Podcast 265: E3 2019 Review


E3 2019 has just finished and we review it in detail. How did Microsoft do? What is our favorite games of the show and who did the best? As always its a fun time talking all things Xbox One with the most positive gaming community on the planet! 

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the glory of III is here and it has well it has come upon us and it is God back it's been a long week it's been a lot of reciting and fun week welcome everybody we are the x1 Bros this is your positive gaming and Xbox one community if you're joining us for the first time welcome if you're a longtime fan how did duty welcome back we love you guys as always I'm joined by the Burroughs nice one bros first it's mr. BIG's Maya he's fallen apart over here appalled apart that whole intro thing was me just I was daydreaming I was honestly just like daydream it's Led Zepplin man yeah we listen to the show yeah second is Jordan droid the man Jordan basket Oh Jordan welcome welcome back III it was here was exciting it was fun yep yep last but not least I'm x1 we are the x1 Bros thank you very much guys for joining us it was III it was here we're just gonna jump right into it III this is our e3 2019 review we were there at the conference mixed spicy why don't we why don't you walk everybody through our our day how it started a where we went the we went to we went to fan fest yeah awesome fan fest yeah coolest yeah it's so cool I love it fan fest for those of you that might not know is basically you win the lottery and you literally win the long mean lottery lottery and you get access before the show too many people that they want in time you they make you doughnuts we got doughnuts this year again it's you get a swag bag full of a whole bunch of cool stuff really nice shirt that Jordan Jordan where is a Jersey sure once you stand up and showed up model this turn around let's see look it really fits and ice it it exfoliates his physique it exuberance it is the words that don't make any sense with what I'm saying but it's very nice I call that the Xbox slanted Xbox crotch it's a shot right there there we go fan fest it's super cool it's a really nice shirt but you get those for free that's cool swag bag before did we did Phil Spencer come in before after I think he came in after right before you give him before he came in folks you came up before and talked to everybody cuz they you know you get up in the earlier than ever earlier we got there at 9:00 9:00 a.m. 9:00 a.m. we we hang out we had Larry herb come in there we had I know Mike Ibarra was there we're in a big movie theater big yeah they rented out a movie theater and we just we got to we got to see other things yeah they basically hype you up it's basically the pre concert concert yeah like they're hyping up where the fanboys were being hyped up before the show and then they let you go into the theater way before everybody else cuz last year makes pies your intention got into the the theater got into the actual show the conference but we're waiting outside in the hot hot Sun yeah so this is this time yeah and we were we were like nine rows back or something from the front it was we were super girls if you watch that if you watch it yeah the conference I'm one of the only guys where in the world the white hat yeah and you he's in a lot of shots I'm in a lot of shots and the two of us are next to him you know what's really little about that whole experience is we actually showed up last but God yeah first we said they opened the doors at 9:00 so we showed up at 9:00 and we were last people got the we got it first that people were bad people that the people were showing up there that I like 6:00 a.m. to be the first one in our jerks yeah Fitzie says yeah he said that was BS he's in cherry there we met see out there from from our listeners the night before fan fest we did have a meet up we went bowling Jordan crushed it in bowling I did any never balls it actually very much angered me there well I go what did I get like 160 180 or something like that 200 300 or 180 what's the perfect game 300 is that what I got it is perfect somewhere around there 219 really good 180 is really good for someone like you I just aim for him that was such a backhanded person you you gotta be one with the bowling ball so thank you everybody who came to the meetup thank you for everybody who said hello to us while we were at e3 he's super fun to meet everybody everybody is so much so much fun and it's just good times anyways fan fest we go in we sit down and then the conference begins oh so yeah we get to the conference if you wash a conference live I watched it and I gotta be honest they didn't mic the audience as much as they should have met durian trailer I get it though cuz I watched I think Bethesda's they I think Mike the audience way too much so I couldn't because I was recording at the end the last 15 seconds of a trailer you want the audience in there for the chair and they did to an extent but there are parts in the trend at the conference where it was deafening how loud we got like you'll see it looks kind of funny you'll see people like kind of stumbling a little bit on their words and even Keanu Reeves which was an amazing experience he was laughing and he's saying you know I gotta get through this guy's yeah when you're watching it you're he's them to say yeah guys I got something to say let me try to say stop you can't hear the audience as loud as we were cuz there are times when we were quiet you know when the when Peter yelled out you know you're breathtaking right you could hear that but they it was so loud that's why he was laughing yeah it's cuz we were on our feet and it was just a raisin tired theatre was yeah he came and they did that CD Projekt RED did that right yeah so sorry I'm jumping ahead of the gun but to start with that trailer let's start with CD Projekt RED cyberpunk 2077 the trailer was really good the game looks amazing and it was that game engine footage that was just that was like so that was kept saying regardless the game the style looks beautiful I love the character it has XX appeal even even when there's a part where the character goes into a bathroom and washes his face and looks at himself in the mirror and you can see emotion in his eyes yeah which is really really hard to do in a character model in a video game yeah and if the game looks amazing so good so so so good that trailer goes down there's a part the hem so your character basically gets knocked out the character that they're showing in the in the trailer in fact do we have the trailer can we I can so that you're for those you have that see it seen it just go over to youtube and watch the cyberpunk trailer but my I'm sure everybody has seen it but at the end he gets knocked out he wake up at a dumpster and there you see you see the bottom half of a guy who says hey get up it's time to get up and go get a man and then he he bends down and lifts you up and it's the character model of Keanu Reeves and they don't mic this in the thing but the crowd went crazy like it was I'm sorry I actually have that every everybody jumped to their feet it was crazy like the loudest I've been to sports games I've been to big moments big concerts this was one of the loudest responses ever it was so huge so awesome well and that was before even so he didn't even know he was wrong it shows she'll strong wick basically right saying come on samurai we got people to you know city to burn a city to burn yeah and the crowd goes nuts and then fog doors opened and the guy's voice goes introducing Keanu Reeves all the reason I actually think I have that audio clip I went I should have put these on here first I separated these out ball grab them in a minute well he's grabbing that so you guys know I'm very particular with my with my gaming briefing yes absolutely I thought they did this perfect because it was a good hype everybody loves Keanu Reeves right now right and he came out he told us about the game and then he left and we got another gameplay trailer with the release right away it was pretty well as president you didn't drag it on which was great it was awesome to see him he did his thing he's an awesome guy and then he left and then more game trailers yeah so this is where he comes out this way comes out hardcore rock music yep I'm a part like we went nuts yes you absolutely can't really hear it but the crowd goes no why is gonna be there and we just walks it I mean I I peed my pants I was Jordan was passing out spicy ripped off his shirt it was underwear up always it was wild time yeah all right I think I cut off some so let's talk about let's talk about the game though let's talk about cyberpunk big spicy you love the style of it like before head there was a giant cyberpunk poster up on the e3 convention center and spicy even just mentioned look how good that collar looks even just oh yes I love that jacket oh it's like a permaculture the perma pop perma pops with lights with RGB here and it says samurai on the back it's so cool like oh my gosh look at this guys so we're watching the trailer right now the emotion in a character model in this video game is so good yeah I really so this is where he's in the bathroom and he stares at his face right here there's that collar yeah the color is so awesome and like the emotion you see in a CGI we are at such an awesome level of game designers very exciting they're an artistic expression and videogames it is so cool yeah very exciting that's obviously this was obviously one of the biggest things on Microsoft's it's not Microsoft's exclusive it doesn't need to be it was huge it was good for Microsoft I think they presented it right I think this was this was really good on their part Jordan as far as as far as news on cyberpunk and what we saw more excited for for cyberpunk coming out now that your wingman in the game is Keanu Reeves yeah why not and apparently he's a big part of the game well yeah well what's interesting is you remember last year when we saw the the what was it a 45 minute gameplay trailer that guy that was in the car with you was like you're your partner you know what I mean guys went in together you extracted that person and got the med flight coming up yeah what's really cool is that's the person that dies in this trailer so it really did like you said calories plays a big part it seems like he's taking that spot you know and and he's gonna be our our partner in crime very nice ID I'll do anything he says oh yeah I mean I think I think they did a really good job yeah I mean he's John wick like future John wick he's future John wick yeah it's so cool John wick never dies yes right so right here we're watching another so we don't know who this guy is right any he comes out and then he just flipped everyone in the audience just flipped it was so awesome very cool and the biggest news the biggest news was that release date yeah what was the release April I believe was April let me get to the exactly yeah April 2020 I want to say it's April 16th or 19th let me let me pull it up real quick for you but yeah release date next year in April a lot of games this e3 that was the big story it seems like we're either getting games fall of this year or April beginning of next year yes so that that seemed to be the theme here with release dates and really we're kind of in this this holding pattern because next e3 we're obviously gonna get a new console release let's talk about the next biggest story of III at least from from Microsoft's perspective and I think that has to be project ice cloud it's the big question mark Google stadia leading up to e3 talked about their version of of the you know their gaming system their gaming streaming service what so Phil Spencer comes out on stage and introduces project X cloud basically being able to stream from anywhere on your phone it's coming Google stadia announced that it they're releasing their beta version in or their preview version in November Microsoft came out Phil Spencer announced that their beta version their preview version is getting released for everybody in October so they are predating it now we got a chance on Monday night to go up on stage and try out X cloud they had a couple games there to try they had basically a controller hooked up to phones just normal they were running on android cuz I did ask the guy what is this is this Android and there was they were Android phones and they were running Halo they were running or no gears they're running gears right did Gears halo usually I play I got to play Forza halo wars for seven resident seven and yeah oh say no sacrifice yeah hell-blade um I got to try it out inhale blade and Halo Wars super smooth I mean it ran just like I would expect it ran the screen being small didn't really affect now I'm sure you don't you're not gonna want to play competitive in a first-person shooter on us on a small screen yeah but you could get a big iPad you could get a big a bigger screen well I'm really excited don't want to but you could you could yeah sponsor time was pretty good yeah the response head was legit and what I really liked it was the entire xbox I when I when I started playing I let them know I'm a southpaw player yeah so and they said oh you can just go right into the settings no it was the settings in the game well so I went into the settings of the game right so and it and it worked I started playing southpaw yeah so overall I mean I think this is the big the biggest question mark and I think it's the biggest question mark industry-wide but everybody's so far who's had a chance to play it journalist etc all say the same thing it feels good make somebody do you agree with that you're you're you're the guy who really cares about lag I mean especially yours you're super into first person shooters competitive first person shooters overwatch it felt good to you though right it felt really good and I was thinking when I was talking to them I was thinking that this was an in-house server that they were using on-site right and they said no the servers are up in San Francisco yeah yeah I think that's what he said he said something our 388 so fastly travel 300 miles away yeah it felt really good I I could it I couldn't feel any latency and it's hard to I mean I only played it for like five minutes right so 5-10 minutes yeah but I plates I played different games and all the games I played were were pretty twitchy yeah yeah so I don't know like Forza felt really clean I'd all felt pretty clean is I want to you know I want a lot more hands-on to give it definitive but it felt good it fell really good for a phone it was on a phone yeah and I was playing my xbox games yeah no it felt fantastic Jordan what I'm so excited for this you don't mean I interrupt you I well and one of the things that's different here than Google sadya because Google say DEA's system is gonna run the same way essentially with streaming right but one thing that's different is you're going to be able to and they announced this you're going to be able to either pay for their cloud system or if you have an xbox stream from your Xbox wherever you're at in the world yeah and it'll be and he said it will be the same you can turn your your Xbox at home into its own private server for X cloud so yeah which is awesome it's free that he said he mentioned that's free yeah which which i think is an advantage having an xbox having an xbox yeah it's super good now join you played for is I how to force a feel it was good it was really good so I mean I didn't have any complaints there was one little like pixelation thing that I noticed but nothing nothing bad and actually a that may have just been that specific game cuz when I jumped over to Resident Evil I had no issues at all yeah so when I was watching you play Halo Wars and that looked smooth - yeah Halo Wars I don't think is a game that they should have had streaming as an example because you're on a mouse like it's basically a cursor that you have so you you can't get a good feel they had a lot of ever I mean granted it is in every genre yeah they have every game yeah but overall very excited guys if you have any doubt about edge cloud granted this is in optimal situation right like I don't think it was optimal region I don't think it was well they did have to pull in their own internet because they said the Wi-Fi there sucked oh so were they hang the whole dongle the dongle was an Ethernet up to their phone so it was a phone via ethernet it was directly I didn't notice that yeah yeah well their Wi-Fi sucked which I get cuz every Wi-Fi la sucks with their internet it's just it was terrible wherever we went yes I know just log off of Wi-Fi and go to my cellular service but for those you downing uh X cloud from what we experienced was on point it surprisingly right because it does you're going and thinking like okay let's see what you're going in feels like kept like skeptical almost like this this can't work yeah work it felt good yeah I feel real good I've waiting for that for so long to be able to play my games anywhere yeah like that oh it's just it's it's the it's the ultimate game boy yet no completely be able to make game it really is oh yeah the ug be so X cloud October that's really exciting now this is keep up he did reiterate Phil Spencer that this is beta slash preview mode that is coming in October it's not fair and it's the same with Google stadia Google stated it's their beta that is in November so we're still at the beginning they're gonna be flushing things out so it probably won't work perfectly but over time it eventually will you know we're next to a big data center I wonder if they have X Cloud Servers oh I'm sure they do yeah that's actually a really like big important one that we have over here yeah and I'm sure if that's the case we're really light Vantage advantages host advantage so so billion and chat says can't wait to see our Red Dead Redemption two runs on X cloud so how it works is it's not even running on your phone it's just sending the stream yeah yeah so whatever it looks like on your Xbox is pretty much how it's gonna be on your on your phone basically you're gonna want a really nice screen on your phone yeah because that's what those phones were I don't know what phones they let Dad everything phones they like painted them out don't all new phones do like like have 4k resolution and stuff like 1440 all your high-end ones yeah I don't yeah any game you play on your xbox that's pretty much what its gonna look like from what I gather just a smaller version well here's the question so it's running off of their servers correct sure are their servers and maybe I should know this because I do a podcast but are there service that sorry that was a really funny gift that I just saw their servers are they are they at the power level of the X or like the s you know what I mean oh I would I would assume they're at the X well they're gonna be at the power of the newest one so they'll just keep up like the what all the scarlet parts in there and scarlet blades that's actually really funny I really hope if they had different price points for a different I I really hope this and I'm not missing out this time I am letting my mom tear down my dreams like she did when I was younger if they put those server blades on sale like World of Warcraft yeah I'll buy one right away I'm not yeah it's cool I'm not let that pass me by your wife goes outside honey where's the car oh I sold I on when I got the server place is my dream good do you want to rob me of my dreams don't you want me to live my dreams honey I gave you my your dream you married me [Laughter] the next biggest story I think we're just going to order let's go from a hype down I think has to be Microsoft or the Xbox game passed for PC oh I used it this week that I used it as well this this and we've talked about this for a while in fact we've had this discussion / debate on the show before and where they're going in focusing on the game pass selling it as a service that it's gonna be an ecosystem and this looks exactly what they're they're doing they're selling it as an ecosystem PC or game pass for PC is basically exactly what it sounds we talked about what two weeks ago it wasn't us um it's PC games on your I mean it's game pass on your PC there's a different set of games football manager 2019 which when they when they announced it when Phil Spencer announced it I think I was the only guy cheering everyone around me was like what is that game I'm super stoked for that and then a couple games like that though like CrossFireX we learned a lot about that device has apparently a hundred and sixty million players it's the largest game in the world a ball player wise you know before but I did not know it was that much actually think that's the biggest news story oh 650 million Ronan thank you for the correction 650 million players play crossfire X and you notice in the crowd were like oh make it such a big deal it's all Korea in fact Ronan was telling me this Ronan knew a lot about that developer that basically that that's basically the biggest news story that Xbox is getting the largest game in the world on console first and that's huge and and uh it didn't it does make sense because Phil Spencer made a big deal about it he was out in the crowd he really focused on it and we were all kind of like everyone's like oh yeah that's cool a new developer you know what's funny about that scene you can see me on the left side of the screen in my white hat when it starts you can see like everyone where the hell is he oh I hear his voice is that God who is God who is this speaking but the PC or a game pass for PC you can download it now just go over to it but you can also upgrade to game pass ultimate which was also announced where you get both you get game pass for PC you get game pass and you get Xbox Live Gold all rolled into one package for $14.99 a month however you can upgrade right now still for one dollar I was I honestly was not expecting it to be just $14 or $15 right $14.99 and they're by the way they're really pushing that $1 it's so easy to upgrade all your stuff right now yeah we'll get to that in a minute big spicy $14.99 that's just the right price point for you yeah I was not expecting cuz you get Xbox Live you get the regular game pass which isn't that ten bucks a month right now ten bucks a month yeah yeah and then you get with that you get you know the game pass for peace ultimate yeah the game pass for PC for 14 bucks or 15 bucks yeah I know I think that was what I feel like that's a good deal that's a really good deal an even better deal is what Jordan talked about if you sue if you switch over right now let's say you have a year left on your game pass you've already subscribed for a year or on Xbox Live Gold you could switch over right now for a dollar and it will convert it all to a game pass ultimate which gives you the PC game pass as well separately but we went on Amazon Amazon make sure we purchased out as far as we could and then converted for a dollar for a dollar so we have now we're good till 2022 2022 what did you say it does it separately so like if you have both like if you buy this game pass and that's six months of yet turns an idea so what you want to do if you're caring about this right now and if the $1 still available oh it is yeah they're pushing it really go on Amazon get your gift carts for you know anything whatever no the cheapest one is X gold ya get gold just just get get gold for two months or two years yeah we're whatever passes your passes if you already have a year then add that to your account and then buy a dollar to get all of them turned in it converts into ultimate yeah don't convert first because if you do you'll miss out on that opportunity because you can only do it once on your account mhm so anyways it's a great deal now we've all had a chance to download the application and utilize it Jordan have you been utilized you've been utilizing it this week yeah no it's really it's really cool I actually downloaded all the PC specific games cuz a lot of the games on there right now I don't want to say it's a little light I mean there's some heavy hitters on there it was a little light for me because I have all those games on PC or on Xbox yeah but I mean they're what they say they're gonna add a hundred by the end of oh yeah well it the app is in beta yeah so but no I downloaded all the specific PC ones like impaired or football manager and no they're it's really great yeah there's some there's some good ones on there war war group is on there but that's game pass as well I've been playing war group off of it all week yeah it's so good what is what is really excellent about it is it's a it's a steam like application so wherever you install that application whether it's on your downstairs computer in David's case you're sure it can I say your work computer no no you can't oh yeah sorry we gotta complete that part out it will go to little yeah I tested it out on my work understand I tested it out on my work computer I do not use it at work but I wanted to see like because we Windows 10 let's see if it works so there we go Jordan Jordan there was a specific there's a big no side don't talk about David's work Oh anyways so but it does work so I had it at home I tried it on a couple different computers it syncs everything that you download on one it's automatically there when you pull it up it's really amazing on multiple computers you train you way through you off I don't know it I don't know what I can say now Jordan really you can say whatever you want here this is a safe place from say what you want go ahead see what everyone know yeah do you know what do you know what I'm really excited about though is just this sounds like really selfish kind of yeah this the show is going to we're going to be a lot there's a lot more leeway for now us to talk about PC games oh yeah because whatever is on game paths ultimate it's all it's all Xbox and I love bullying on my PC it's all Xbox yeah I mean I've been playing well like I said I've been playing war groove all week its turn-based super fun I mean I'm a granted I was in a more groove when it first came out but just so much fun the app for being a beta app it works perfectly fine I did have an issue installing it at first but then Mike Ibarra tweeted out that they had to do an update and then you were able to get in real quick update windows I had to do like a hardcore update to my window it was a date it was a big one I actually had to go to Windows and update the latest because I hadn't updated my computer in a little while yeah yeah it's anyways the game past ultimate the PC game pass works fantastic I like this model I think this is the model for success and I'm really excited for it you can definitely see this ecosystem is opening it up it's just giving us more options as gamers at a cheaper price we get more games I mean we get every Xbox exclusive exclusive it's just like game packs but now it's on our PC too yeah plus bonus PC games like football manager 2019 yeah what do I love no that's when paradigms a dental enrollment period err so I'm so excited you know I was also fun you know a PC game that just blew my mind can we move on to something else real quick yeah can I just tell you just say and I had no idea that this was even coming can you guess what it is and it looked gorgeous flight simulator oh yeah light simulator flight simulator is a big announcement for it's a PC game but it's also gonna be on Xbox you can use your thrust master who's your thrust master it looks so good yeah we've not had a light simulator game in a long flight simulator X so in years and they big deal a lot of people are like all flight simulator cuz if you haven't played flight simulator it is literally you just it's a flight simulator you're just flying planes around but this was one of my favorite games growing up I bought a choice like I used to want to be a pilot I bought a joystick I owned multiple copies of the different flight simulators this one's in 4k they showed off how good everything looks towns terrain look I mean look at that look at that we have it up here yeah when we were watching it we like I leaned over it was like oh this is a video this is just a video and like this real life it is freaking real life right now so that's really excited flight simulator joint Eve you think I don't be a game that you jump into well yeah especially now that we got a thrust man oh that's half the fun of the game I mean I think it's so on for size use the controller like over a wheel but in this game I prefer to use the thrust met you know the toy sure you know I mean I feel like playing games are really do they have their attachments for the rudder for your feet anywhere I'm sure they well I don't know I want yeah for PC the definitely well yeah for PC because I think I'm going just look at seen what that is pyramids I used to do stuff like crash all the time just fun I'd have fun but and and it used to be like the last flight simulator you played like it looks good when you were high but when you got down it wasn't it was actually just a 2d model it was a 3d model like that but yes so I had not I hadn't heard any rumors or anything about this game coming out can you call it a game it's a simulator right it's like farming simulator I guess so yeah I guess it is considered a game I think it's huge and look at that I player is that multiplayer it is they did talk about baby is that multiplayer show it's flight simulator with multiplayer yeah oh my gosh gonna be so much fun III a lot of people are like why would you do that when you fly it's just it literally is a flight simulator like it's so much fun I love that game I think that's secretly one of the biggest games to one of the surprises that's a big surprise that was there's nobody knew that was coming yeah Troy do you want to take us through baby I'll go through I think halo infinite we did get that's how they ended it yeah they did end with Halo infinite do you want to walk us through tell us your thoughts and oppression because you're the big halo guy what did you think of what we saw from Halo infinite what are your theories by the way I know you have a lot of theories thoughts what timeline we're in oh no what it takes place after go through beating after five well not I don't know if it's immediately after five but it's I think it's probably a little bit later after five now one of the criticisms from Halo Infinite is that there was no gameplay is that a hold or no I mean it's still a what a year-and-a-half out a year on six months out because it's not coming till holiday 2020 right so well one thing that I do think is smart his xbox is launching with this this was one of the scarlet scarlet yeah the new Xbox project scarlet is going to launch with a marquis title halo infinite I think this was one of the mistakes that Xbox one struggled with is they if you remember they launched with call of duty 5 or whatever whatever called yeah ghost-like and Sanskrit but they didn't have a band right Ryse son of Rome which was a new Forza and there's the force I thought the four I thought four to five was good but there was not you're saying you're just wasn't a mark he there wasn't a game to get behind you know they quality Phil Spencer even mentioned in the show when he was saying games being launched that that is what that's why the Xbox is where it is today is because the original Halo watched with or had that game so Scott's gonna come with Halo infinite Jordan as walk us through what do you think of what you saw no I think it looked good so it's in engine footage right so it's it's running on the the new orders at the slipstream engine that they built for the game which is really cool anyway no it was a really good trailer basically it was it was kind of a hype trailer you know it was story trailer yeah so it's it was pretty cool cuz I mean there it's you're starting to get glimpses of what's going on yeah and you can start to formulate your own theories spicy and I have never played the halo 5 campaign and what year we're supposed to you're supposed to we've played we blew through one through four and what's nice two days not stop playing five well our problem was we put we thought you know let's beat this game on legend oh wait that was her and our first what six hours of playing that we're just dying in halo the first halo and then we switched over and then we started to cruise yeah Joe drugged but we what you're saying is it looks like the story's taking off from Halo 5 story you need to go yeah Master Chief being back in being central to this game that's huge yet no that's really good inspect it back to him back to basics back to basics back to the fundamentals and you get the whole that when he says we fight he says we need to fight we didn't think stand yeah and he shuts the door behind him oh yeah he's a master cheifs my man you can't really talk about like what you think is going on because you guys have beaten the game well and you know as a courtesy to everyone yes yes so it's tight you definitely you have you encourage everybody to go play five of the game the campaign yeah there we go so halo infinite came out Gears five we did see it gears five that was fun it was fun now we actually got to play play mode escape room make spicy give me your thoughts on Halo or not here though Gears five the escape actually let's start with Jordan and then we'll go over to spicy Jordan gears five the new mode the the escape yeah no it was actually really cool because it's basically like horde mode and reverse right instead of you building up your base and fighting off the endless hordes right and going wave by wave you actually start in their base and have to escape right yeah and you have to keep moving because there's this gas I think they may have had a zone like easy mode but there's a gas on easy mode yeah there's but it was hard yeah because we had no I didn't have any ammo yeah so it may have forces you to place resources you have a dude that has your teammate sorry to cut you off you're fine did I steal your thunder no you're absolutely to the trailer oh okay well you have to work as a team because the reason I didn't have we didn't have any ammo as a team is cuz I was the ammo guy and I were doing your job I wasn't doing my job I mean I was just running yeah I was trying to get through it as I was running for I love how we're we were probably one of the fastest players of that game we're so fast we sat down and five minutes later stood up okay we're done cuz we already know how to work to get their wares in if you go with random we're a team and people were walking through it you got a run you got a run in this one yeah I swear yeah the board is coming or the smoke because what it is you wake up you wake up in the middle of their lair yeah and you leave a bomb out and the bombs its gases gaseous toxins or whatever green green whatever oaky smoke from like lost and then you have to run outside as fast as you can and that smoke follows you and you have to fight along the way it's really it's a really cool concept I think they might have had this in yes go but I could be wrong but it's the same concept you know you plant the bomb you get the hell out of there yeah yeah no really really fun I enjoyed it it felt it felt very guilty r:z the game felt polished I don't know about you guys but really I did felt like was CSE it was smooth the cover system felt good so I mean the response felt really hot on all the characters yeah it was just as gritty and gory yeah well what's really cool is there's actually a class system in this game mode I don't know if it'll carry over to other game modes but like Mark said he was the ammo guy with his ultimate my character had a shield your character had like a shock attack which was pretty cool you know and if you think about it this you're getting this game mode escape you're getting horde mode you're getting competitive multiplayer or in regular multiplayer plus a campaign I mean you're getting quite a package yeah everything when this game comes and it comes out this fall this fall so this was one of the ones that is releasing this year we also got to plate now we did get to play this game on the announced elite version - oh yeah we got try out the elite controller there's a lot of upgrades on the Lea controller one of the ones that I like the most is a installed battery pack right like it's already there it's a built in battery 40 hours of battery life it didn't say 40 hours or 24 I don't know for headphones for zero though headphones were 24 that's right yeah it's 40 hours of battery life which it matches the Nintendo's Pro particular tension stick tension is huge the physical stick tension so you go in and can manually do the stick tension there what was most useful but did take some adjusting is even on the first elite controller you could adjust your triggers like full full pull triggers half pull triple yeah you have three quarter pool basically right and on gears I had it on the highest one because I never use don't have that on on the first one so I want to try it out that is a competitive advantage is especially in in competitive first-person shooter multiplayer right like it was insanely quick yeah it takes some getting used to though cuz it just felt different but because your finger the response time you you don't have to go all the way down and all the way back up it's just it's just yeah you barely move and it's super fast the controller itself feels great it feels like an elite controller uh I'm sure they've got their manufacturing fixed regardless I'm really excited the built in battery is one of the biggest things for 40 hours is a long time yeah thanks that's great yeah new bluetooth connectivity there's everything on it's been upgraded everything everything yeah three profiles instead of two this time yeah on your controller the physical controller so and it's a digital switch instead of an analog switch yeah for those profiles they're pretty lights oh the textured grip goes all the way around this time yeah that I think they we have a someone in chat asking did they give the cost super shocker I believe they did wasn't it 180 181 179 so what was that thirty dollars more than the original yeah yeah the first one was 149 so 179 it felt great guys I will say if you're looking if you want the elite experience with the controller this one felt great yeah I mean it's it's interesting to think that a controller can be a hundred and eighty dollars right but I think of headsets that are the same price or more it's and I think of just the top it is the best controller that has ever that will ever be yeah built right weren't a different trailer anyways it felt fantastic we're doing we're gonna be priority in ours after having handled it in person yeah yeah yeah it felt fantastic it felt good it really it really I fixed Mike I didn't did I tell the podcaster yeah yeah that's right I fixed a court thank you Matt shot for sending me links and stuff and information that I could fix my elite controller my bumper was broken and my sticks were what's the way to put it broke yes bro whether they were like they're lucky flippity they were loose flippity floppity they were flippity floppity 'z and yeah there's I bought a kit for like 15 bucks on Amazon popped it open had it fixed in ten minutes it was awesome so now I have an elite controller again and if the if you have not felt when they feel good they feel fantastic Blair which came out and when it dropped we all thought it was Alan Wake hold on hold on hurry I want to mention one more thing that Ronan mentioned in chat the sticks the joysticks tension rod I am very excited about that you can adjust the tension of your your joysticks I have a problem with how the 360 the original Xbox and these box you get used to a certain tension and then it messes with you a little bit you can type you can tighten it I would I'm gonna go full tighten well think about for racing games huge for first-person shooters the first-person shooters you can like minimize the dead zone a little bit more you have more control over the dead zone of the joystick that's amazing yeah it really is so and it's manual physical tension outta here do not some software program right yeah it's Brad that's that's I think one a very big benefit of having that controller yeah Blair which came out we all thought it was Alan Wake we really thought everyone around us that's Alan Wake flashlight well he had like the same flash so I even had like the same coat yeah he really did and then it wasn't Alan Wake yeah yeah then I was blur which yeah which is still cool I'm gonna talk about Battletoads mixed by so let's go with you with Battletoads you're the big Battletoads fan I just pulled up that there's Blair Witch it looks I mean it looks I'm not a horror I'm not a horror game guy this looks scary and scary game scare me hey I'm I'm the exact same guy and I don't like to be scared because this scares me I really didn't character model totally looks like Alan Wake it really does maybe it maybe we'll find out this character's name is Alan this is his origin this is his origin story he's got a crappy life he really knows we're all like yeah we were yeah I thought it was Alan Wake I really well because of the beginning with the flashlight that's the big one however look at this dog model I do have a complaint with that dog model I don't like it I think I think the dog model but I mean we don't know at what stage this game is at no truth hashtag truth thank you so so there but if you're in a horror games I mean it does look cool it's Blair Witch I mean what else do you need you're if you're in the woods being haunted by spirits yeah and Paranormal Activity I don't like being scared either that's like my worst thing in the world but does look cool Jill I watched the ring I remember when I watched the ring when I was put in high school it's a good movie I couldn't sleep for like three days and I could not watch TV oh because the and the way she crawled out of the well like sideways and weird and then the TV yeah creepy pictures on the wall well I don't deal with creepy pictures there's just something creepy about an Asian girl with hair over her face standing there randomly in the dark like and being kind of wet you know it's interesting well I actually I think I had this conversation with Jordan our room at our hotel was down a really kind of a dark hallway yeah and we were in the corner and no one else went there I told Jordan there's a little girl that turns the corner on a trike with pigtails starts riding toward us I was go time Jordan said he would run up and kick her in the face that's how you beat scary movies it's go time that's how you beat scary movies you become the offensive you become the gut you you want to be scary to them you scare them flip it on them but usually they have chain saws and axes and powers why you kick them before they that's my prison that's my prison they haven't knows a Latino someone's raping me I rape them that right back flip it but there's no safe words here they I didn't drop this up get down if you notice in scary movies are always using gas powered this is true so they get you got a primate you gotta use the battery power and they haven't they don't do that yes that's what electric start you need electric starts but yeah I mean come on when you're about to change you they gotta hit the oil button three times you gotta yeah and then if you flood it during that you're just out yeah I'll get the next guy yeah yeah so that's your opportunity to run up and so you you if someone someone's coming someone's coming to scare you trying to haunt you you haunt them right back was how I look at it but if someone turns the corner with a chainsaw you're gonna die you might as well just go don't even go for it I don't run from the cube and as fast as you can I think you do like and I think I haven't cut earlier by the chaydez throw something at him it was just a little pin just distract it first split second and then run then kill him he he's already primed the chainsaw yeah she don't need to start it's already running phase one distract him with a pencil these two question mark phase three kill him kill him and then go after any of his minions and make sure they know you don't haunt me you don't scare me you go for his family one punch kid exactly but that that is there's a scary game right there Battletoads oh yeah Battletoads oh that's exciting yeah I love Battletoads some and you said that there's level original levels that you saw well I felt like the remake of the levels right yeah I believe it's the second level that I could never pass I think I passed like once or twice in my life it's the speed racer level here let me pull up let me pull this up so we all can watch it together but Battletoads now Battletoads has been talked about Ortiz the last couple a threes we finally got a trailer for it looks cool for you I mean it looks great like what you I think a lot of people that have never played Battletoads are a little confused as to what this game is Battletoads it's right in the title yeah it's it's like I don't know how to explain it it's just a fun like it doesn't take us again it doesn't take itself it's one of the first games that really didn't take itself seriously sure but it the difficulty level was extremely high and yeah so don't be put off by like the the art style and everything that's kind of current kind of the charm of this game it is very fun I remember playing is the characters and like slamming them with my horns now each of the characters has a special ability well they're all kind of the same ability because I never played Battletoads no yeah so they're kind of this they all have look at their urinating and this is the level right here this level right here it's a racecar level for the look it was yeah it's 2d that level was so hard and it looks like it looks like it's pretty hard there too but yeah it's just a really fun doesn't take yourself seriously game if for those of you that played cherry tree so for those of you that played like turtles in time I believe like turtles in time from Konami years ago that's like a you know it's an action she punch punch you know they I think they took they took inspiration but from Battletoads because it's like your side scroller action game but they add a lot of flair to it and you think it looks like when you were saying it looks like they have abilities yeah it's just an art style that you can like run and their foot turns into this huge leg yeah kicks them and kills them right now this was on the SNES SNES it was on the NES and today was it on the Super Nintendo check can help me out I played the NES one and I'm telling you that was the most difficult thing of my life Madden liked Turtles remember Turtles the one where you had the fan going around you remember that game and it was that I'm gonna say the damn level with all the lint the whole event was Turtles - was that Turtles nothing that was SNES no that was Nintendo that was that was original Nintendo NES although the first one was no the van whoa look it's the one it was one with a van and then you eventually make it to the dam where you have to swim through those stupid yeah those stupid lightning weed yeah yeah oh I think somebody just gifted yeah so very cool anyways it was a battle poses are really it's very nostalgic and it's being rebooted and it looks like they're doing a lot of things that you know it's like an homage to the original yeah like that level I hope it's really hard yeah I hope people get frustrated with how hard it is because that makes it fun because then you get the satisfaction of beating it you know I'm sure it'll be easier than the original I don't think they play tested that day well many difficult was it was broken yeah it was so hard oh my gosh that was all right Jordan I'd like to start with you on this next one this is my personal this was my personal game of the conference for me and this is bleeding edge Oh yourself this is the Microsoft exclusive it is coming well I think it's I don't think it's an exclusive I think they're just giddy they own ninja theory it's coming oh that's right yeah that's right so there's no longer exclusives at this one because it's what you see it's beyond game pass it'll say game pass and that means that it's on it's on the Xbox ecosystem right now this is a overwatch hand-to-hand combat style game I wouldn't call I wouldn't call it overwatch 4v4 it has elements of overwatch yeah it has I mean it's like a hero all have different abilities rows battle we got a chance to play it when they first of all when they showed this trailer everybody was freaking out like it looked it looks really good it's it's the creators of Devil May Cry the creators of Hell blade the fighting is on point then we got to play it yeah and it plays really good it's super fun Jordan give me your impression if I had to choose like a game of the show it would be it would be mine as well it was super fun it was fun because it's it's got that overwatch element of you knew your team based yeah your team based brawl right but I like that it was more of a brawl like it felt there was some projectiles right but it felt much more close combat yeah you know it was more melee I like the characters I chose a tank which was really fun so I liked that it was much more close combat I like the third person which was really fun and just a simple control map is what we played yeah three point you pay for so it kept you moving as you get more as you control them there's a train in the middle that you got to listen for it's got your your DPS tanks and healers or your support classes but it was it was super end in the art style I dig the art style it was it was really cool it's my game of show it was super fun super fun I think cuz this came out of nowhere for me right when in the you know the briefing but we got to play it and that's where we realized how good of a game this was it felt tight and I actually told the guy that was helping us I was like man these controls feel really tight I was because I wasn't expecting a brand new game I had never heard of to play so well at that point sure and he goes whoa you have no idea how good of a compliment that is I think you had something to do with it right but our team our team just the other team oh they say our team he means him in Jordan I was playing by myself yeah because I was we were in the line what is the play and they were like we need one person so I was like me let's just say 35 seconds in they told us we won yeah yeah you guys won right away I was with people who kind of didn't know what they were doing and they were getting lost on the map it's bad in a competitive game if I'm the number one player you know my team's not good who did you play as Jordan the bastard oh I'll be damned I play with him he's a cowboy tank dual-wield and what I like about all the tanks is that all the tanks have a self hill ability all three of them oh that's cool well they as a tank I think you need something like that yeah and so like unless he hits so that guy the guy the Jordan play he's the guy with two swords but yeah every time you hit somebody you heal yourself like heal you get you get a little bit of heal so it's really cool well and it was super teemed like it and this is what I kind of like about overwatch too right it was super team focused it was like weed that you needed to win the team fights you need to work together like our killer was really good we had support was just but we had a good mix of people we had what one tank one support and two I think two damage right where were you playing mark you worried yeah I was I was were us like a trickle damage yeah right so I wasn't a burst damage I was a trickle damage I was the character that turned into the big robot girl but she she was a mid to your range character I had a minigun I didn't do a lot of damage but it was consistent and I could choose who it attack yeah yeah so it was funny we were I don't think the other teams had what we had because we were like organized yeah like really organized we were okay there's there's there's the healer all right focus them and then we would back off our fights when other people weren't you know and then we would go like 5 4 3 2 1 pounds kind of a thing and we'd pick off their players it is it is a great game of team combat yeah and you have you're just like Jordan says the Holy Trinity of what you need you have your tanks you have your healers and you have your DPS and it it works really well and you have to adapt as a team and move around there's Ella there's elevation there's a couple levels on the map that we played so you have you a little bit of verticality to mess with too and that's actually with my tank girl I would go up on top and pick people off and it was hard they have to they have to you know go around on the map to try to get me right but it was really good we all had roles and we played them and we bent the other team over hard yeah yeah it was really good so I really I think playing this game if this is a game that most night it wasn't played it it was my favorite game of the show the team played the third person I love the third person and then I just like the close combat you know it felt better it was super fun super soccer and Chet says what's there more than one map we only played one map I don't know if there was more I doubt it IMO we did a little mini tutorial which I guess if you can count as a different map if you want but there are power yeah and then Sycamore arena-style there are power-ups on the map that you can there's their little lightning bolt boxes and that's why that's what I was doing I was going around picking those up so we had it's a whole thing for your team to like you know amplify your damage there are environmental kills you can stun people and knock them into like a train going by there's a lot of I was not expecting I didn't know this game existed but I'm a big fan this is my this is my jam this is the kind of games I these are the kind of games I like to play it looks very very good that's bleeding-edge the technical alpha is coming out june 27 so you can sign up if you just google search bleeding-edge and then go to the website and chat right now he says I'm still sore from spicy bending me over yeah yeah he was on the only one who found me up on the elevate of the verticality I he was trying he was trying to pick me off but is really good how many characters there was a lot I want to say there was nine so there was zero nine to twelve three I was there was because there was throw away three tanks and then I was saying there's two rows of four right eight not yes or twelve yeah I don't know I yeah and we could play all of them I just we just chose who we chose right that's the one they just showed right there maybe more by launch stuff like that right yeah another game that we did get to try is Ghost Recon that was fun and the the latest Ghost Recon that's coming out this it played really well it felt good I've fun times at the end of so you have someone when you play these games you have someone from the development team or someone that's in charge of can you through them so they'll be on your team it's a four player co-op mission that we got to play for Ghost Recon he's like a tour guide yeah he's like a tour guide yeah he runs you through a mission so we run it through a mission we finished the mission at the end there's no friendly gunfire but there's friendly grenade grenade and I just throw to Gregg's we're all around I'm a grenade and I actually down you're not even down listen fella if you're gonna tell the story tell it right I am you're leading it up okay because I would threw it from down the hill me I downed I downed the the inside the tour guide and the NPC then we were extra can I go in there and we're like one of you I was trying to revive the mission we just had to talk to the lake we're at the end the mission was over we had to talk to her to finish the mission and then I go in there and I just once I knew it was done I I threw down a grenade and ran away and I was laughing but you know you probably enjoyed it because he's probably played that same mission it was really funny you really are the guy you literally drop the grenade and ran away on this twice I was so fun but Ghost Recon break point plays well that that's a good one let's just let's just go over two more two more big ones here minecraft dungeons now when I'm excited for ya its I was expecting vidi habló done - or Diablo minecraft Diablo minecraft with a loot system and inventory and everything yeah yes its Diablo minecraft I think it looks good and then twelve minutes that's the one I wanted to talk about twelve minutes give me your thoughts on twelve minutes 12 minutes is a game where it's like a top-down let me put it on the stream so people can see it it's like a top-down I don't know your history puzzle then thriller yeah and you are a person reliving 12 minutes over and over and over but if this err in the scenario we were a part of I wonder if there's different scenarios that you play through there's a murderer or something at the door and it's really fascinating it's a it's a very narrative game whatwhat did they they mentioned oh it was it weren't they the guys that did Edith Edith Finch I don't remember who I probably that's not I mean it I wouldn't doubt it if I thought that that's what they said but I could be mistaken which is a very narrative driven game right yeah um this is the art style is cool the concept is cool it's Groundhog Day for murder for yeah for murder and they show different scenarios like you know we saw that first they're eating dinner two minutes of whatever those 12 minutes were but throughout the throughout the trailer oh yeah you can see it here throughout the trailer you're seeing other rooms in the house yeah etc so I think there's different scenarios but you're you're stuck in a time loop for 12 minutes over and over and over it's just fascinating it's a fascinating sat III that were announced Ubisoft had a game similar to this where you're going through a time loop it seems like but this was on the Microsoft stage and it looks interesting super interesting yeah I uh I want to play it it looks fascinating I hope it's like I hope it's not just a movie game like a telltale game or something I hope I can actually like move around in it but whatever if not I'm sure still it's still probably really good yeah these narrative-driven games are pretty they can be good yeah and this looks very good so and the other big game that I want to talk about make spicy this will be all you because you played it's Borderlands 3 yeah your hands on Borderlands 3 is it what you expected does it feel like Borderlands or were you a little bit disappointed to give us your thoughts impressions Borderlands 3 yeah so it felt Borderlands II for sure we got to play well let me tell you let me tell you something I I kind of feel bad for some of these presenters with the guy in charge of Borderlands because he kept when I cuz we were in line and we were waiting for a good 20 minutes to play this game all three of us yeah and then the guy comes out and goes okay he's like imagine a guy with a loose and tie his hair's messed up he's just stressed out it's the end of his day yeah and he's just like guys you don't have to loot every single compartment this is not your main character just please limit your playthrough to 20 minutes you don't have to you don't have to grab everything look because that's how with gears people were just playing slow but with Borderlands where you can loot everything yeah people were playing really slowly watched it we watched a girl in the menu like and the menu system for a good 15 minutes just looking at her skill tree yeah which I get I get what you know you know like yeah wheat the line we were in line for 25 minutes and it the line didn't move yeah it was pretty and the line wasn't that long no when I went back to play it at the end of the day history no no I went long a guy was still walking through and I'm still giving his Hill okay guys please it was just like exasperated did they ever like kick someone off I think he said he was saying that if you go longer than 20 minutes I'm we're gonna have to kick out yeah and he's in I want you to fight the boss and the boss is really close but if you don't get there I you know you know kind of thing it felt very Borderlands II for sure obviously there's different weapons and they from what I understand I didn't when I started the playthrough no one else had the same weapons as me and other people it's random yeah yes it's a completely wrapp you can play two characters here let me do like a bazillion guns a lot of guns all the guns that I got sucked oh really okay which is kind of I mean we need the kind of the appeal to the game itself all the borderlands games is the rare choice the RNG you're trying to get a good weapon right and I had a weapon that only had two rounds I had a pistol that had four rounds and it's hard to it's hard to you know do the hardest part was I had a rifle that when I would reload it would throw a grenade that was how it reloaded it threw dirt grenade but it would damage myself so every time I would reload I would I would blow myself up yeah that made it very difficult to fight a boss yeah anyway so it was I played the boss I beat it there were I did have an issue with with the when he would scope in it would it kind of was a little funky sure and I'm sure that'll be cleaned up when does this release do we know they gave a release day end of this year yeah I'm sure that'll be cleaned up because it was a weird I wonder if it was just the weapon I had or whatever but it was when I would zoom in it would be my controls would be reversed up down while it was zooming in and then when it was out finished it was back to normal which is really strange because it messes with you yeah but overall I mean it's it's exciting there were no real limits on the game which is why the guy was trying to tell you only play 20 minutes the only limits I guess were the characters that you could play but you could see every skill tree that those things had you could go through I play it as a siren I thought she was really fun my sirens in the world yeah well it was one of her one of them yeah that's right that's right I'm excited Borderlands is a very fun game if you like destiny your odds are you're gonna like this it didn't feel like it wasn't Borderlands they stayed true so I really I really liked it yeah yeah let's move on Jordan I want to get jared thoughts on the Final Fantasy news so this is not at the Microsoft conference overall overall let me get my thoughts on on how I thought the Microsoft conference went some people really liked it some people thought there wasn't much there there wasn't as much as I thought I thought we were gonna get a full announcement of they did talk a little bit about project Scarlett more of a concept of it like this is what we're gonna be able to do this what we're working on so we didn't get a full announcement for that like I thought we would that's definitely gonna be there next year so next year's e3 I mean that's gonna be amazing so this was kind of this in-between year but overall I thought the Microsoft conference was decent now I we spicy and I were there last at last year's Microsoft conference I think presentation-wise this was superior by far I really liked I think Microsoft has it down no talking EA for instance there's too much talking like Microsoft jump right into a game boom boom boom boom boom boom boom and that is the way to do it I felt like this conference at least in person was superior than last last year's conference for me anyways do you guys agree disagree I think Microsoft the last couple times has done very well yeah with the balance of we want to see game play I think they lean very heavy to showing games versus talking yeah and I appreciate that yeah and I think there's some big news stories in there I don't think they focused a lot on X cloud clearly they did focus a lot more on PC game pass and then you know announcing that it's made a little bit of time on that but we are at this in-between year so I know for a lot of people that was a little bit of a disappointment but for me I felt that they did better you know I thought it was really good I really like I liked it I liked it well last year you're watching it from a lobby but Jordan I want to talk specifically about the square Enix conference for you Final Fantasy your hopes your dreams were they dashed on a rock where they uplifted what are your thoughts with the Final Fantasy news the square Enix conference how did that go for you know there's a lot of cool stuff so I guess we'll start out with seven so they showed actual gameplay of set yeah and what did you think and it looked really good like this what the gameplay is gonna be it's kind of a hybrid I guess yeah I would call it so there it's a it's action combat if so so in the other games you know you have that timer to where it would be until you could do an action sure you know they what they did to kind of have that system but still not be bored while you're sitting there is they let you hack and slash while you're building your meter yes it was reversed yeah so you can actually go up and move around and hit them and you know with your sword or whatever and then it hits to your meter and then you can choose an action which the actions are very similar to the other one you know you can choose a spell you can heal you can do whatever I think that's a really good system no I think I think it's a happy compromise I agree I agree because we were when we saw the trailer was it like four months ago I don't know how long ago yeah we were because we saw action but we also saw like the wreck it looks like they were doing moves hence of doing their moves right and so we were like well what is it then is it is a turn based or is it you know not turn Dacian just an action combat and we got we both when we saw it we both and it looks good looks super good so now this one is coming to the PlayStation 4 first and I believe it's gonna come to the Xbox later so and they did give a release date for next year I believe was at the beginning of the year as well the other big one which is my personal favorite and I think won't Ronan actually messaged me on Twitter it was yeah it was tweet out sure because it was huge Final Fantasy 8 remastered not it not like a remake like seven but just like an updated version is coming coming out and that's your personal favorite yeah that's my favorite game boom there you go relay it just for you they knew it and then we got even in my standards the weirdest yet most awesome Kingdom Hearts DLC trailers like what yeah he's like why are they showing some fights from the game that I heard yeah that was funny as they were showing so they showed these characters from the game we'll just keep it you know there's some characters right and they didn't there was no sound there it was just like subtitled sound and it was just it was and it just flashed between all these characters and they just said you know your classic typical weird Japanese game structure and it was just it was a minute said DLC coming soon it was it was just weird yet it was cool there it is right there yeah it was it was funny it was my joy yeah anyway Kingdom my face was it was like a rollercoaster of emotions at the same time that's what Kingdom Hearts does to you so it confuses you and pleases you so like told ya so how'd it go he's I mean maybe there's no voice acting for it right but but anyway so Kingdom Hearts 3 DLC which is really cool but overall how did you think square foot conference Square Enix conference did over I was pretty good they had they have a lot of remasters coming like they have the last remnant coming sure they got Dragon Quest what sorry not Dragon Quest that's a new Dragon Quest builders - boom there you go they had oh they had me mark both kind of laughed what they had their phone game come out because they every developer seems to have a phone game yeah yeah that's because the money that's there so if there's a brave brave exodus funny but that's that's yeah anybody know yeah so if L like they had a lot of remasters which is cool but you're excited for eight and second a pretty good yeah seven looks cool that'll be fun when it comes out and then eight very good I want to know now Bethesda we did watch this before we get to Bethesda yeah can I ask a question sure absolutely did we talk about Project Scorpio Scarlett register let's project Scarlett no not really I mean we brushed over it because we you know it was just kind of lightly brushed over it was it's gonna be the world's most console again yeah I mean four times the processing power yes 40 times their up/down speeds of the hard drives it's big and 8k what what was the big thing they focused on they're using the SSD as cache right yeah that's the that's the technology I had I've had this conversation on the show yeah that's what I haven't on PCs pieces have had that fit of a couple like a year or two and I knew it was just a matter of time before that tech went to the Ansel's cuz it's awesome yeah to have your hard drives like have the direct I don't know how to describe it because everyone's gonna tell me I'm wrong but how Mike how I understand it is hard drives have direct access to how the CPU thinks yeah which is like Ram and so that's what they said we treat our hard drives like virtual Ram kind of thing right and so like I actually kind of want to talk about it just a little bit more can i yeah right right now yeah go ahead because one of the things they mentioned was the frame rates at 120 frames and there's a lot of I saw a lot of things cuz I get interested in the tech side of things there's been a lot of like PC gamers going well we've had that for a while right these are kind of thing pc master race pc master race yeah but at a very affordable level comparative to what pc is there aren't a lot of people well i think there's not a lot of people that have experienced frame rates that high sure and this is now pushing that move to the masses yeah and I think it's gonna push TVs now to have that frame rate the risk rates on the refresh rates right 120 frames I think this is so good to push TVs further and that's what 4k did we all have a lot of for Kay's now because gaming is pushing it's like a forcing it's becoming the standard and correct making it the standard and when you experience 120 frames you go ah I get it you know it's so buttery smooth I don't like it on like cinematic scenes I you know I looks different yeah but just to feel and in consoles with a controller you don't feel those frames as much as a mouse because the mouse is so sensitive but I really think it's a it's just great to see a console that is generally inexpensive compared to what you have to do to get you know those kind of frame rates and making it standard for every game on the new Xbox that's that's the big thing in Oh especially like first-person shooters and stuff like that yeah and ray-tracing which is huge that's going to be awesome and for those of you that don't know what that is it's basically a new way to do lighting the lighting it's it makes it so ray tracing now this is another one that people probably are gonna make fun of me but it makes it so the computations for light is all on where the camera is at in the game versus everywhere and it makes it so it's much more powerful locust on what your scene and not the yeah and doing all the reflections and stuff it makes it so it's a lot less computation Civ I guess is the word ray tracing lighting and sound oh yeah we have sound I just said I think I'm reading chat as I'm explaining things but sorry I get really excited about this stuff but I think it's awesome to see this level Oh two consoles and to have more people experience those kind of abilities that generally you don't have at right now yeah for a lot of gamers right afford for an affordable price a much more affordable price right so it's pretty cool and then if you can't and what's gonna be cool is if you can't afford the console you can pay a monthly fee and have it streamed to ya and experience it that way too so it's a whole new way to do gaming and it's super exciting but Festa really didn't drop anything new talking about the Bethesda conference there's death loop which is a game similar to twelve minutes that Bethesda showed off there was a couple developers again they had this style of game where you're you're in a time loop and you're trying to figure out a mystery but that says looks really good they showed off a lot of doom eternal that that was there as an example to play I didn't I didn't jump in and play it because it looks just like the other doom it looks fantastic I'm really excited for that they showed off Wolfenstein they turn off a new game ghost wire ghost wire looks really cool these are the developers from evil within which I didn't realize when I was watching it that that's the developers even with it is fantastic that's such a good game yeah but ghost wire people are disappearing and you're trying to figure it out and it just looks like it's gonna be a really heavy story-driven game if it's feels if it feels like anything like evil within did it's gonna be fantastic but really interesting stuff it's nice to get a new game like that goes you know ghost wire from Bethesda and then they obviously focus again and double down on fallout 76 which I appreciate fallout 76 has had kind of a rough year it seems like they're really behind it really supporting it I'm taking the sea of thieves model in fact Tom Howard Todd Howard sorry talked about this in an interview with IGN just that you know lots of games have come back they just their goal is to continually support it and continually improve it that's how these types of games go and they're learning from it and they they did show some stuff there's a battle royale mode coming to fallout 76 and that was Bethesda EA really didn't I mean add your standard stuff for EA I did get a chance to jump in and play Madden 20 feels really good feel sharp they have a new ability which I was worried about for all of you Madden guys out there they have basically like a super superstars have superpowers that come when I was like oh what's this gonna happen all that it all that it all that it does because it happened to me when the defensive lineman is when you do a good play or something and it'll trigger it there'll be a red star underneath him and it just means that now he he has a super which is like he tackles better he doesn't miss it misses many tackles or or something like that it didn't I didn't feel like it affected the game in an Arkady way it still felt really good so mad in 20 I mean it's just the next iteration of Madame it doesn't change too much and feel tightens up a little bit and then they add usually had one or two new features the big one from from Star Wars which we did get on the Microsoft me from EA which we did get on the Microsoft stage is Star Wars Jedi fallen order we should we were on that trend let's run that trailer I got and then I see a couple different game we've got to see a couple different gameplay trailers of it spicy I want to get your thoughts you're the big Star Wars guy yeah thoughts on going single-player it has very had some time fall elements to it yeah it's like the wall running and stuff overall adventure action Star Wars Jedi fallen how does it how does it look to you it turns me on turns you I'd like nothing else that's so good it looks so good and the Microsoft specific trailer I think was superior to the EA trailer for this scene right here where you take over where you did all that scene right there which is funny because he bumped their heads together but what's the point of a stormtrooper helmet if it can those two guys got knocked to their head way you don't see as he bumped them with the force like seriously are there no more the force knock okay okay some people so their heads are splattered on the inside yeah because the inside they blow it up yeah they must I really think stormtroopers have a have the bad bargain of what's going on they really do they really made to look foolish on they never aim there they never fixed their gunsights you really seriously train those those soldiers to be that bad at aiming they always shoot from the hip I never understood that yeah well cuz their gunsights are all jacked up obviously their helmets don't work and the one person that has like blaster reflective armor if that's available why don't they give that to everybody you know I'm talking about is probably rare it's a rare but you know everybody like what was that girl on that was it episode 7 she was like the janitor or something I didn't understand what her role was you know what I'm talking about I don't know I just think stormtroopers have a real bad end of the bargain they were they I don't disagree with you necessarily but besides them I mean we could go on a star we got I mean we got to do that like once a month right yeah true it's true I know those poor guys man gameplay oh yeah back to gameplay it really is it looks really good I love a good single-player campaign where you can put on headphones turn the lights off and get immersed without people respawning you know like an MMO MMO has their place yeah or anything like that it's just to get involved in a story and Star Wars is one of my favorite stories ever one it's a linear game plet single-player linear which I like from I respond by respawn which has an awesome pedigree of games yeah and it looks really good that it's funny I'm watching when I was watching this I kind of even got the atmosphere kind of looks like anthem if you know a little bit right yeah well it looks like an amalgamation of a bunch of different yeah just the biodome or whatever they whatever though this further how about the fighting though when he what my favorite move and is what they show is there's this forced move where he basically freezes time slows it down and he pulls he pulls a stormtrooper towards him or some lasers in slow motion and he moves him right in front of the laser and he shoots himself yeah and the developer they were in when they were interviewing him he mentioned that that's not like an animation yeah it's not like that all triggered moves those are all controllable yeah so when you freeze time and the guy shoots it and the laser beam slowly coming forward you can grab the guy and you can move them to the left to the right or whatever and still you can you have control over every move a free flow free flow kind of combat yet they did also did announce like running in chat said what is exciting is it this game will be considered Star Wars Canon the story is it's cool this is coming out in November Jordan your thoughts more excited less excited excited I think it's really cool I'm excited for the combat it it was very sword and low because you have your lightsaber right it already was very I know I don't touch me yeah I don't want to say I guess it's a sword well it's gonna say like and shield but oh yeah it's very like I don't want to say Socorro but it looks like you go in you you know you you attack at your openings and then you back off the rumor mill says it's a difficult game yeah which I like yeah that's why I said very you know second row cuz in psycho same thing you go in Wan your openings and then you back up you know what I mean you can't just it's not it's not a running gun game sure well you don't I mean there's there's there's a finesse to combat yeah absolutely and with him saying every move is an action right like when you actually do these abilities and stuff you actually have to input them they're not they're not cutscene - they're not they're not animations yeah which makes it really cool like cuz you have to think it makes every battle different right and skill based yep what I need I do remember them mentioning that yeah overall this looks this looks really and there's well this looks excited well done respawn well done ei I can't get over how crappy it must be to be a stormtrooper like were they drafted or I think they're the draftees yeah would you actually volunteer for that branch of the Empire like are they still clone know what I want them I want to go into the you know I think they would still be clones in this no I don't think they're clones that this takes place after 300k I don't know I just feel bad like I guess clones aren't people right in our clones they're clones who cares actually Yoda I suck clones are people season in season 1 of the Clone Wars Yoda taught us that they do have their own forced spirits they are people they are their own individuals let's good show by the way if no one's ever watched it yeah let's move on let's move on to our cool let's move on to our questions here oh wait Ronan says they're not clones so explain so if they're not clones because this takes acts are they then they have to be clones because it's right after order 66 right execute order 66 yeah is so they are clones okay that's what I thought maybe if there was this is the like when they the stormtroopers kind of lost their identity before they became Chloe you know do we still use clones do we use regular people do we mix them together actually I do have the sound byte execute board soundbite LIGO it takes place right after that so these are clones so yeah okay never mind give it one rappy guns give him the armor that doesn't block anything I was the point of that Armour if the like I don't get it I don't get it and I don't know how you would ever like can you imagine being that you know how they went through like that kid clone training yeah being like taking like the math test yeah whatever being like well I guess I'm dead in a couple years like I don't understand the the AI did so much better you know yeah that's why they use robots except if you destroy their antenna they're all dead you know yeah you take out their radio station that guy is important yeah all right well I'm what about the guy with the bat in the force awakens that guy had a little extra training yeah yeah yeah that's true I mean he's all right pretty easily though and he's traitor that guy yeah traitor that was his whole line but I mean like he even he fought but I don't know uh uh they're always getting hand waved you know yeah but I I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure he built that own weapon because he grabbed that soldering iron got that old motherboard plastic is better in a galaxy far far away since we're on the topic what was the point of the the flamethrower stormtroopers oh yeah whoa because I don't know if they have access to any like Vietnam movie but yeah I don't want to be the flamethrower guy well and they took the flamethrower a planet that has no tree that's right burn trees you're trying to burn people yeah I guess but there's more effective ways to take out I just realized that they took him to a planet with like nothing to burn well P that guy I guess the tent poles and then they put him on the front maybe the fabric but the fabric is probably fiery to their statement and it's when you want to make a statement you burn somebody [Music] and they're talented and they only bring them into people that can't fight back it was funny they burnt the tents like they couldn't just lit a match for that yes sirs they're shocked troops to a village that has no defense yeah I mean that's why like I said when you want to make maybe the intimidation yeah then we wanna make a statement it's for whoever comes to find these bodies that's true I guess yeah I wouldn't look found his parents that sucked you don't really need to aim or anything maybe these guns are an improvement cuz they're they don't need iron sights they just follow the flame you know before we get to questions actually I forgot about the Ubisoft conference which I thought was pretty solid even dance dance was was a solid showing yeah well yeah I'm telling you that game either actually it hit me this year that game must rake in money must because they advertise it every yeah uniquely advertise it on the Wii yeah at the end like available on the week you must have so many copies on the list those retirement homes so many that game must make so much money for them a couple games that I want to focus on and then we have a question involving the Ubisoft conference that we'll get to but roller Champions Jordan is very excited this game because it's a roller derby it's roller derby they showed a little bit of it still excited I didn't show gameplay they just show the trailer yeah yeah no this is excited it's just roller derby you take the ball you do a lap you try and score yep you you beat people up yeah and then the other one that I wanted so there's gods and monsters this was shown at the oh yeah we got a little pencil it looks like a Zelda game it does zelda Ubisoft Zell that looks cool it has to do with Greek mythology who mentioned it there was fat Medusa someone Marilyn Densham fat Medusa I don't think it was me I don't think I'm that good I'm pretty sure my hilarious dude you were I mean I III you're in your element and you were fired I think it was Ronan I think it was running that mentioned fat Medusa Oh nephew oh it's nephew okay yeah yeah someone wishes hilarious well there is a basically a mobile job of the hut wok moving around there and there's I don't buy that game this is true that's why you're gonna buy a fat Medusa anyways it looks interesting it's like a Zelda it's a new clock they announced it do you think it's mobile it kind of had a mobile vibe to it that's definitely not mo because it says it's coming Xbox one okay no it said definitely not Mobile the next Diablo announcement we'll have that at the end of it definitely not moment it'll be like a quotation like you're really like you know it's opening up it's usually like this game is definitely not a mobile game okay for questions so we got just we're just gonna go to two questions here to end out cuz it's been a long show though red writes in and wants to know what are our opinions on the new watchdogs that is coming out next year this was at the Ubisoft conference watchdogs has done okay I'm not really been a huge fan of watchdogs and say it's not been something that I've wanted to jump into it's very cool concepts just not for me however this watchdogs looks they took it to the next level yeah I'm much more excited for this one than I was the second one the second one I actually never really played didn't really get into the first one I played in beat it was okay it was like uh because it wasn't it really the first open-world game kind of on the new consoles yeah well that wasn't a grand theft concept of hacking and stuff like yeah yeah it was it was alright it wasn't like the best open-world game I've ever played it was alright the second one I'd never really got into but the third one look this one like a lot of and what really sets this apart is in the trailer you're recruiting people to your hacking team you're the resistance right you're fighting against the government the man the man and they advertise that anybody that you see can be recruited and they literally recruit a granny they recruit an old woman and she fights with her taser and each each of them have different abilities they have different strengths they have different specials different supers so to speak that would benefit your team and they really they showed a lot of gameplay and you go from character to character they tied together the story that way a really unique permadeath by the way you know if you if you recruit a character so it's a it's a character that you connect with Steve or Larry or Larry Jeff that character dies he's got my death permit of its a permadeath I mean what a cool concept this watchdogs looks really really good at least as advertised yeah yeah I know it looks really good mixed well sorry go ahead I was gonna say what's really cool it and they kind of mention this chat is you can choose your own team so you don't have to recruit it I can like I can only recruit like military people if I wanted to or you can only recruit like you eat you can have a team of the laddies yeah yeah two grannies so which is really in which her story I think they they showed she's an X X s yeah she's a red X yeah she's red she's an X is the lady from red spy yeah I hope that it's not just cookie cutter people that are just well what's they did say everybody ful fully voice-acted lines that you whoever you recruit which is that's yeah that's another thing what it'll be interesting to see like Mark said if it's not cookie cutter or if it is like for you what and what do you mean I assume what you mean by cookie cutter is like oh there's a group of these people that are all generally the same yeah everybody's an individual and I just think of the undertaking of not doing it cookie cutter it would be like it'll be like CD Projekt RED you know level of a detail that you have to put into a game right well and it does I mean this looks like the best war it's the best looking world out of olive oil I mentioned the setting but London long is a good place ones always a good place wreak havoc to wreak yeah and I don't I'm always I'm kind of turned off by games that have like that they they announce that you can be anybody but it's actually just a cookie cutter role so that kind of turns me off I hope that's not the case but at the same time so what you're saying is you hope that now they advertise it that you can be anybody is real and it's not like oh you can only be these like exactly you like so this is this is Helen we're looking at Helen right now the granny if if her character is like a million different characters of the same person with the same voice that would have the same thing regardless of her character model you know what I mean yeah and that's the easy way to do it that's kind of that that's the copy and paste copy and paste gimmicky way but if it's like CD Projekt RED like witcher style um they the way that they played the trailer the way they talked about it it did seem they went all out here like this is this is to me kind of their new marquee game right this is the next that said this is gonna take over Assassin's Creed this is gonna be their not marquee franchise that's that's how it seemed it seemed like it so let's hope that it works as advertised because if it does it looks like super fun if that level of detail is put into the game of course it's gonna be great right so yeah I feel like I feel like I think they're kind of Oprah promising that because technically yes that's correct that you can be anybody and anyone can be recruited but essentially it doesn't matter who you get it's all the same you know I feel like that's what it is but I could be wrong yeah I think I the president I got at least the feeling like it just seemed legit right I wrote inside that check I think it's legit okay and if that's the case that's freaking awesome yeah and I think they just had this feel that this it's like this is gonna be their new marquee game what's really interesting is you recruit different people for different specific jobs and skills and stuff like that and if you notice every person had a level right so you can level up each individual to get them more efficient at their job right so I think it's gonna have quite the replayability quite the the gameplay right so but yeah it will be interesting hopefully like we said hopefully it's a derp as advertised because if it is it looks amazing yeah I can definitely see like the just the improvements over there engine and everything and just like I mean look how detailed look how detailed I'll pull off our cameras detailed this world is compared to the last two watchdogs they were it was not this detailed look how much stuff is happening look how much artwork there is look how much stuff there's on this looks like a very fleshed out game at least section of the game that they're telling us or showing us anyways yeah great question red thank you very much for writing in Blake Jackson Jake Jenkins writes in and this is the question that will end the show on he wants to know who wins e3 Xbox Nintendo Ubisoft or Bethesda now we didn't obviously wear an Xbox podcast so we're not we didn't review the Nintendo which by the way can I talk about that real quick yes what are your thoughts on the new Zelda yeah it's pretty awesome it's cool the dark Zelda Nintendo does another game of Thrones so one of my favorite game back on the Gamecube was Luigi's Mansion and they're actually coming out with the third - they just drop games that I like yeah I mean how do you beat that I don't know so they they talked about just go to a real quick Zelda sequel game that I like right good looks dark oh she cut her hair she cut her hair add that skeleton like looks at you weird and then all of a sudden there's like somebody turned on the music either from like Thor is there you see it looks great good looks great and then you got Animal Crossing another game that I love about Witcher 3 and then you got which are three common switch that's pretty no kind of has an advantage in that for instance if Xbox or Sony announced that oh now we have this game coming to us it wouldn't be as big of a deal but Nintendo can do it because they just took a game that you loved and made it mobile yeah right the right kind of mode the right kind of mobile right well and see that's what another kind of have an advantage in that respect well that's my excitement about X cloud because I play my switch like before I go to bed bring in the X Club but I like it anyways make spicy who do you think overall who did you like the best who do you think did the best this ether I have a cheap answer that's really Kim icky everybody everybody wins I answer but I like it I like it it's true we really do I thought this was a great conference Sony obviously not being there is a little bit of a disappointment but I think they'll be there next e3 I think this really was kind of the holdover year and I think Sony I mean they were focused on God of War last last couple years The Last of Us you know what I mean stuff like that so why show it again let's wait till next III and console I thought Microsoft did a fantastic job I thought ooh be soft I think this is one of who be soft strongest showings and with watchdogs that they showed with Ghost Recon with the division stuff that they showed they even had some Rainbow six stuff in there a separate standalone Rainbow six MO as well which looks really good I think Ubisoft had a really strong showing overall I think Nintendo probably had the most excitement they're all coming this year everything's coming one you're not everything but most of it so I would give it to Nintendo then I'd probably give it to Microsoft just because of like the X cloud I think bleeding-edge was really good but yeah I definitely think those I think myself did a fantastic job but I think Nintendo really had a lot of content for people yeah okay I just like it when people show games I have a hard time only with with III I only know when people aren't doing what I like yeah everything else I really is true no that's true and how about by the way we we did miss that soul patch Adams says Terminator 1 how about terminators join dinners Oh wasn't he liking lots of things terminators been gonna come back this year yeah no kiddin we do have our giveaway our patreon giveaway we didn't do it last week because we were busy we're leaving for e3 so way to get a 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or excellent bros comm forward slash support and go from there games I'm gonna be playing this week war group I'm really into war groove in a big way because of the PC game pass super fun turn-based I can do a lot of stuff while playing it also forza forza Lego that's out that dropped today i was good i didn't get a chance to play this morning i slipped past my alarm ins uh I snoozed it I was gonna guess news day I actually didn't is I just didn't hear it out of those I was one of those mornings spicy has witnessed my out my outage when I'm out I'm out yes which by the way one night our that's right you you put every emotion on your sleeve man you I can read you like a book oh yeah there are times with this show like really with the show I'm in my office David comes in and I know just by by about a second and a half when I look at him I know when did not ask him to do stuff I really do I have nothing I'd I'm a passionate emotional man it is terrifying I that has to do like what you could just tell like when I'm exhausted or just well yeah so right now your eyes are kind of like your eyebrows are up a little bit you're James put the camera on me so I could show everybody your eyes are like up a little bit like this right there are like there are times when you're like this they're down just a little bit and when you look at somebody it's like less the glare and it's just like I'm like hey hey David how's it going and you go like this what it's like and then you're like then you tell me like a 10 minute story about what happened at work and they get it buddy I know you have a glare it's terrifying it's actually terrifying and it's like I'll take care of things my wife has that same glare so I think I recognized Claire yeah it's it's pretty scary but you know what whatever you know but so our last night at e3 here's a fun time we love tommy's which is a chili burger 20 so open 24 hours in Los Angeles the og right in Los Angeles they're so good it was midnight it actually was closer to 1:00 in the morning we GrubHub did right to our place I was laying in bed eating chili a chili hamburger literally on white sheets face waist down with a sheet over his leg I don't think he had pants on I was reading I was reading my book up against the back the headboard he had a pillow underneath me to prop me up and I was just going to town on that chili burger let me tell you though when you wake up the next morning when the last thing you do before you sleep is eat a greasy chili chili burger in bed in bed on Hawaii can you smell anything imagine if you spilled that burger I'm the lady had to come when you wake up in the morning though it's not good she probably like oh that poor person I woke up before everybody and good thing I did because stuff went down literally stuff went down literally you want to talk about spark dumps stand on private bathroom stuff happened yeah that was embarrassing you don't have to continue if you don't want to yeah I mean I again I wear I wear my emotions on my sleeve yeah one of those emotions is guess I'll be playing for is that war groove makes my see any anything I don't know what I pulled up because it's on game pass now what a hallow night oh yeah that's right it's a good game keeps giving get gone giving yeah it's a good game so I never played this game so it's it's like an Ori almost 2d platformer how about Ori by the way all right we didn't talk about or you know we didn't the new bad guys they showed the giant boss fights which ultimately was missing from the first Ori even though or is a fantastic game this is next that's that sweet stuff that's the taking King touch bad guys in Horry they muscle what play destiny been like we need this in Horry we need this guy and there was lots of different ones they showed in the trailer - really yeah Jordan how about you anything well so I've been playing so I jump back and do Assassin's Creed I did a few of the computer games which were really fun I like this but you know I just Assassin's Creed I would like to Oh actually yeah I played Ghost Recon oh you back in a while my younger brother wants to go through and beat it before the new one comes out so I'm really excited for that but no this weekend just more Assassin's Creed days I want to be thinking yeah I do want to play Lego horizon that just looks fun and then if I just want to jump back in to see a thieves it's been weird not like sailing the Seas for a week yeah I know I can feel I know I've been riding my horsey I get seasick up around my pony through West Elizabeth ah yes yeah nice yeah it is nice your pony you just have a pony it's got a pony heads oh yeah what do they call miss gag dusty they call it a wild scag or something I got the pony you know when you'd lose your horse and they give you the dumb one yes yeah I know okay I hate that dumb one well it is dumb I just put it on this you're already pissed off your horse I just put him out of his misery it makes you feel better Michael cotton roll thank you very much for the amber drop if you guys would like to support the show another way to do so is head over to mixer and just watch the channel drop some smarts you can also drop some members like Michael Contini just it looks like embers are back up so I think we might have a new member King we will we'll check but that does us for this week let's hit that outro button guys thank you very much we appreciate it we're gonna actually have a bonus episode we've got two we've got the patreon only bonus episode that's coming but this week we have an e3 special so stay tuned for that with some guests from the community who represented us at e3 they got to go and talk to a lot of the developers and we're so that is dropping next week right here on the x1 Bros 2 right here every single day so yeah I don't know what else to say guys thank you very much have a great week we love you guys go play some games cuz are fun we'll see you guys next time well you still have three so dang it I thought you okay you're gonna pump pump it up [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]