would have straighten him up a strainer right it would I made sure that they had no fire departments and certain sections of the town yeah you would have put a built a wall around that hotel hey don't even want these or City skylines would have been safe moving on halo halo Infinite check this out so halo infinite scumming yes next year we saw a cool little trailer for it at e3 it is coming to PC and Xbox but three four three has announced that the beta test the beta test will come they're gonna be known as flights okay I'm gonna be a hundred cent honest I really love two three four three industry but why are we calling them flights I'm just very confused just call it a beta test for what what are we trying to call the beta test flights for what for halo no their flight tests their flight testing it well that makes sense maybe they all make sense to you guys what is called a beta test well because they're doing a flight test you know how right before like you have a pre-flight stuff making sure things work yeah makes sense to me okay maybe I was wrong then I apologize to three further ranges thank you David I don't that's stupid okay you're stupid we're I'm flying a plane here we're playing a game beta your pre-flight testing you're just like okay these dolls work these dials work that's what they're doing no it's probably not a beta they're just testing the dials okay I can accept that but isn't that what now you apologize isn't that whatever means I don't they say pH testing isn't that what beta means though no beta means that they're it's not the final build and so there's pretty sure the flights are doing some with the knobs not that I'm upset I realize there's knobs I'm okay with them calling it a flight they I not I I'm not upset with her for industries I was just really confused on why they call it flights and I just you know Gaeta trying to be unique there's a so in graphic design you do pre flights they call it pre-flight stuff you flights then pretty flights yeah see that would make more sense yeah instead of flights cuz flights you're in the air if my let's check in the plane after we took off I don't think you should be a pilot or should that be it plane maybe we'll check it on the road is the tank full it's full okay let's go can you imagine I can I do it I didn't all the time when I played flight simulator which now we can do because that's coming speaking of pilots when we were coming back from e3 we there was a smokin'-hot pilot that tell you what you say what you said I'm gonna say what I said it was can we explain cuz we explain better you do the punch lines in a weird way just for the record I was watching the Nintendo conference while this was happening third yes I've never seen an airline pilot no it's like old guys right she was smoking hot she was away hot like a like Baywatch head leans over he doesn't even whisper I do not trust my life to someone that hot no not people don't have jobs that involve safety okay I'm sorry also then to find out I'm sitting there cuz I have the N row and I'm watching and here she comes in whoa and we have two guy pilots of course and she's sitting right in the middle I don't want that what kind of distraction is that one guys trying to catch you know sneak sneak a look and we fly into a mountain that's why you have the pre-flight so you can check all the knobs no she was shit I have never seen up like yeah she why did you say you said hot people yeah hot people y'all have safety jobs that's why they're hot I think he wanted to start another riot now you're pretty lilacs everybody was loud yeah it was pretty loud and you're like and you were legitimately upset I don't trust my life to someone that hard you should people don't have safety jobs because they're hot they don't need it they don't eat it huh person has been able to just cruise through life on their looks they haven't had to work to be safe like a hot life like that's why Baywatch is fake because there is milk go to the beach there's no lifeguard that looks like that he said you give me a fat holding guy I trust that guy for my pay yeah that's a fellow he's there for me you know he's there because his whole life he's just been had some weird fetish with plates but he knows how to fly that plane he has climbed that ladder climb that ladder before our reason he didn't get by by his looks he got by by his skill yeah okay it was you did make a good point I think I did I mean I was kind of coming honest I had never been nervous on the plane until you said that yeah God she is this is Delta Airlines everybody hardest pilot I've ever seen like seriously I was blown away like not just like oh yeah there's an attractive person you know what I mean it was like she was unicorn status it was like is there sport is there Sports Illustrated shoot because she was just standing there in like her pilot's uniform my gosh it wasn't just standing there she was leaning back like that like a fan blowing air like with a hat on and so I'm like is I never seen is there a bachelor party what was happy does she have cuffs what's going on here what's her rank no she was legit the pot good for her but holy crap i standing a put her on the front cover you will Celtic it's gotta be on that safety video that they show you give me that you want people to pay attention to where the exits are in the plane you put her up there I'm telling you she looked like a young Pamela Anderson like that is like a she was that level of hotness she should not have been flying that so the beta or the flights on their flight they they will be coming and they will be coming to pee our to xbox first and then to PC later so if you have an Xbox good on you because you'll get the flight or the beta first also they talked about split screen and split screen is returning and halo influent infinite it will be the game and they also talked about LAN as well all LAN parties well like you'll have bailed yeah yes Oh correct with split-screen that'd be cool halo Infinite will support LAN Oh which for those that don't know stands for local area we could have kids don't know what that LAN party what a halo infinite x1 Bros LAN party that would be cool a barbershop Oh that'd be great my truck and drop I'm out maybe we can invite that pile of gg what maybe we can invite that pilot one of those parties that's my kind of LAN party yes a LAN LAN will be supported and he got that job for a reason Joshy I mean I don't know it's probably shooting a commercial somewhere or something yeah yeah yeah anyway moving on to gears five another fantastic game that'll be coming out this why you looking at my computer screen you have it right there oh I do I don't and I look at your video you have a rigid it's just you really came over into my computer screen so here's 5 another game coming out this this fall free DLC maps no season pass and wait I would like to clarify something before we go on here if it was a superhot model pilot man a male pilot that was super hot same thing goes I don't want him distracting the stewardesses and like crashing us at no Brad Pitt shouldn't be flying a plane ugly people should be pilots or in positions of safety or in positions of power movie not speaking of the power nice five years five is gonna have free DLC maps no season pass and for those of you that like the loot boxes no random loot bottom boxes boom gars is nailing it nailing it and I am actually excited for this escape mode that we dominated dominated positions of power look at us we can be we're allowed no I'm just really impressed with us that we came in the line dislike oh we rocked it baby I think she because she tried it she started explaining the game to us and I really felt like we weren't paying attention she said oh yeah and then we just won and she was like oh here's here's a bed that is something that was surprising to me about the fan fest III as I assume if you're at fan fest you're a fan of X of X Box like you've played it you're a die-hard fan you're like next-level Spanish fandom right okay it really surprised me how many people at on the different games that I got to try out and play and then we played with other people didn't know how to play games right like I did write a play but I feel like I feel like I feel like I could drop spicy into any game not explain what's going on and he can figure out the controls in 30 seconds yeah right and same with with any one of us I was really surprised I was there was a couple people that I saw plane and that I got a chance to play with super nice people never mind enjoyed their games remember they the Xbox fan fest could bring better and I think that that's what it was there was a lot of friends there that like oh this is cool but it was like their first time playing games that's great good for them but I thought it would be more they're just you know just taking it slow yeah you know testing things reporting back to their people yeah that's true maybe no but I mean I saw some like definite like here's how you play here's what you do you know what I mean no I just thought that was funny like we went in she explained and we were already like playing the game and then we were talking about bleeding-edge no no Gears of War oh yeah yeah she's explaining the game to us she's really nice and then she was like oh crap you guys are done let me go get your pins yeah cuz we just dominated because we were really excited for that game-mode a skier a finely-tuned working machine did we just there's like years what maybe we don't even need to communicate to communicate I think you made the comment babies cuz we play together all the time so we just oh yeah you're already oiled up and because other people I think it was fitzy maybe that just had mentioned that in Gears he didn't even get through the mission because people people didn't know what to do or they but it's pretty clear when there's a gas green smoke coming towards you which during that you're right though I think there was a lot of friends of gamers their wives spouses probably other way that some people could go you better take me okay I'll take you I'll take you know us Angeles take it la ya de la la land that's what I that's what I think flying Delta we're fine Delta because I don't finish it's a my candy anyway so yeah free Maps no season pass and no random blue boxes which is fantastic another big story every time I like I Star Wars man battlefront they're just doing it they're doing it are good yes yes so I heard Larry the Larry the stuff so anyway they're coming out with new stuff which is cool they're coming out with the droidekas yeah but they're the rolling ones with the shield's massive asteroid draw because and then they go and run away yeah where are those droidekas where are those okay they are no match for droidekas wow that's good it's on point because there's accents the way okay guys that was a bit funniest part of the whole movie just so you know why cuz the way he was like if you ever watch those movies it is actually a good time because the the Guido guy that guy is funny what guy Guido the our main guy and his the first one he goes to you're not gonna like even just sitting there he's just like it was great communication through grunts so anyway what are the odds that the the only place that they like the one place I go it's the only Nubian super generator thing that they know there's some luck in the Jedi maybe the force led them there well the medic ourian's were on par if you if you go back like the story is iffy but the characters design like if you really analyze it was racist because we walked everything about him was just wrong in a galaxy far far away with billions of stars and planets I think that there's going to be one racist the character design cuz like you got it like you're sitting in a meeting and they're like that's what if we have a race that just talks by motorboating the whole time that was hilarious the character design seriously is on points if you if you watch those they're really I think they added every accent this world has ever known in that one movie like every character is just oh it's pretty good everyone's represented yeah alien alien representation it was great it was really good okay new Star Wars yeah so Star Wars they're adding some new stuff which is really cool so they're adding the droidekas which are the Rolly droids I'm sorry this is not the new stars this is battlefront two gets involved without the Bosch one star wars that was a that was a good thing for me Jordan I enjoy the run here at this like if Yuri watch it just specifically for the characters you'll have a good time I mean it's on point character yeah it really is anyway battlefront 2 more content yeah battlefront 2 they're coming out with new stuff so they have the joy because which it basically these are new like you know how you spend your points to get the upgraded characters and stuff like that this is these are those right so the Droid ëcoz r1 which are cool you can roll around to go really fast you can transform into the little beetle that they become a Lego you can shoot guns you have the shield just just like in the movies they're really powerful during the trailer they were like ripping clones to pieces man you felt bad for the other team but it looked pretty cool so also on the Galactic Republic side you have the TX 130 tank from the Clone Wars and that thing just hovers out with power you can just blow people to pieces also look really cool and they also teased some new maps one being Felucia oh yeah Felucia yeah what is that if those of you that don't know in the third one it's the one where the twi'lek Jedi they just shot the crap out of her that was Felucia yeah the green girl yeah the green girl yeah yeah and they like kept shooting her like they really wanna I don't think that was order 66 I think they just didn't like I think they were sending a message there's also not mess with the stormtroopers there also is new skins for Anakin Skywalker and the 212th recon division for the the troopers and the 41st Scout battalion troopers outfit as well that's the one kind of like on what planet was that the was it no no what planet were they on with the Ewoks a little teddy bear people you know how they had a door door those outfits are the the recon division outfits I actually yeah and they're kind of in the trailer it looks like they kind of had like a camouflaged look to it so cool anyway new stuff coming to you knew safari out and then what they teased was Felucia coming later which is really cool we should uh we should try and play Star Wars she she was a hot Jedi if you if you're into green she wasn't she blue what she blue I think she wasn't off like a bluish green tint I just remember more of her they killed it they killed her off way too fast Felix you know because she was hot the right way you don't want a hot Jedi yeah it was ugly Luke why do you think Darth Vader has a mask that's his power you see when that mask comes off they got into positions of power on their merit alone his skill with the dark side of the force paramount excellent yeah last story of the week Microsoft reportedly sober scrapping plans for one of the next you have a la carte one of the next-gen Xbox consoles yes really interesting so basically so originally for the last couple while we've heard rumors about both Lockhart and Scarlett that both would be want launching the theory was that one was less powerful like an entry level maybe a streaming box device and the other one was obviously like your Scorpio your your time most powerful console in the world it seems that now one has been completely scrubbed Phil Spencer claims that the Lockhart was actually the diskless one that was being spoken of but when you look back at comments and a lot of people are bringing this up it doesn't that's definitely not what's being alluded to the theory is that Microsoft has analyzed it and looked at it and said they probably shouldn't launch to two consoles at the same time that just focusing on one is probably better for business so I like that - I'd rather than be focused on one one unit right but if you look at the way they're setting themselves up you really don't need to you don't need one for the lesser you know the the CAD you know the hardcore gamer will buy the newest console always right yeah he's there for you and that the way wants the most power a console the the way they're setting themselves up it's a put you know if everything carries up and everything carries over the ex box one will become the lesser cut you know the current concert will become the lesser console right you know because halo-halo infinite as reported right now is gonna be you know using project scarlet right I'm assuming to its fullest yet to its fullest as right now right and it's still gonna be on the Xbox one X the the S and everything it'll just be downgraded graphics of course and stuff like that right so I know I think they're already set up like that they don't need to concentrate on for for in chances I'm predicting Lockhart in 2021 this way when even more people go digital it would be more accepted and cheaper to manufacture because the rumor was that Lockhart was for Digital streaming game you know it's your device that maybe hook up to your TV just streaming yeah maybe they're just running out of code names and they needed to save that one for later yeah I like luck you think there's a like who makes up the code name just deaf guy it's probably falls under the think it's just a dictionary and they put a page up and they play darts I can see that no just drink Lockhart okay you can pick anything like I mean you can get some weird words maybe you're right maybe it is a dictionary I hit the ACE there on the ales now yeah Lockhart and Scarlett that's how or they like just shred it up and then pull it out of a it's like an inside thing I bet you like a bitch is it some kind of inside thing yeah I think they're randomly generated or II think they have thought too at home no I think there's thought to it hey I just kind of want to ask a question since we're talking about the console cuz chat brings up a good question there they're talking about do you think the PS 5 the rumors are the PS 5 is more powerful this is where it gets interesting who announces first because when you announce you're announcing your spoil they've already announced specs yes those rumors have specs though like this is what we think it's gonna be like X Xbox they said the specs that it's even even in their presentation they talked about the specs how many teraflops is gonna be able to do yeah well they're both using AMD their telegram they're using their solid-state drives they're going to be very similar but even by the specs both specs that were released the Xbox is more powerful I don't I've not seen the rumors that the PlayStation 5 is more powerful at all by just by the specs the co station is is or the Xbox is higher here's another question for you do you think that the specs of both these new consoles the project scarlet and the PS 5 are so similar because PlayStation is using the cloud service through Microsoft no and that's why they're getting ready you know they both use the AMD chip their own proprietary you know version of the AMD I know AMD at the conference I III really focused on talking about their partnership with Microsoft and their proprietary chipsets quite heavily what do you think they do I they have to build I think a texture certainly Microsoft some I mean look at what they're able to do with backwards compatibility look what they're able to do with the the Scorpio and how much they're able get out of that because of their chip that they used right yeah and that they have it down there engineers are on top of it and I just think that they've they've tuned it in with especially with that chip it's that proprietary chip yeah is PlayStation 5 using the knobby uh yeah oh cool it's interesting but these say these are all these stories that I'm seeing are a little dated so I I'm trying to find I mean we won't know the full specs of each of them until both right we're just getting bits and pieces here and there right so but anyway I just thought that was an interesting Anakin I went alone with our new story there yeah very nice that brings us to the last portion of our show Oh baby this is the segment of our show where we take questions from the community to submit a question you can do so every week over at patreon patreon com4 slash positive gaming or x1 rose.com Ford slash support if you want to support the show that's one of the best ways to do so we are trying to go full-time and trying to expand the community your support over on patreon is unmatched wait is is I don't know if that's very valuable that's but it's unmatched in its value nailed it hashtag nailed it I don't think you can say that about your own comment I can say it about it though you did great I dropped my own mic earlier you just dropped a pen and no one else could hear it hashtag pen drop first question comes from my main man alpha build our alpha builder writes in and says what's up guys had a question about gaming being too violent what are your guys thoughts in on gaming being in the Scopes for becoming too violent he says my personal thoughts if it's not for you don't buy it games violence let's start with mr. make spicy what are your thoughts on games being too violent I'll go there I mean they I mean what we had that what was the first one that like one of the first Mortal Kombat they're working with blood right there were atari games i believe that we're trying to push the limits in the 12 pixels that they had on the screen but Mortal Kombat was like the big one that came out that's actually I believe the game that int that forced I wouldn't call it regulation but at least a rating system yeah parental rating system what sorry that's just an accomplishment like they probably have that hanging up in the road we created the ESRB no III agree 100% if it's well I and I think we're like kids or children are concerned like I think the ESRB is does a pretty good job of at least I've never seen a game that's like Eve for everyone that I'm my cool this should not be no yeah everyone you know what I mean it's not it's like I think they do a better job than movie ratings weird yeah 100 like it's it's fairly accurate Grand Theft Auto is mature because it is mature yes so I yeah no yeah I I think what's the most violent video game to date do you think well there's law but see the latest one comment it has to be the latest more I remember that's always in the top no I well let's we could say mainstream I remember seeing a discussion going on in our discord months and months ago about independent games coming out that were just terrible and they're like those the they were bad sure like that bad or like they were purposefully and know they were purposefully pushing-the-limit and very specific ways that are just wrong sure sure you know Japanese games no those are great no just end of indie developers and those games my argument to that is those games just don't sell yeah the one guy when your focus is not on game playing is instead on pushing being edgy and that's your full focus you're not creating something that people want to play missus well if you take a game to your point if you take a game like The Witcher like its maturity adds to its story right it should increases the game racer so it's a interrupted you know yeah it's fine I just those games that are pushing those limits that aren't fun but they're just meant to shock value shock value and they're poorly they're poorly built it's one person making that in a matter of like a month but it's just those games just don't sell then and the market will determine whether or not it's going to sell or not in my opinion that's just how the market works if you're disgusted you won't buy it right yeah and it will get so no I'm excluding those from this discussion though we're not mainstream games mainstream games yeah though those are those are hilarious those are gratuitous I really enjoy those fatalities like everybody this everybody in the room their eyes light up and they smile how many times that the your junk gets smashed and I mean when in the detail like even when the closing have you beat the game yet now yet no okay well I'm just gonna go ahead I'm not gonna go any story you're fine you're fine you just in the end credits they just show a bunch of things one of my favorite things I saw was a fatality were the crotch gets dropped kicked and hits so hard that the spine and head goes flying out of the body and it just it's just have you ever hit just alright you feel good have you been hit that hard I have felt like it that should happen but I mean like I'm not I'm not a messed up person I just like that I find that very soothing almost hypnotic what you played before bedtime yeah I don't I I think and and I think that all the stories and media representation over the past 30 years about game violence has all been facade and all made up and everything I know that there's a lot of studies out there that that are wrong well that actually proved the opposite point of those wasn't right the ones I disagree with they're wrong I won't study any study that doesn't agree with me year-round yeah anyways I just I think I think there's a rating system and I think I just like movies yeah I agree well I think that the gaming world has done a really good job of giving you options and then giving you information to make an a decision about what games you'd like to play like if you don't like mature games then there's plenty out there that aren't yeah if there's there's not only plenty of options but it's also easy to determine which games are in which game they're not no one's trying to fool you yeah the xbox makes it nice so you can you know protect your kids from that by not letting them play mature games great question thank you very much alpha builder for writing in next comes from mass strangler he says hey Bros messed regular here with the new consoles on the horizon I admit that it will be difficult to hold off on playing a game like cyberpunk if it is released before the Scarlett releases are there any games that you plan to hold off on plane on the new hardware to get the best experience or do you think that cross-gen will work more like Xbox x enhancements where the same version of the game will simply have the enhancements patched in after release thanks again for all you do I think cyberpunk I agree it's gonna be hard to wait there's no way there's no way I'm winning but I don't know I think it will be a lot like the xbox 1x enhancements that you'll have a game but then if you want it'll be enhanced I think I think some big developers will do that and and just make things even better if you've got the latest box I absolutely think that that's how it's gonna work no game that I'm holding off on I hold off on a game for instance like if I'm playing cyberpunk 2077 halo Infinite May is is launching so I guess I can't hold off on that cuz it's launching with it ya know game I'm holding off on then nope there's no game I would ever hold wait for ya I just want to play when the patch comes out you can always go back and see how good it looks which might get you back into the game but the patch is definitely coming that's when you release DLC you're talking to two guys me and Jordan that bought a free game 5 days early for a hundred bucks for a hundred bucks that's the play at 5 minutes to play in 5 days early wrong people to talk to you yeah we're not good no but yeah definitely I think that's a good point though that the enhancements for these games that are already out now will probably come so you can experience them in even more glory and beauty than before on the latest one great question thank you very much Mastrangelo blake jenkins writes in and says the great powerful and often mints mispronounce online squirt oh here I wanted to pose this question to help myself find something new but also for all the new players that have been joining game past with over a hundred games in the past and many of them indie games I wanted to know are each what are each of your all's favorite additions to game pads as well as the most underrated games that you've played and we're pleasantly surprised by thanks for being awesome and I'll see you guys in the post-show when I conquer the spark throne boom oh nice throwing down the hammer their online squid oh I think one game that's in-game pass that I talk about the beginning of the show war groove you should play it it's it's it's not a lot to look at it looks like it should be on the 3ds but it is almost always on 3d yes it is beautiful though I mean it's it's it's a beautiful game it's fun to play I'm addicted to it right now if you like strategy if you like turn-based strategy this is one of the best it's done by chuckle fish it's done by the guys that did stardew valley they publish started valley yeah so really it's it's a beauty i I really enjoy war groove that is on game pass it's free so check it out Jordan how about you any any games that well I think that I mean there's so many good ones on there mark pulled up a list and you kind of see it you kind of see a few like like Bioshock and and Borderlands and stuff like that right but one that one that like really stands out to me and I thought was a huge huge deal dummy Metro Exodus that's right Metro that is a big one dang I download that as well I got my new 4 terabyte external hard drive it's green there as well boom no I think that's a huge game I mean that that's awesome monster hunter world right now lines on there too farming simulator is on the low 5 Golf Club 2019 is on there the handsome collections on there now to to catch up for bro many games that it's the best value in gaming the best value in gaming hands down literally mix mark what about you any surprises there any game that you picked up that you were pleasantly surprised about yeah I'm just going to say it again hit man that's right that game blew my mind I did not realize I could I heard it was decent right I heard you know just whatever but how they made that game and how they made it replayable so it just makes me this is really good well as graveyard digger on let's check I think that was a game passed and was one they discovered that you just got into yeah I don't know if it's still on there I yeah I think it was I don't think it's so it's also illustrating the infamous vermut I'd [Applause] know that's an old game but super fun that's a really good super fun tasted voiceovers yeah that's that's Philip on YouTube there's I mean for everyone I'm live we're looking at the we have the screen up for all these games heyday to quantum break I that game was really good I think it was an underrated game I think it was kind of a sleeper yeah title but that game was bent now rare replay just got put there which is a big big one as well big one for everybody yeah it's just it's just the list is awesome like this it's the best it's the best value there's so many games you what if you wanted yeah if you wanted to get like you can sort these lists people have sorted these lists with Metacritic and stuff like that if you're into reviews and show up and you can sort by like the highest ratings and all that stuff people have made those lists on that on those sites I've done that before or I've just trying to get an idea of what to play right the golf club - yeah golf clubs on there well we have golf club 2019 now right well that's not on there but yeah but look at all these Warhammer vermintide dude that game was so good but look and then if you scroll down a little bit more more mark you got all your first party titles you got gears 5 coming at the end of the year another huge one orient willow the wisp yeah just huge dude anyways it's a great value in science did we already mention Wolfenstein yeah flight simulator will Isle of ex-cons come Battletoads guys great question Blake Jenkins thank you very much for riding in our last question of the day comes from Z Capitan he writes in and says thank you guys for keeping an energetic informative fun and entertaining keep it going when Final Fantasy 7 came out way back when it was a trendsetter in its size and graphics they required multiple disks and digit changes many moons later here we are again multiple discs blu-ray nonetheless he said with something that huge you can't expect the average consumer to have the disk space to handle that what do you expect will be the game management or size for digital download and then is this just the starter case for steering folks into keeping boxes with digital media players versus boxes with digital downloads as opposed to streaming only machines well I was actually thinking about the multiple disc things I wonder if they did it as a nostalgia thing rather than an actual storage thing because think about it halos over how much can a blu-ray disc called I don't know how much really I think 20 to 50 and theory like cuz you do the double so I have to learn are you thinking that there they got I could be wrong what about probably going oh well I mean look at the games are huge halos 100 gigs red Dead's 100 gigs right I wonder if it's actually gonna be in that range of like a hundred gigs or something like that like let's say 80 to 100 they're just releasing multiple discs because it you know nostalgia does why not you know well cuz that's how the original released I had multiple discs came in a big case I mean you think it's more optimized than that that that's just for the I mean I can't confirm here Maya that's just my conspiracy theory if you will think that's solid but not because if really think about it while I cuz I'm gonna just get a digitally right I mean I highly highly it's gonna be like a 200 gig game so I wasn't I mean so I'm looking at this real quick and granted this is eight years ago this article but so it started out with 25 but then they layered it with fit together they gave take it out to 50 but they triple layered it to a hundred they Subway sandwich it yeah so in theory James do you know do you know the answer to this the you know okay that's my brother he's cool stuff guy I have to let me let me sort this but it gets better it's a weird technology because it's always like getting better because the technology took a press video into the video gets better it gets better right yeah so let's just say a hundred let's just say a hundred that sounds do you really think they're gonna have three 100 disc games like that's gonna be a 300 gig game so so crazy awesome I mean one games on a low has 100 gigs with what is that's what I'm saying you know what I mean but and that's an see that's that's my other point halo doesn't have a hundred gigs on the disk you're inserting the disk and downloading some of the file and it now here's the loading what was it 89 yeah yeah you're downloading that but it's pulling in the rest you know what I mean so that's what I'm saying still a lot no that's what I'm saying but eight let's say it was 89 right 20 of those gigs aren't actually on the disk you're downloading it from the developer right that's another reason why I think this might just be a nostalgia thing because you know you need to do you know I mean I uh I that's just my conspiracy theory take it as you will so Sony is just released this was last year well super blu-ray oh I don't they call it the quad lair so they have gone to quad OH so they got quad and that's 128 and I if I remember right in theory you could just keep going I don't know how it works but I think like it's got a maximum theoretical of 250 I could be wrong but so Sony Sony's released we're at 128 gigs right now see in 2010 that it was 128 gigs so okay thank you are you looking I wish I knew we have all I'm sure we have a lot of tech guys out there that would know but but anyway no that's kind of my if you will conspiracy theory I think it's more for a nostalgia factor because like I said halo was originally what 80 gigs and then you downloaded the other 20 you know what I mean you don't need to do that why would a company do that other than well and that they could be not compressing their audio from 20 that's what I just told that let's just listen theoretically say it's it's a hundred right would they really put like max out three 100 discs you know what I mean or four 100 it you know I don't know yeah I don't know we're getting two levels we're getting two heights not see not seen body by man anyway I think it's a nostalgia thing but that's just me I may be a hundred percent wrong makes you think that they're coming out with the disc you agree with Jordans conspiracy theory there that it's all for a nostalgia I probably which there's nothing wrong with that I think it's kind of cool I mean I remember the big old fat case and how much is it still a $60 game do we know the price I'm sure it will be so because they can charge $100 and make money well that's what I'm saying if you know dollar Berkey costing us more to make two discs so I'm actually going to charge $89 well I'm gonna download it digitally in any yeah but they'll still inflate the price there too and then production it caught the flash drive was bigger that we had to plug in the electricity to keep this going it will flash drive yeah so sorry everybody if we're not not as smart as we thought we were but I really think that its theory 250 but we're if you have a game that's over a hundred gigs I don't know why you aren't optimizing it just a little bit more yeah because look at Nintendo those games are like megabytes why I don't know big a Zelda like two megabytes you really should probably optimize your game a little bit no no we're going it's like it's like getting a bigger engine you don't want it to spew out less fumes you want more well I mean this is my conspiracy theory no it's not a conspiracy gaming gaming theories here I've mentioned this before on the show I think all this new power makes developers just a little lazy yeah I think that's probably I may be lazy is the wrong word for it I mean it may be the correct word who knows gonna use lazy I really think that budget look at the look at like the Super Nintendo how much they had to pack into that little guy yeah and you didn't they don't come they build X her own cartridges just to get a little extra room yeah I think beefy ones that they're like okay that was Donkey Kong Country 2 I believe had the extra slot on the side yeah no it's so like how they had to restructure even MIDI files for that game and how cuz before that you had like the weird SNES kind of audio and then you had like stickerbrush symphony you had all these beautiful compositions on that game and how they restructured and optimized that music into that because they the hardware just couldn't handle it right you had to be creative you had to be creative and I just think all this powers just making it a little bit I don't know I this is coming from a guy that doesn't make games but I really think that you could probably tidy things up in the corner of those file sizes ya know ya know I think you're right on that great question thank you very much for writing in Z Capitan appreciate it guys that does us for the week it's been another fantastic episode thank you very much for hanging out with us any any fun plans for the weekend game week games missing in town this week I know can I tell you I came home where I needed defeated and I hadn't slept in a couple days to be honest yeah and I slept for 12 hours that's like that's like being in your own video game and in your mind that is like being in your own videos yeah I cannot believe I had dreams yet the fuel I usually don't dream I had some really crazy dream crazy dreams are fun Oh crazy fun dreams are fun where is he scary dreams are not was there a pilot no I was playing overwatch really excited to play overwatch against a pirate read downloaded I'm getting I just I was telling Jordan before the show I've looked up all the last four months of patch notes and everything I'm really gonna I'm really excited that I'm back in watch baby it's gonna be a good weekend well I'm Jordan how about you Glen's uh yeah I'm hoping to play a little bit more halo it's just my nightly thing and then fallout 76 I've been having fun you want to jump in a more group with me no he's not his game spicy we'll jump in a well absolutely do it we'll have like ten games going who's sure I wanna treat it like yahoo chess that's what I had I had hundreds of games in Yahoo chess yeah so who's your here go to hero so I like the basics I like the dog I don't remember his name okay cuz you get two turns with his ability uh I tried I've I just like generally I like the defensive guy he's my favorite I like being able to pop that and be able to take hits withstand all that should kill me and then the wizard yeah the wizard I think the lady that can spawn anybody at any time yeah is super overpowered i Weldon theory cuz I haven't played her on big Maps she's valuable I don't think on little Maps she's super valuable well because was expensive to spawn her her characters no it's the same price maybe it's the further away you go then it's the same price and those can those can attack immediately well unless they patched it no they might they might how they was Opie okay yeah because I think now it's double the price I'm excited everybody if you haven't played war groove and you like strategy you will hit so here's the thing with her I'm pretty sure now it's double the price so for instance a 100 swordsmen if you spawn it threw her in the middle of the battlefield it's a 200 swordsmen so they double the price yeah okay that I like it okay I think such a good game anyways guys if you want to play yeah we seriously could run twenty20 matches simultaneously because it's turn-based again you don't have to be online live at the same time it's on its serve server cross play - it's cross play on anything so I'm playing on my xbox you can play on your switch you can put I'm playing on the Xbox game pass ah peace for PC Xbox game pass for PC so I'm playing on my PC well I got work up at home that I'm doing it's a blast so much fun I'll the head over to discord strategy just at me in the strategy Channel and I'll drop a code and you just type that code into multiplayer and bada-bing bada-boom we're going I like I'm doing one of every map I want to learn all the maps cuz how many maps are there I haven't even Bob would say I don't know let's say 20 so I've been just trying to get all the stars in the single-player I'm almost done oh good for you this is the game I play at the Janet for you you know what level I'm stuck on that is because it's about order of operations and it's figuring out where you are meeting your the your the defense guy and you're talking to Marcia's father who's dead and you just have as you two swordsmen the commander two swordsman and you have to go across and two healers it's right it's it's all about order of operations and I almost get it but it's right in that middle one cuz I always mess up can I give you a hint you probably already know let me have your hero tank okay have yes oh I suppose him at first I was like don't use him like keep him back but no you got he's got to use the defensive ability on that so that they can withstand hits so also I think I under a tit character is and utilize your heels yeah I think that's what's gonna say I think mages even in multiplayer are very underutilized character everybody goes everybody goes spearmen but a mage can do some damage like as an attack they're underrated I think cuz they they counter a lot of ore and they can create a lot of a lot of characters they're very strong yet they are strong they're I think they're underrated to a certain extent but I agree but they can be countered you know so oh yeah everybody can be countered that's really fun it's a great game or group yeah worker if it's on game pads you should get that game have you gotten yet not yet which game to play yeah which James is really excited about the new Zelda look Jim I've been freaking out watching every YouTube video what do you think about her haircut alright guys that does us for the week if you haven't yet please head over to iTunes it's a great way to support the show you can rate review and subscribe to us there it just you know helps us in the rankings we got a couple new ratings and rankings this week also come join us on mixer it's a fun time we're streaming basically every single day and multiple times we're doing Halo nights some times a week now and it is a blast I die a lot but it's hilarious actually actually once you get in it I don't do too bad I'm I'm upper middle upper middle back I'm like rational on third third fourth you're having to work your way up without being handsome on an eight-man team yeah see I'm not relying on my looks relying on my skill good job bad thank you very much guys [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh I think I heard you grunt like when you sat down I didn't know yeah