Podcast 263: Call of Duty Modern Warfare Reboot

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A new Call of Duty was announced and we review the trailer as well as well as our thoughts on a reboot to the Modern Warfare series. As always we have a blast talking all things gaming and Xbox One with the most positive gaming community on the planet. The Xonebros.

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it's been another week another glorious week some big news some big things have dropped and happened welcome everybody this is podcast number 263 we are the x1 Bros this is your positive gaming an Xbox one community as always I'm joined by the Bros the x1 bros first and foremost he's the men with a spider-man cup in front of him oh yes mr. big spicy Marc Haywood hello how's it going now very good very good Jordan is in the house what's up Jordan hello and last but not least I am x1 we are the x1 Bros Jordan actually had himself a child so congratulations he was bored he was bored he said he's on board let's have a baby yeah I beat Kingdom Hearts yeah I'm nothing else to do I might as well just I'm actually secretly chuckling inside because your life now there's two of them will be hectic one was easy to is a little harder yeah it's stuff let's jump right into a call of duty modern warfare was announced the reveal trailer dropped this week I want to talk about our thoughts our opinions our hype how do we feel about it it actually is a reboot they said of the 2007 modern warfare game that's not a remake just a reboot they're rebooting the series Jordan yeah so it's still gonna continue on the story whether yeah so it doesn't it doesn't even said this is not the same story at the same University you know it's not like yeah it's a multiverse kind of thing it's a different multi-verse today snap their fingers in the office Jordan a sore subject me I want to get your thoughts and impressions what did you think as you saw the trailer does this make you excited are you happy with their decision what do you think no I think it's cool I like the modern combat what am I like I really like a bad company because it takes place in modern combat right I like the modern warfare series well it makes me really excited is they're actually using a whole new engine for this game right now they needed to no no I'm saying they're always like oh yeah it's all updated engine or new engine right it's a new engine oh it's a new engine it's a brand-new engine in 14 years that's they've sets that oh yeah babe updated it we've done this he I know this is a wee-wee they said we built the engine from scratch which means they took it all the way it's the same yeah I know it they basically take it all the way down then rebuild it right but this is it this is a full brand new it's not named yet so I guess that the black ops series since black ops 2 so Treyarch should be the is that who does black I guess they've been using their own engine for their games but this is a brand new engine and yeah it's been 14 years they've been using the same engine since call the duty - okay I mean it was desperate cuz remember you get these really cool shots than the of that like what's the one in space what was the space called duty and that one don't know that when I know yeah Jon Snow isn't he remember he was that well that one I remember specifically they would cut from these super cool super cool cut seeds and then they'd go into game play and you would like to see this you know it was jarring it was like oh yeah well correctly so obviously you're gonna have good you know I don't better grab I mean if you've seen the trailer that's all in-game footage given those are well know there's some probably gameplay elements in there no they said that this was all at the beginning of the trailer they say this is all in games yeah but whether you know cutscene you know but there was I think there was a couple like gameplay sequences right from the helicopter and stuff but it does do 4k HDR it's gonna be utilizing ray-tracing that's probably the biggest reason why they built the new engine right because Ray Cherry scene is getting more popular and becoming a new toy and is the new 4k remember 4k first came out and it's kind of slowly built up anyway so that's really cool and then the other thing I heard was no season pass and no DLC no paid DLC no C's a PES no paid DLC now why do you think they made that move is that something that's just the way that it goes that cuz you know you've got these huge games with so much free content to be the whole game is free basically I think they may have a model behind this to pay for that sure I think skins well they'll probably have loot boxes yeah no I mean like if they if they were they haven't announced any battle royale so we don't know if there's any battle royale but if they announce anything like that that's that's a games moneymaker yeah right now right that's how that's how they're making money so I don't know I think maybe there's they have something that we don't know about where they're gonna make the difference okay instead of paying for that kind of stuff I'm assuming also a co-op campaign single-player campaign and co-op campaign is coming back and that's basically what they were showing off here Jordan after watching this trailer after watching the call of duty modern warfare trailer were you hyped for this game yeah cuz I just like the setting it's it's kind of well I think we've talked about it before it goes in phases right I feel like I'm kind of done with the world war one world war two era I'm kind of done with the future era it'd be nice to come back yeah moderate well I think modern is cool because it's more you can connect with it more I guess that makes sense not that I mean not that I'm you know I'm not in the military and I have you know what I mean but you know the story resonates yeah yeah cuz it's set in the modern world real life events right yeah now there are we did we did hear that there are going to be sequences just like the previous modern warfare is where you have the choice to skip at the beginning of the game Oh like airport and stuff like that oh yeah tents bloody heart-wrenching sequences yet to kind of align our story and get their point across right really I assume at the beginning you'll have the choice to skip again for but they were saying that it is a major mature I don't wait they don't I don't I don't want to use the word gory but they kind of alluded to like it's it's well here gonna be I'm not even this is not your kids Call of Duty I'm saying spicy for last because he's a call duty guy yeah or recovering debris covering Zod attic this had me hyped like I well they nail the story all the time but this this just looked better than they've done in a recent years like it it drew me in it's super gritty like you said it I didn't actually know it was a new engine necessarily but I can tell now like it just looks so good um but they have that Michael Bay aspect to it right like it's like a movie well I'm so intent my favorite part and they did this in one of the Call of Duty's a you ought to remind me if it was one or two but my favorite part of the trailer is when the helicopter is going across the building and you're looking down feeling like the soldiers perspective you remember in the eye it was either one or two when you're flying the helicopters onto the beach yeah it's such a cool sequence they do such a good job okay mister make spicy now the recovering call of duty yeah what are your thoughts on going back to modern warfare what do you think modern very modern refer was because this is a campaign trailer right modern warfare is like the only Call of Duty's where I would play the campaigns yeah unless I'm forced you to play zombies which I had to do with world war before right Captain Price they show him right off in the early part of the trailer he's such a cool guy his facial hair tells the whole oh yeah you look at his mustache his handlebars and all that stuff you know what's so great is so the trailer it shows it shows us like this forest scene and it shows these ghost ghost soldiers slow at which ghost is another I hope ghost is in this day yeah he is I hope we have soap I hope we have all the guys you were so yeah yeah so well anywhere you were captain weren't you captain price in one of the well cuz in the early ones because you flashback the sniper rule of this nice we're learning right but so there's a sequence everyone watching live is watching it right now where these people just slowly come out of the shadows of the forest right and you're like ooh well you're like Lou this game looks good this guy you know I'm surprised this this game looks this is not the call of diligent and slow and then captain everybody's being sneaky and Captain Price comes out with a cigar and he doesn't need to be a look at that stash though yeah so cool I'm just I'm really excited to play the campaign because I really like the campaign Captain Price was a cool character to play with to play as and and he's funny he's harsh he's he's everything you like and a good you know a good character right so and it was the modern warfare game with is easily in my opinion the best one out of all of them called you before I hope that it comes close to that as I'm excited because this trailer looks really good if the multiplayer isn't screwed up which you done it many many times if they don't make it so I can see my death in the killcam of the person I just killed you know kind of a deal I am very tempted to get into jump into this yeah it's it looks very good what is Infinity Ward doing this one which bodes well for they Call of Duty series I'll tell you the part that I like is the sequences that they show off where you're entering houses and you're going in with your team yeah that's very Rainbow six it's very intense that looks like your angles from their helmet oh it looks so good it also looks like they're like a compound where you're going into to kill Osama bin Laden or something you know I think we all need oh you're having our I'll tell you why you're having a hard day tell maybe your wife at work know your co-workers yes your wife yells at you your dog doesn't respect you you come home you fire up call of duty you killed Osama bin Laden life is good yeah life is good saving the world same in the world when another big one October 25th this year October 25th is the release date yeah at least usually they do November release date well I guess it kind of varies between them but October this year yeah if you've not seen the trailer head over to YouTube just type in call of duty modern warfare so good the the reboot though we like the idea of a reboot just calling it modern warfare or you you think he should be modern warfare what it was what one way if they went in sequential order would be for for well a modern warfare for you like the idea the reboot just start from scroll 34 B or B or Y a multiverse one three to nine six yeah I don't know whatever but you like the idea of just let's just start over let's scrap scrap it let's act like the original one was a great story yeah as long as they keep the characters kind of the same you know I mean well I like personality ones right yeah yeah yeah cuz yeah I really like Captain Price I thought he was a really cool character and like no spoilers try not to do the spires there's a scene where he tosses you a handgun at a very pivotal point and you're like remember that part it's it's awesome yeah it's you know so good it's so good they do really good with their campaigns are they used to so I'm hoping but that it will work on this yeah I mean I'm very hopeful I'm exciting that is exciting it looks good it got me hyped let's move on last week we talked a little bit about it we get my really it was my first impressions cuz I had jumped in but dauntless we talked a little bit honest we have dove in all three of us we jumped in the deep end and we've been playing it a lot let's get our full review on dauntless I want to start with mix spicy down at the end spicy you've had a week to play arena actually how far you're pretty far I'm level 19 or 20 very nice very good yeah so I don't know how far do we know I have no idea what the game is but all I know is I'm enjoying it but what do you like about it what do you dislike what has hooked you because you're clearly hooked you're playing all the time online do you even you even appeared offline for this game would you know when he appears offline he's serious well you just want to be disturbed here's the deal with some of the times I when I appear offline it's like 11:30 at night my wife's asleep and when I play with friends and you know people that listen to the show and everything I feel like I'm obligated to talk oh sure and if I can't talk I probably I just turn off the offline mode cuz I I don't want to you know people are nice and you don't Efendi I don't want to just not talk right so I peer offline sometimes this is this is one of those games cuz I've been I had a busy week so I could only play my I've been playing at night like from 11:30 to like one night something like that every night I I really really like this game a lot they do a lot of great things in this game they do things that are confusing at first that I initially had an issue with and Jordan definitely had an issue with I don't know if he's over some of the issues like with inventory and stuff like that but where you don't get to see anything you pick up or anything you far but also you don't get to see even your daily your daily death marks sometimes I think that's broken yeah I think that yeah sometimes you can't see and I don't think those are important to the game those are just there to do something while you're loading as you're loading the game so like so the inventory Jordan had this concern and it was kind of I was kind of miffed about it at first where it doesn't show you there's nowhere to see your inventory you can't see your inventory anywhere and that's frustrating in a game where inventory allows you to craft sure but once you figure out how it's doing it yeah I don't think it's that big of a deal I'm oh I'm fine with it you if you go to like a someone who wants you you want to craft something like let's say you want to craft a new part for your pistol yeah let's say I want to do amber main sorry okay let's say you want that if you go to that blacksmith and look at that amber main sword it tells you what did it yeah it was I was always under the impression that I couldn't know the names you know there's a logo at the bottom sir but if you look at the dialogue it tells you what it is that you need exactly what it is you need and every part is the name is similar to whatever the monster is that you need to kill sure so it's there and you can see how mate for instance like if I need fire orbs I can see I have 25 it's gonna to cost me eight to make this so that yeah I'm an inventory check right there yeah fire herbs are easy because you get those just by doing patrols yeah yeah those are easy but with the specific parts for things law I like I was I used to just see the picture it was like a leaf and I'm like what what's that what is that well how do i how do I get that what do I get let me at least put my icon over it so I can see what it is it does tell you you just don't look there don't look to the right look to the right and it'll tell you what it isn't we're basically where you can get it right so I'm like you said it the name of your equipment it will correspond with the monster that you get those parts from from what I understand they used to have an actual inventory system yeah it was in the beta it wasn't that yeah and they removed it and you have unlimited spaces in your inventory so it's you really don't need a deal yeah you really don't need it because they don't you can't you're not salvaging those parts because you're always going to use those parts the only thing that you can salvage is your cells which you do have kind of the same kind of inventory you can I mean you can't see all your cells when you go to the middleman but that's the only part you can salvage anyway so you really don't need an inventory if there's no salvaging so no but overall I really like this game I love the Monster Hunter style game yeah you you armor up get your weapon you want you go out you kill a monster it's difficult you figure out how you know it's movesets you come back now that you just harvested all the parts you make more armor you make better weapons you go to that again etc etc you play with friends it's for player right or you play with randoms same you know whatever I have found that there's a lot of people learning the game I I do get annoyed when people go down and they immediately use your rev you know you're shot you have three all the time whenever team not / / no it's per person Oh per person but I get it at a certain point in the fight if it's a really tough monster there's a rage meter at the top right if you hit a hundred percent you can no longer be revived by your teammates abusers you have to rely on your shot save those correct everybody that I have played with that I have lost the boss they just use them right off the bat and I'm standing right next to them I could have just revived them right so there's a learning stage in the initial part that I'm still I'm level 19 I'm still getting those Sur players right they'll learn no big deal excuse me but but but I really I really like this game I like the the cell system where you can augment your weapons to do certain specific you basically you can make a build of whatever type class that you want to have with every weapon with every weapon any armor set you can insert it's basically like the Diablo gems you know you have a socket in weapons or an armor and then you can put these they're called cells you can put them in there and it gives you a buff they have a way to into increase the value of those set buffs those cells and you so you can chart basically you can you do the laundry with them I don't know how else you put them in the laundry hamper or whatever and then it wishy washes them into which I've got some pretty good ones from yeah some really good ones from that um also on top of that you have mods yes yes and they don't those are more rare you have to get those by doing your quests and those only apply to certain types of like one mod can only go to certain kind of yes yes I like a game where you build out a character how you want it you learn your play styles you have to work for your gear it's like touches me in all the right places oh I really like this game it's free they for tonight at it with the battle pass I don't think but think the battle pass at this point is very good because you just get like certain it's not like for night battle past Slayers yeah yeah so in the flare cuz I was like oh now I got the ninja flare I was really excited for it yeah you don't see it no one sees it so it doesn't matter like they need to lower that so that you see it better or yeah or or just give you like more skins or something cuz the in-game items like grenades and stuff I don't I don't want that in a battle path how about when I get a bag of mushrooms yeah I know no on mushrooms starts with the skins is there a permanent transmog to like just a slot what do you mean no so for go you will see that not a trend that's the problem with the skins I think so the skins are cool and I have a couple cool ones cuz we got you know the special edition or whatever but the problem is is like oh I'm fighting this monster ok switch to my fire armor my whole transmog goes away no no no it's per item okay so it's pride that's because I didn't I wasn't sure I have a ninja outfit I relax I think I have a ninja outfit and I changed the color to whatever it is so the first slow fire armor I make it red if it's air armor I make it light blue I'm neutral I stay yellow you say yellow stay yellow from neutral 404 neutral yeah for you know whatever it is for Earth I put it green for Earth armor right so it's like a Fire Nation per slot you can change your armor but your trade as well as asking it'll remember setting any if you transmog any any armor piece it will remember that specific armor ok cool you transmog and and again then they did the skins right I like that and you can always just revert and it's free it doesn't care yeah also and also having said that it's the other part that I like is when you mod or use cells to adjust and change your weapons or your armor it's not permanent there so if you have you have one cell one really rare cell let's say that you really like on this weapon and but you need to play with your battle-ax it was on your store you need to play with your Benelux you can put it on your battle-ax you could take it off and put it on there like right before you jump into the match it's not permanent you don't waste it you're like so you don't have to it takes away the stress of Oh am i building this correctly yeah because you can always cost money to change all those things it like the previous bills of the game did they used to be permanent and then they made it cost money but on this version is much better this is the best way to do makes it so people do it don't have it's a stress filled life so big spicy really likes it Jordan how about you no I like it too so I mean I I think it's a good game it's a little you know sound as impressed no no I do like I've gotten to play as much as Mark right yeah baby no it's fun I haven't actually really had to sit in the cue lines too much I think that's kind of feelings are gone yeah it's kind of under control right the lag has kind of gone down which is probably due to the cue lines being desert you know what's real lettuce I know the only real issue and I wouldn't call it an issue because when I was talking to you about it I was like I it's okay that they don't have it I just I like the inventory and the only reason I mean you're looking for like to look like for example like if I was in a world and I collected ten mushrooms I'd like to be able to pull up that before we fight the boss especially on patrols right sure pull up your inventory before you fight the boss see how many I need you know what I mean but I mean you're right it doesn't you can see that ultimately doesn't matter yeah I just I like having the B button for bag that's a cause that's a cosmetic thing that you know other than that I think it's really good if anything alright well I would say it's a little bit more streamlined than Monster Hunter oh it's muddy because it's completely streamlined monster it's I mean I know comparing I really like Monster Hunter and I think monster there's a lot of fun but it really is monster fight or fight monster upgrade fight monster monster Monster upgrade armor don't hand a craft your buffs oh crap later on when you hit the harder monsters you need you know I I'm not as far as you I think I'm level seven below the lowest for once oh so play games but I have been yeah if you wanna be I have been every night logging in and collecting the darts get my 10 darts the the death the death death parts yeah cuz you get the hunt pass you know yep every time you collected art you get so many look I thought you said hump pass yes you know you don't get those okay I must be playing the wrong game you know the the Wyatt I don't know what it's called the white rock currency for the hub pass it's just like a little white rock workers they're called hearts it was like a little white rock there is a lot of currencies in this garys a lot of currency those are called heart seekers hunt pass is heart seekers yes you get so many hungers and then you get there and ibly uh as you fight monsters they'll drop randomly yeah all right bet and then we're sorry these are not monsters either behemoths which I find the flaming behemoths the hardest well you haven't played the electricity behemoths yet though I have the the reason I think those ones are the hardest is they make it so you cannot use your items so if you that's the one that's the ones that okay we fail the most yeah let me rephrase because people died so yeah the agile behemoths are the hardest also a hammer I don't like no when I change the sword it doesn't go better but I love the him I know the Hammers off-center but the they specifically made different weapon types one weapon light you wonder what weapon I hate no repeaters I hate the rocket I hate the repeaters there's I think it's a is it I like them I don't know there's a question normally I like the support class but I don't know the repeaters don't do it for me no so the repeaters are great for the agile monks yeah that's true so the fact that you have a plan all wrong on the edge on the fact that you dislike the agile monsters and hate the repeater no but I said I switch to sort I like I also want the double axes to I haven't played with those too much but axe is fun I think all the weapons are fun yeah and they really did a good job at at making you learn what each one does yeah because if you have an agile monster and you have the hammer you're not gonna do any well you still need you still need a hammer in in your group though no not on an agile no you are stunned on agile - reacts or something faster on an agile hunter - hits stun one just get to it never can hit him oh I get hits yeah because here here's where you had to like the repeater but having a repeater so beast 420 play with me another morning and he's upgrade his repeaters and is really good at playing the support class actually and he drops the orb that speeds your character up so I would always pick that up and boom Oh run over there smack him with my ex Dunham's would kill them in no time hammer with the hammer baby the hammer I don't think the Hammers good at all against agile monsters is when you get speed it's like the accent the ax is a little bit faster and still does the stun damage yeah and it does actually sharp damage - it's kind of a hybrid and then you have the faster with like the repeaters there here's a deal with like the agile electricity guys those are the hardest because they shock you and then so you can't heal and then they shock you again and you're dead or and you it's hard to get close to that because of that reason and the hammer they're just too fast you'll never get a hit well then you got a jam at the what they do well is they play this game with you wearing when you're on patrols so in order for me to fight so for instance let's just take the first two in order me to be to do well against the fire behemoths right the flaming ones you have got to have the advantage of frost armor but you can't level up your frost armor unless you get the orbs from fighting a frost good job really good thing is this it's this like give-and-take that they did really well and you can't you can't get the frost armor unless you have the flame armor that gives you the advantage to fight those and so it's you've always it's really cool it's a carrot on a stick that never ends it's beautiful I love chats conversation right now we have Todd Stevens what's happening we are talking about a game that sounds very complicated it's really nice and then it says it says it is but it's less complicated than a game it's copy that's more complicated no so anyways aunt Lascaux it's about the game dauntless we all highly recommend it it's free-to-play super good it is free-to-play so download it check it out maybe it's not your cup of tea it is a very specific genre so it might not be your cup of tea if you like 3d Diablo this might be up your alley so yeah it I can he I can tell that it's kind of it sounds complicated but it really isn't they do and they do a good job of guiding literally just you know if you're fighting a fire monster have ice armor or not have fire armor if I were if you're and have an ice weapon and then Terra and electricity correct those are they're just you have you have elements that are polar opposites of each other and when in doubt do what I did first thing just level up all your neutral armor so you can fight anybody yeah yeah and now it's the easiest one to do that that's that just requires neutral new force you give those all time it's a really fun so we have to ask this question uh-huh before we move on from dauntless dauntless first monster on a world for you which one is better I'll start with make spicy I would say Monster Hunter really yeah I would say monster honour Jedi more in-depth there's more to do it's more detail that's gritty or what what what the monster puts it over the top for you the monsters in Monster Hunter are more difficult it requires more training it requires there's a lot of skill checks as you progress in the game the hits are heavier it's it's more like Dark Souls I would say Monster Hunter is like a fortnight at version of Dark Souls it sounds stupid but buzzer Henner is like took what I liked about Dark Souls and then added crack kind of like monster world I think it's I think it's a better game as far as for me I like more difficult games this is much this is meant for a much wider rd an audience Douglass's yeah absolutely i think and i like boss fights and that's all all Monster Hunter is is boss fights all dauntless is is boss fights they even removed all like the little animals the little creatures that you could kill in harvest yeah and harvest all that stuff it's literally you go hit that sign and go fight a monster come back and do it and go fight a monster and then upgrade while you're you just do it while you're loading yeah that was true no so I think I think Monster Hunter is just more to me because if it's skill level requirement and the pacing and how they do it however I like boss fights and dauntless is a boss fight game and you gear up and you can make builds yeah and that is addicting that's really it's really good Jordan how would you monster hunter world-first dauntless what does who does it for you what does it from I think I'm in the same boat monster hunter world okay for what reason same reasons er yeah probably the complexity there's more you have to worry about it's more I think monster hunt well I don't know I can't say would you say I Monster Hunter so Monster Hunter cost us $60 yeah so I mean it's free I mean there's a story involved right but I mean all that aside would you say cuz dauntless is pretty min max II but I feel totally as Monster Hunter might have a little bit more min max I would agree because you add your food element your crime in just different weapons add different things like the bow it's all depends on the ammunition you have you know I mean yeah definitely more complicated and and you have to cook the right fish yeah with the right cats yeah so but no I like I think I like Monster Hunter because it's a monster more it's more death okay I think that's to dauntless has advantage like Mario say I actually prefer dauntless because I like just getting in and out yes the story of my life and you get out I've heard take care of business and I like the hump curtain enjoy yourself that's why the heartseeker hunt fruit seed does it for me yeah I've got a lot of it and I spend it all the time ah no I I actually prefer it I think it removes the thing that I didn't like at first in Thomas is I was like why can't I wander the world and farm like cuz I really enjoyed that in Monster Hunter world and as you wandered the world in in Monster Hunter you come across new bosses or new animals yes kill stuff like that which is really this really cool like explore and discovery thing but the longer I've played dauntless I think I prefer just throw me in fight fight the beast and get out and and you've still farm like now I farm right before you know on your way I pick up everything that I need to pick up I know what I need to get I'm really excited to get to endgame in this since and and sink my teeth in and stuff like that but I I think this suits me because it takes out all the fluff and the one thing that was a turn-off in Monster Hunter for me which is cool it is cool but it takes a lot of research to learn the builds this I don't feel like I have to spend hours and hours researching you're not late game yet to learn the builds by then though the late game is the build game sure and by then you'll know very specific thing what I want to build and so I mean I think the streamline works for someone like me I actually prefer I'll be both fantastic games don't get me wrong it must earn the world's a triple-a game does the formula great just this formula the streamline formula I think I prefer myself Thomas yeah it's good there you go if you haven't checked out dauntless go check it out oh my goodness let's get to the news let's get this show on the road baby Jordan tell us what's happening in the world that is xbox one this week well there was the call duty trailer that we are talked about oh I forgot to mention this which is in the news they are supporting cross play well yeah can we talk about that on dauntless Hardy hold on have you ever seen dauntless cross play they say they have cross play a box all the platforms I've never seen a playstation person in my in my group all only PC Xbox and then I was talking and place I should people have only that we're watching the stream have only seen PC people I think it's only cross play between PC and the console you're on I don't think it's cross play be so tense I've only seen PC and Xbox logos yeah I think you can but you have to do it with a friend I don't this is me speculating because I've seen screenshots of like Xbox Playstation but I mean screens I think you have to play with you have to join the game through your epic account and you have to have a friend on PlayStation through the epic that's what I'm speculates my straight relation I don't think I will see a Nintendo switch logo one of these days oh yeah yeah Call of Duty's coming out on the switch right I thought it was maybe yeah I think it is I they built a new engine they might have thrown the switch yes switch engine what switching which makes I guess I've released other Call of Duty's on the ninja proved engine yes what's your presented so anyway yeah cross play when I first heard cross play I was like oh like it I mean it they'll probably do the same way like fortnight does it right like a Master Hunter world it does matter there's no competitive but multiplayer in Call of Duty is like twitchy shooter right yeah there's gonna be advantages PC has unlike it they'll have like a true cross play competitive console yeah I think I think I probably would yeah I think they'll probably do what like fortnight does you can choose your input it defaults at not doing it but you can add a filter that says yes I want to play a PC gamer now where the cross play would come in handy is like co-op campaign if someone you got a friend on the PC you play on the you know concert or whatever that'd be pretty cool so anyway crackdown three free updates so they have the there's no switch port for the cop for Cod okay there's another game that they were releasing on the switch then thank you chat thank you for keeping me honest sorry so crackdown 3 coming up with new free content the first one is keys to the city which basically I don't necessarily want to call it modding but it essentially lets you do whatever you want you can you can have upgraded characters fully you can you can build stuff you know people were building like in the trailer they were shown like a bunch of gas cans and they blow them up because I mean that's actually what I would do first it really is I'd put a bunch of stack a bunch of explosive cans and then shoot it they're throwing out oversized beach balls Oh like it's basically just a big I don't want to say mod but big leg it's a it's it's a playground right it's a sandbox playground right you can do whatever you want in it so it's pretty yeah the next is multiplayer they're doing some some stuff in wrecking zone basically a lot of new skins and stuff like that it kind of sounded almost like a battle past type thing but we'll see when it comes out so but pretty cool that is cool I like it so anyway also hunt showdown this game is cool we were I think we might have to try this one out so hunt showdown is basically I don't even know how to explain it Connor yeah but with PvP so well like evolved kind of okay I'm gonna read what it says here it says showdown hunt showdown is a first-person shooter that focuses on slaying monsters so imagine a battle royale where teams are dropped in and your objective is to slay the monster get the loot go back do this so did that part same process slay the monster get the loot upgrade your character do cool things right yeah now within that world where you're hunting whatever monster you want to hunt there's other teams of players that can kill you wait what say that again so you you get dropped in the world so like hey let's go north I hear a monster yeah David drops in the world and goes hey let's go north I heard mark was over there and then he comes over and he shoots you as you're trying to kill that monster like there's a pvp element okay so and I'll piss me off yeah I've seen people play it and like people get stressed but I think it's like I think it's like the heist yeah no but I think it's like saw me play pvp and see if thieves yeah you know but I think it had that made that high stress that it's like world is it like it's in the high very high reward it's very and I don't know if you wanna I can't remember if it's like if you lose a character you like escape from tarkov you lose what you have type of thing yeah I don't know if they've added that in there but it's I I want to say they have but I don't know but anyway how would be I would like that actually can then I yeah but that's that I'd be mad there you go imagine escape from tarkov but you're hunting monsters I like that sounds like a good formula yeah can you say that game I like it yes instead of players you're hunting monsters but the players are still there to kill you right anyway and the graphics it's on the Crytek engine so it looks really pretty right yeah it's it's in game preview right now for $30 but I want to try so you've been seeing people play it on the it's full really is it full release on the PC I don't know might be early I'm very busy as well but and I've been seeing people play it it looks fun morning you I want to give it a whirl what is it out now yeah yeah and game preview look at it first cuz I think this game is is an acquired taste game yeah but I think it looks pretty fun I do want to kind of give it yeah it is full release on the PC I was right I was right so it's so it's still like beta on the Xbox but full release on PC yeah that makes us you're a sense in my brain neither did fortnight but they did it too yeah before and I did it to make money dark vault wrote in chat says was watching stupendous play last night looked fun with a team and Darth Maul says it's an awesome game but very stressful and also has some horror as well because monsters are scary very stressful yeah also horror tarkoff is really stressing I liked Arkham that would be cool if you lose all your gear so and yeah maybe someone in chat do when you die I think you lose all your gear but I may be wrong I may be thinking of us I'm interested now so anyways I think it's a cool looking game I do want to give it a try on the Xbox look into it before you buy it though yes I think it is an acquired taste game moving on we're actually I'm talking about the PC cool thing that Microsoft did they're coming out so you know Xbox game pass they're coming out with Xbox game pass for PC pretty cool they haven't really talked about they talked about developers there's a devolver digital which I know you know I liked about digital Sega Paradox Interactive oh yeah Xbox game studios of course and then you got Bethesda and I think it's Deep Silver is only kind of the ones I showed off but it's Xbox game pass come to the PC oh what's interesting is in the article they talked about they talked about we know basically they want to bring this platform to PC players because they want you know people to play games yeah they did talk about we understand that people like to play from Steam people like to play from origin people like to play from the Microsoft Store right they so they're talking about they're not gonna take that away from you by having game paths so I'm really interested to see how it integrates and how it works I wonder if maybe they just give you codes I anyway it's it's a actually what what examples people like I don't think people like to play from anywhere other than Steam I just Microsoft I mean actually to be honest with you epic is making a splash our websites secure I can say this yeah I think epic is doing awesome no they are yeah yeah crushing it well I think they're making steam like they went up to Steam and said hey man you're not the big kid on campus and I think what happens is they tried to work with Steam on something and steam us to piss them off and they were like you know what let's how much money do we have okay let's would it for me bring in this money let's make our own browser let's crush these guys like it seems like they're being so aggressive well my favorite was when they're poaching games would like on the week before release my favorite was when steam was like yeah that was kind of a dick move epic and they're like yeah was yeah do it again yep yeah epic is that's so never forget I mean good free games - I've had some decent ones well the most important and yes it's a dick move and stuff but more importantly they're giving developers more money there that's why that's why your helpers are movie is why they're doing the deal which makes it better for consumers in the long run because they have more money to make better things better games etc which again is exactly what happened which is exactly how Sega Genesis became dominant because Nintendo had pissed off developers Sega came in and said hey guys we're here come work with us we'll hit will the PlayStation no sorry the the og Nintendo at the NES the Sega Genesis Sega they they lost the battle little but if you knew that after the Nintendo Sega Sega I saw that documentary take a crushed in all the coolest games were on Sega before the Super Nintendo you know what I mean and and because Nintendo messed up they were that's they weren't treating developers right it's how the PlayStation was kind of made - like there's there's a there's a certain formula here yeah that's yours right these are either villain or superhero origin stories that we're talking about now let me ask you this with the game pass on PC if I have game pass on the Xbox does it carry over like if I have one on one do I also have the game pass on the other order exit by two separate I'm not I'll bet you this is how I think they're gonna do it I'll bet you you can attach your Microsoft account sir to whatever you already can do that to discord you already can do that to a lot of things to steam then you get then that appears in your library like all the games appear in your library oh it seems like it's gonna be a simplement like that yeah it's probably complicated code wise but that's how things like that have happened I mean even make sure we have all we have our Microsoft is doing such a good job of pushing the value for gamers unlike unlike anyone else they really are kind of leading the way here yeah yeah well sorry I was trying to find where they were talking about steam and stuff like that but anyway who's they Microsoft anyway yeah they did talk about you know basically well actually here it is and we're working to enable more choice on in which store you can find our Xbox game studio title and they taught you anyway so it'll be interesting we're gonna hear more about it at e3 they did say that so anyway I think it's just cool coming right that's good that's good all right games with gold for June do you know what they are what they're NHL 19 as well oh my name is chell 19 there we go at the end of Jacey's if any sports fans that just like playing sports games NHL 19 I hear it's like well not just 19 the NHL series as a whole it's hockey you can't really mess up hockey and they haven't so it's a super fun game you also got rivals of ether rebels of ether I don't know that one you know tonight but you know yeah you're gonna know it next month the the 360 game is portal yeah that's a good one and then you got Earth Defense Force 2017 which by the way in 2017 there was only two years ago like I didn't know they were still making games no no it's it's just like oh I get it kids because in the futures like cyberpunk is not coming out in 2077 so that's what that is it's that futuristic a-team I had a lot of time to yeah to make it yeah no I get it that years 1990 was like when you see years in the past you know yeah the Chinese have taken over America so that was uh Jordan making a dumb those portals really good if you guys haven't played portal yet in your lifetime toss a great pile out of portal a super co-op pork soup for co-op a lot of people's tops top of all time on their list it's fantastic the orange box there you go III press conference yeah so that's exciting news yeah we're gonna be there actually guys from tomorrow well a week to a week in two days we have one more show and then we're at e3 already three super exciting time yeah so 14 games being shown at e3 this year or sorry are at 14 games being shown at e3 our xbox one first party titles 14 of them dirty that's dirty so hopefully uh it's a lot of triple-a titles and oh not a lot of independent points but I think it will be I think we've got enough I think we've got enough stuff happening I mean enough well I'm sure I'm sure bro sorry I mean to interrupt you that's okay I mean I think there's enough studio said that we're gonna have something well then I think we're gonna see a lot from those new studios all right so which will be kind of cool so anyway III shaping up to be pretty good rushing and talk a little bit more about III like the Avengers game No so Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics are making an Avengers game which we saw teased a little while ago they're gonna have more at e3 which is pretty cool so stay tuned to their press conference what kind of gave me things give me an RPG no one knows yeah no one knows they're gonna an Avengers project they're gonna tell us okay let me ask you this and mix by seed let me ask you this I'm here with fourteen so Phil Spencer announced we're gonna showcase 14 first party title games we know that death stranding just was released the trailer the gameplay trailer they did it the fallout way they did a 24 hour stream then they laid down an 8 minute trailer yeah and I will say that game by itself makes me want to buy a Playstation it's really that game I like it touches the weird its stranger things have you ever world's a third-person pregnant man running around with a ladder have you ever been that's what I got out of that trailer have you ever looks awesome have you ever been touched in a weird way and liked it yeah that's what this game does you know it gives you that feeling you don't know if you're safe but you want to go ahead and punch in your life okay okay what you could touch me again yeah pregnant man with ladders with Daryl you got a weird motorcycle hood I think it's I think it's cool with this with these ghosts that are hunting knew these monsters in the wall like stranger things and this is what I don't be my dreams about it crazy stuff to make this like yeah he's a visionary have you ever been touched in a weird place and liked it that's what this game is that's how that guy is how this game it it's it just looks I don't know it looks weird in all the right ways yeah I can't figure it out I look at it and I like it it looks good but it's he's got a baby on his chest like with an umbilical cord and like a plus whatever that's a holding pod until they do it nowadays and then the hand thing yeah it was like bbbbbb and then they're finding the babies then he pulls out like a 10-story ladder out of his backpack I'm like oh so know that in the future you know that game's got an inventory menu just I mean I'll probably get him play let's see all that stuff is your load I liked you're like I gotta figure out what's going on that's how they show my the only one that thinks it's weird no I know I heard but I love it like I think it's cool like a baby in a birth canal you know when your first babies can stay they can see both sides of the world they can see the spirit side of the upside down there's the upside down world and uh you know when your funny bone gets hit and you don't like it but you kind of like that I think you know you're like oh I dunno an experience that but then you kind of like that sensation I don't think I've ever had the like like you've hit you've it you you're telling me that you've had your funny bone hit and it's felt good know it like hurts but then you're like wow that was kind of a nice little tingle at the end that was kind of refreshing Darth Maul says Kojima games are not meant to be understood they're meant to be experienced I think well said that morning about you guys anyway so destiny came out I mean PlayStation has killed this generation with first party titles how important is it with these fourteen Xbox titles that we're going to see that they that they have one of these epic type of trailers this this generation do you how important do you think that is I think that's important no but how like is that their number one thing or do you do you think they can get away with not showing one else I think they have to have one I think they cruise us they have all the momentum Microsoft at the e3 14 games yeah do the Xbox titles yeah Xbox I think we need a triple a God of War I think we need a triple a death stranding I think we need a triple-a I definitely I do I would do if Xbox should make more sense I want you to buy chaps and with no pants you have some weird fetishes man yeah I think I think I agree with master angular master eggless says they need they need exclusives if they're gonna sell game pass to non Xbox people and I'm sorry to know and they made big exclusives it's like Dead Rising 3 it doesn't need to make sense it just needs to happen see they're gonna have a halo they're gonna probably know yeah but I think we need something beyond that like obviously Halo infinite the crowd for halos they're like I don't I bet we know it's coming but I think you need a new big IP like a scale bad new IP the adventure game I don't know if you need an adventure game but that's well that's what all these are yeah there you go then yeah I think then that's exactly what you need a story-driven sweet sweet looking game and a that that gets hype and gets hyped like that's a game I want to play I will buy the Xbox for that game yeah yeah but I get those all the time when like I see hey loans I just the trick is to just get everything get a PlayStation game next well it's gonna be interesting I think I think I think they've got to come out swinging and I hope they do I think that was really the only ones one in tendo's they're right Nintendo does its own thing yeah you gotta respect that continuing on trailer Square Enix so a Square Enix new marble game Marvel Avengers game so like I said there's not much to be known about it other than it's coming and we'll get more info at e3 very nice so be sure to watch the square Enix press con I hope it this trial because it's a total war type game total war with the Avengers Avengers you need thousands wait and how would you do I'd the wakandans [Laughter] because you have all the superheroes versus all the Condon's versus all of Thanos as people minions yeah but there was like there's not your heroes that have special abilities there's like advantages superheroes and you can have a civil wars and then it was all the yeah well that's exactly how you do it then that's how you doing the super heroes will be your captains and the US military is back there or something you know military people it'd be cool Ben total war it baby total war it I'm there no it would be I don't think a total war game would sell as much as another style of game although I mean if you could probably do a total honestly they're gonna do what Ultimate Alliance did just with the e oh heck yeah Oh ultimate Lance one into SOG we're really good because was it one or two where was it both they basically intertwined the Civil War and secret war oh really and it was really good I think that was too whichever one that one was pretty good yeah so good and then I just loved how you can level up anybody you wanted and you could choose the team that you wanted to combo moves the coop was fun co-op the combo like you could have you know storm electrocute Captain America's shield or whatever and have it bounce off or no it was cyclopses laser beam eyes and officer yeah Captain America shield stuff you could there were only certain flying characters that you could go over bridges and stuff I was Jean Grey Jean Grey was so powerful when you leveled her up cuz you just threw people off bridges matches their one shot everybody it's so good that game was so great I want that game I want that game yeah maybe it'll be an MMO no I don't think I hope not I think MMO is the hardest John right to create to create well yeah mm-hmm there's so much involved you gotta hook people for that long like it's difficult I hear ya anyway anthem yeah anthem has a new update that came out it basically sets the foundation for the Cataclysm event there's a whole list of patch notes a lot of it is quality of life which is good there is a three emerald abyss legendary missions that have been added which is pretty cool also will like one call it a lot of his quality live bug fixes stuff like that but what a quality life is you can now fast travel to the crawler yeah I forgot what it was called but the crawler from FreePlay sure which is pretty cool so but basically a lot of good quality of life stuff anthem you think if they they just keep coming out with legit and improving their game that they can bring an audience back or are they gonna need like a big event a big giant I mean I think there's an audience still there I think one game gameplay is fun they just they just messed up mm-hm and the players have left with endgame yep they're also promised an endgame when there really isn't one yeah they're also like enemies the like the Dominion storm the frost brewed scar hunters skarga natives have all been nerfed to make them easier because I guess they're a little bit Opie also they've been updated to identify and kill easier so you can actually like oh oh that's that guy that's that you know what I mean which actually in this game is very important because you want to identify certain enemies so you know who to kill first pretty cool so anyway yeah anthem update coming out with this new story there does what cracks me up Ubisoft leaky a new roller derby game you're telling me you don't want that game no there's actually another new story that I want to talk about Ubisoft as well story of the week this is Jordans news story of the week there was a leak that Ubisoft will announce a roller derby game imagine the multiplayer on that one there to be blast it would be a blast now I think I think that'd be really fun I'm looking forward to that I hope it's awesome although over treat it like WWE where you can create your own character with special moves your own blade your own plates your own roller skates that would be awesome also I see with Afro and like a colored yellow you know fascinator yeah I can get behind a roller derby game okay yeah what's the other story the other story is there was also a leak about something called the Ubisoft pass which people are speculating to be some tightness yeah some type of game streaming service from Ubisoft so we'll know more at e3 is the future man everyone's going for it Netflix did it who Lowe did it Amazon Prime did it Microsoft's done at EA access has done it everyone's gonna go for it so there obviously be more to share at Ubisoft press conference you'll have your nails and dancing yeah you'll have your dancing giraffes and elephants and then we'll get to the real stuff three unannounced games to maybe they'll do is they'll announce just dance like they always do and they'll have the weird dancing elephants come out and it'll have rollerskating people like roll around them come in like no it's what happens those line them you're joking but it's going to be just exactly how you're saying no yeah that's usually what they do with an annoying emcee that knows nothing about video games don't do that guys don't pay a lot of money this is what's stupid gamers don't care wait I don't have bugs I don't care reallocate those resources I don't care that Jamie Foxx or Zac Efron are there to play your game or to announce it I would rather see a gamer play the game and show me what it's really like right like I don't care who you have up on stage like I respect Pele but don't bring him up on stage to talk about FIFA he doesn't know well that was so oh sorry oh so boring yeah just give just give a game or I will take Joe off the street who plays the game to come MC and enjoy it more than some celebrities so here's Ubisoft celebrity last year I don't member who she was but not not a fan here's my theory it's a long theory so I don't know how I'm going to break this down let me hear it but and I've seen a couple of videos you know those YouTube algorithm videos are now like really making you stay on YouTube there is you get their audience no no this is my theory and it all comes down to Robin Williams okay okay before Aladdin oh well not because I want to saw a Latin you did see Latino so I saw that this weekend whatever before Aladdin you really didn't have main people in animated cartoons like voices oh yeah there's usually theater people you had at the most you had like Billy Joel in that one cat show you know you had you had some you know some voices but not like the big-name voices sure and then Robin William come came out and he was just absolutely nominal phenomenal actually changed how all those movies are made now there's a DVD about I even give him a script like he just he just did really good and actually Disney pissed him off and that's why he wasn't in the second one the second movie cuz I saw this is a one well because it went straight because he wasn't in it went straight to DVD I believe Homer Simpson was the voice of what they do to make a man alright well he he basically said because he was doing Fern Gully at the time heard Kelly I've never heard he was a he wasn't pretty cool okay I forgot about that movie so he was doing Fern Gully at the time Forrest oh and the Disney this will this this will tell you how like ruthless Disney is okay so they bought Fern Gully so no no but they did say they it was there from Disney's ruthless so Rowan Williams is doing the voice for one of the characters in Fern Gully char and he did that he chose to do that because he liked you know that Fern Gully was about like saving trees or whatever and at the time he was like really into that or whatever I wasn't it was it was Captain Planet at the time yeah so they Robin Williams actually didn't get paid very much to do Aladdin but he did it because he wanted it for his kids he thought it was a good character for his kids or whatever so he wasn't in it for the money right so he signed and said yeah sure Disney I'll do that but I have another one I'm working on now kind of a deal right but he also said if I do that movie you cannot you I don't want the genie to be used for marketing I don't want my name and my character to be used to sell this movie he's it was like a number was like 25% or less can use the genie and marketing material and my voice and all the stuff well so he went and they wrote the whole script the writers of Aladdin broke whole script around Robin Robin wins even before they even mentioned it to her so it would have crashed and burned if they didn't get robbed so play this for number three this is for the first one the first personal adage so he he's doing Fern Gully and Disney's trying to get him to not do four in Goleta so they would do those so they would to interrupt production and try to screw over Fern Gully they hire people that were working on Fern Gully studios that they would have they would reserve first and just not do anything with it and they would go to other locations and they would just they would buy buildings to not let Fern Gully be made that's awesome that is hilarious you're like ruthless yes so Robin Williams would not do the filth because it would to cancel the film right anyways so and then they pissed him off because he said Robin loves wasn't in it for the money he's like no I'm gonna do for a goal he stopped stopped doing this right and so Disney's like oh yeah screw your 25% deal and that's why that's why the Aladdin is everywhere he's in the center of the main poster so they just didn't pissed him off and so he didn't yeah yeah you know there's this whole there's this whole thing with that but before him the movies were about the trailers if you look at the trailers before Aladdin it was about you know the character of the story whatever after Robin Williams in Aladdin it now the animations became about what voices you have not the talent of the animators not the artists not anything to do with the story though all the trailers are now we have such and such such and such and such like Shrek movies we have you know any Murphy we have such as you know all these that's how they do the trailers is the voice people so I think so this is my theory I know it was really long kay that crowd that is used to that kind of marketing has bled into gaming trailers and gaming hype and so they're trying to bring on celebrity celebrities they're used to those games yeah to sell game's not the game's to sell games which is what we want the game play sells the game for me like that call of do trailer did more for selling that game to me then getting Kevin Spacey in it right like yeah Kevin's based doesn't matter to me I think we're cuz we're now gaming is so mainstream that you're getting producers you're getting high budget stuff from Hollywood that they're used to that oh let's get Paley Oh let's get yeah that was awful you know all that stuff that's my theory anyway think you're probably right there's a really long theory I wrote a script for Robin Williams they wrote it without like I thought he did a lot of ad-lib stuff in that movie no yes but they wanted like they wrote it like around here so how Robin Williams you know said yes with the the animator one of the animators drew Robin Williams stand up so Robin Williams was a stand-up guy you know and he just drew the genie doing his stand-up and it made Robin Williams laugh so hard that he said yeah I'll do it that's so animator that yeah the personality of the genie was written for Robin wing and then the man came in like it wasn't doing it for money as pretty interesting that's funny that brings us to the last segment of our show though this is the mailbag this is the portion of the show where we take questions from the mailbag in order to submit a question each week you just need to subscribe to us on patreon three dollars or more gets you access to the mailbag support the show and the community by joining our weekly mailbag over at patreon calm for / deposit gaming or x1 Bros comm and hit the support tab at the top of the page first question comes from barb barb he says hey Bros as always love the show thanks very much keep up the great work my question today pertains to the importance of exclusives in regards to the upcoming gen consoles oh we kind of had this discussion already nice um sort of you did sort of he listened I did you guys do roll this I tried to so barb can bring us back on track do you see the need for and do you think there will be next-gen exclusives at the launch of Xbox one the new the next Xbox and the PlayStation 5 or do you think they'll handle it much like the X and Pro where games will release on both generations and scale to your hardware do you see this as possibility and what are your thoughts if that were to be true it's gonna scale to your hardware like that we know that that's the case they talked about it Playstations talked about it Xboxes talked about it there are no more generations it's more like phone updates now right but I do think I do think they they're going to launch with an exclusive weird note we're gonna see for sure probably for sure probably is that a thing I mean we're gonna see halo in for sure problem for sure probably it we're gonna see a halo infinite I think that's almost guaranteed at this point that's gonna be a big launch title for them I think we're gonna see other begins I think what the thing is they've talked about like they're not gonna leave the Xbox one behind that's but their hold you're gonna sell halo infinite will still run yeah it's going to scale and I think that's super exciting - I do - whatever your hardware your on absolutely I think it's low and they've kind of already said it's gonna be in version so I'll have like you know just like they have now you'll have your s your entry level they'll have your X for your hard cores and then just so on and so forth right yeah and your flagship your flagship yeah your big boy your big boy the best place to play especially with streaming we know streaming is coming on all systems we're streaming that opens you up to more devices so they're not they're not limiting you to hardware but this hardware you know I think that's gonna be their selling point this Xbox one Z whatever it is this is the best place to play this game you can't open called dizzy I don't know what it'll be called um I need to because I did that's a good name I think I think it'll be a reboot and the XP Zeke's the Xbox oh I like that the world premiere world premiere lucid bar great question thank you very much for writing in next question comes from the men or Chopra what's up our Chopra he says hi guys just wanted to ask what is your game of the generation so far so the games this generation can I go first - for me game of this generation heads down no questions from dad or Richert Witcher 3 I'm richer story for you - yeah I think Red Dead Redemption - just did did stuff to me it's like a lot like you when someone touches you weirdly yeah it's like Danny in places that I really and you're like we'll do it again it's like oh right it yes I have no idea this is a game of the generation for me as score was Red Dead Redemption I'm a little bit biased because that the art red of redemption the first one was my favorite which game touched me inappropriately and you just kind of wanted it to happen again you know it's not that it touch you inappropriately it touched you and you're like wait a minute it's that is su you enjoyed it yeah yeah yeah I didn't know I liked which really richer three was excellent I don't I don't know this is way too different in your PlayStation of liable if I'm correct right are you talking about God of War no which are three I put it on your Playstation oh you did then it's still on that's my favorite story which of this generation what's your most played game of this generation spicy I don't think that's a fair question because probably minecraft stardew valley rd value poker its prominence poker we can just look at time play tonight here let me pull it I'll pull it up hold my nose oh boy so did you wait did you give us a game of generation I have no idea that's way too hard I have like a top 10 you can't and you got to prep me I guess you kind of gave me the most ran I just didn't read them which are three Red Dead Redemption I think those are two solid picks yeah I don't think it's Red Dead Redemption to them yeah I put which were three above that you put Witcher 3 above redemption to I think they both really how coming wiggle-waggle did you see what I did to that sorceress yeah twice he reloaded the save I mean don't you'll excuse me on a unicorn is the character models of Red Dead were not the character models of Witcher her $0.15 special bats at the hotel okay enough said 50 cents man yeah that's a steel deal you're gonna deal with her me the red sorceress that took you into her bath otras no no the first before you went on a date with her and you had like the one thank you to the aisle okay okay and ready at redemption I just have to worry about oh the with the bunny yeah yeah yeah I remember that part I think that's not absolutely I think Witcher is fantastic I think I think Red Dead Redemption - did a better job with the world that world blows my mind I think that is the best open-world game - to date ready to die yeah it's really good because it's very alive how do i where do I go to see is an activity phone it summons over they say time plate maybe you have to go in each individual game Pune I think when you're in achievements it just shows your last games that you ladies you might find this I really want to know this sorry I wasn't great question our chopper why make spices looking that will move on to the next question a great question thank very much for for writing in psychotic writes in and says hey guys I'm gonna keep this simple III is right around the corner and hype is amazing that said what are some things you don't want to see or hear about a III thanks for great in the community just dance you don't want to see 20/20 I think actually they're getting because if you look at it like a look at what III III or ei play is doing ei play already has scheduled out there's their shows at the stream all day all morning on Saturday so will actually be on a plane for some of these announcements and they're going through anthem here's you know here's half an hour of anthem here's half an hour of FIFA so I don't I think we're gonna see gameplay and developers talk about their game I think that way I think we're getting better Pele yeah I think no I think we're getting away from the fake celebrity hype yeah that's nice so but you don't want to see just dance no no I don't really care for yeah I don't want to see mobile games they'll be honest I don't care anything about that at all zero I don't have games on my phone I just don't care to play those I think the controls are terrible they're cheap games about gears pop you want to see that and I don't think that I have no desire to play that yeah that's probably not it has the audience yeah I have known no one chances are we might get a new girl's review mobile games to me are joke that's just how I feel I apologize for ever earn everyone's feelings I just don't like mobile games hey hey who you comparing to you cuz I beat you on that one titanfall 2 I have like 97% and you have like one oh look a Far Cry primal I'm 89% you're 15 that game was fun oh wait what's that game what's the game destiny oh that was close I win though high wind though this is fun whoa who do we owe ya five were cubot this is going through all these games oh man Metal Gear Solid live I forgot about that game last question let's head over we have a lot more questions but let's get our last one all right yeah yeah it's late bill I am bill I am he writes in and he says hey guys with the announcement of call of duty modern warfare coming out in October it was reported that it will have no season pass cross play and no exclusive but today it was announced that PlayStation will get the first DLC when it is available question is do you think Activision is hypocritical and wrong to lie that there will be no exclusives to one console or is this Sony's last minute trying to pull out from crossplane with Xbox yeah I well I don't think it's necessarily an exclusive it's just a time to time Sony yeah Sony will get it a month earlier than will get it I mean that's just your your publishers like that will prevent you from playing cross play on those Maps or whatever yeah it's at that time because no one else will have no one else will have it yeah so we'll split the community for that month right or whatever the time frame is I believe it's usually like a month or so I agree with the sentiment though by Bill I am I don't think Oh according to Ronan it's only a seven day exclusive oh it's only seven days cuz well what's the point how much money did that seven days clock cost Sony to get like I guess they they have advertising right so every time that game is advertised to advertise the PlayStation so that's what you're alternately playing for so they can say they have it exactly exactly so seven days cluesive is not bad at all but those seven days you won't be there I do think I do think there is something to that it doesn't feel yet and granted this is just speculation off of news stories off of stuff like that and how they've talked about it in the past I don't think Sony's all in like Microsoft is yet on the cross-platform play uh-huh so I think they're kinda kind of grudgingly being pulled they're dipping their toe in by fortnight who basically forced them so that was pretty funny that was power dead yeah for tonight roof I would love that I have that kind of power at some point I do have that hey I saw I have a top five is that good enough for the question yeah let's do top five so we're gonna billion build a great question though anything you want to add to that Jordan a you said on the exclusive no well now knowing it's only seven days I mean that's not it that's just like it's just the marketing do you're not worried about that at all great question though bill I am back to Jordan games of the generation let's get spicies top 5 starter valley okay overwatch mmm Witcher 3 Witcher 3 Red Dead - I did too GTA 5 GTA 5 I count as last generation but what a game what yeah I guess your guess you're right I guess you're right I guess that could be but it's a new generation port yeah but you really do put what you're three over Red Dead Redemption - yeah well yeah you should play it again now Geralt oh just start up and play the man I'm sampling again and I'm gambling a Red Dead Redemption plane I won 20 bucks maybe in twenty bucks and Red Dead Redemption whoo a lot of money we put down fifteen cents at a time when you're the big blind is 10 cents wait you can't is it limit then it's not no limit I haven't played it yet no you can no you can put in I mean you can you can up it as much as you okay cool yeah okay so what happened is just so happens I had a straight I had a straight with my high card as like an ace no it wasn't an ace it was like a nine or it was like a nine and then someone else got an ace nine yeah and there was and everybody I was like okay let's see if this guy really has it I wonder he had a streak and I went all in and then the other person went all in I shot I thought oh no you had a straight it was a nice name no no I just said ASA no you're not playing the role I play Ida straight with a nine nine was my high card right uh so I thought nice job yes I thought oh no he went all-in too he's got to have he's got royalty right he's got to have something similar and he had a straight high card seven Oh baby won it all maybe he was pissed what okay I I won no system well the story I want good twenty bucks okay straight is five cards right so I'm just doing the math I heard your story's full of holes seven and eight that makes sense oh so he had a seven nine no no no he had a straight going up to nine nine was the high card his opponent had the straight go to a seven okay make sense okay yeah all right sorry okay no no it's super fun oh sorry I walked away after when you had $20 I walked away I walked him out and I went outside I went outside and robbed you saddlebags can you do that in richer I don't think so that's pretty funny oh so much fun let me tell you right online is really there's a lot to do now there's a hunting there's a hunting PvP where everybody starts and you hunt and you got to get the biggest kill it's so cool oh wow it's like the hunt showdown the hunt yeah do you still have to go through like five games before you get that one no you can actually choose that mode and play that mode oh I don't know I'm not played it yet but I cuz I was so addicted to poker but I just dropped this metal bags anyways I see anything you playing this week anything new dauntless you're gonna be in Oh work which we do have a plan in dauntless it's limited at 100 but we do have a dauntless channel just head in there Jordan and spicy are both officers as well as beasts and I think our 56 Cooper oh there's no contract so you you can join there's no contracts there's no tryouts on this one but we do have a client I don't know what the benefits are of Chania I don't think there is yet it's just so you can see who's online with them there might be benefit though later I don't know maybe you get additional clan bonus friends with benefits friends with benefits bonus yeah yeah something like that but there's a clan head over to dauntless inside discord and let us know if you if you want in and we'll get you in cool oh you're just on dauntless cell this week anything else I want to play poker now you got me battle feel bad so that made me feel bad though I do feel bad I just let me feel bad just give me anxiety because I was like did I say something wrong no I understand what you're saying so yes yeah yeah dauntless I'll be playing for sure so good but I will I installed Red Dead back on my specifically for for poker yeah Jordan I'll probably play dauntless and actually I've been playing a lot of Assassin's Creed Odyssey just trying to go through the assassin have a lot of actually can I really something I think you both will be really proud of I'm already proud of you but go ahead I got an achievement in this a Sanskrit Odyssey Oh for getting frisky with an old lady it was it was one of the funniest quests I've ever done so she's this old lady you know so I'm trying to level up right cuz I was kind of just going through the story but it's kind of assigned where you have to do side question level your character up so I go and meet this old lady and she's like just starts telling me her love life and I'm like woah and even the character was like well you're old you know you're kind of going crazy anyway so she's telling you how much lover she has and her husband and her soul mates but her husband's lost it you know he's lost his mojo so I got to get her tonic and I don't know if I can say what's in that tonic but it's it's pretty intense stuff so I had to go get it and bring it back and her husband was standing there and she's married yeah yeah she's married and she's got disgrace man that's they lived a life so so her I come back to give her this tonic so her husband can get her mojo his mojo back right and so she goes oh thanks and she turns to her husband he's like look this will help you and like the look on his face he was like oh my gosh and he told me he said he said Alexio switches me yes I cute this woman like she's I can't do this anymore you know and he's asking for my help no it this is all true it's Audrey he's asking for my home and I said like it's because whoever animated this guy did a fantastic job cuz I could see the fear in his face he just couldn't make love to his wife anymore you just couldn't do it so I stepped up and I said hey yeah I'll help you out so I go help him out and he's like thanks man take my wife right so it was more than a fetch quest no yeah so anyway what's hilarious is you go into this building and like the day-night side here you're gonna know anything but it does this like Twilight day/night cycle like you're and you're like you're in there for a while and what's hilarious is the old guys like playing his guitar and then you sweep in and he's like just going through his life and anyway you come out and you say that one of the coolest things ever you go hey she's gonna be good for a couple days and then you just leave and then the achievement dings it was it was seriously one of the greatest quests it was pretty cool yeah and then it dings and I was like oh wow I just got an achievement for for hanging out with this old lady guys you know what I mean that is true so I'm gonna play a little bit more of that I mean why not when they enter quest they got good questions I nervously so loyal Doyle has been trying to talk me into quest achievement hunting oh okay and I'm like this close to doing remember we had our competition and that's not where we played those like week game yeah and we'd always appear offline so legs I don't know what we were getting and all of a sudden you got like a thousand and then when qiz was ahead and we come to the show and then I see right before the show so I've been tempted to I just don't know if that's such a rabbit hole to go down I just don't know but it's so tempted because that is it is satisfying like that that GILF achievement that yes that is fine I'm gonna I if I'm gonna like I'm good somehow I'm gonna figure out how to frame that achievement like I got that for just helping a dude out and helping the day I was eighty year old wife and his wife swing him and his wife both favors it was it was it was the whole like interaction like whoever thought of that quest at the office over there like that guy's cool what's up a guilt quest hey what do we put in a GILF quest okay well guys that does us for today thank you very much for joining us we love you guys III is next week we're super excited if you're well next week and change oh nice make it change so we'll be here we'll be so show 3 itself sex change yeah we'll be here we'll be here another show and then we're headed off to the Microsoft conference we're super excited for that but if you've not yet head over to Facebook there's an e3 meetup event we haven't decided yet on the place but it is at I believe 7:30 Pacific time that were we're headed there cool and it will be at the LA LA Live where we're at so there's a bunch of restaurants there there's a movie maybe we'll go see John with three that we could go bowling there's a bowling alley there or we just go eat at a restaurant but it'll be at the LA Live so basically just plan on being where the Microsoft leader is theater is where the Staples Center is around there so if I know and a lot of people some people would just got tickets to the to the Microsoft studio they sent out or not the Microsoft conference they send out new tickets and fan fest you know yeah they send out some fantastic it so some more people in the community out that but headover RSVP so we know who's coming and we know who to contact over on Facebook facebook.com forward slash x1 Bros and guys have a great week gaming this was this was a blast thank you very much for joining us you want me to hit that outro button now to hit that outro there it is oh and also don't forget you can go over to iTunes and rate review and subscribe to us that helps us almost tremendously we actually are gonna hit the ground running with this next console but there's gonna be a lot of hype a lot of excitement around it and the community we're gonna see it grow it already is growing by leaps and bounds and by love our love has grown and those watching us live just hang out we'll hang out after the show too so yeah today we have credits yes we have credits but somebody might get naked [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] [Music]