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Gamerstrength is a series of articles focused on health not gaming. Many in the gaming community are trying to improve their health so we thought the occasional health tip/article is appropriate.

    We all know the basics about health right? We all know what we should be eating right? We all get the right things in our bodies for it to function properly right?

When I first began my journey for a healthier body I focused only the food that I ate and my exercise. Rightly so, in general that is the basic premise of living a healthy life. However there was only one aspect of my diet that I focused on. Other than cutting out trans fats and sugars, I contemplated on the calories that were in my food. I was forgetting my lessons from microbiology and anatomy. While the comparison of our bodies to a car is a good one, it often sends the wrong message to people beginning the journey for a healthy life. The miscommunication within that analogy is that all you need to lose weight and be healthy is to take in less calories that you will burn, or to not have an excess of calorie intake. However our bodies are a beautiful and complex creation and require a more complex cocktail of proteins, amino acids, vitamins and minerals in order for them to work properly.

After I began crossfit I noticed that, even though I was eating healthy, I was not able to recover as well in time for my second training sessions. After talking to other athletes and my coach I learned that there was missing things within my diet that I wouldn’t normally get unless I added vitamins. Adding these can vastly help you feel better, reduce aches and pains, increase energy levels, and boost overall health and immune system function. As always consult your doctor to see if you may have any special needs or health conditions that require an added precaution when adding supplements to your diet. Never (NEVER) take my word over the word of your doctor, I do as much research as a I can and of course I will never recommend something that I’m not willing to try first; however I am not a medical professional and should not be treated like one. I am merely someone who’s researched and experienced the benefits of supplemental vitamins. So with that being said here a list of vitamins and recommended daily usage for a healthier body.

Vitamin A - Benefits eye, skin, and teeth health and promotes healthy growth as well. Some of the best natural sources of Beta Carotene are basically most orange fruits and vegetables including: carrots, sweet potatoes, and cantaloupe.

Vitamin B’s - The B Vitamins can help boost natural energy levels, as well as your immune system response. Whole grains, bananas, lentils, and chili peppers are good natural sources for most types of Vitamin B.

Vitamin C - Besides being great as a antioxidant, this is also a good vitamin for strengthening skin and blood vessels. The obvious and most famous source of Vitamin C is oranges however you can find hardy amounts of the vitamin in kiwis, grapefruits, and strawberries, as well as veggies like red and green peppers, and brussels sprouts.

Vitamin D - When consumed with healthy amounts of calcium can help with bone strength and health, as well as being essential for healthy skin. The easiest source of Vitamin D is exposure to the sun for less than an hour, however eggs, fish, and mushrooms and good food sources as well.

Vitamin E - This can help guard from frees radicals as well as assist in blood circulation, which is very important for those looking to consistently perform vigorous workouts.

There’s five vitamins to help you kick off your journey to more balanced diet and a healthier life. Remember to always do your own research when adding new supplements or looking for new foods to add to your diet.

Blake Jenkins

What's up nerds!!! This community is awesome! I've loved writing since I started college and I've loved video games since I was born! (almost true I started on my dad's NES when I was 4) So I decided why not do both, so I started a Youtube channel. Check it out here and give me a thumbs up! It's only a little sad I promise.


Blake Jenkins

What's up nerds!!! I'm Blake Jenkins, and this community is awesome! I've loved writing since I started college and I've loved video games since I was born! (almost true I started on my dad's NES when I was 4) So I decided why not do both, so I started a Youtube channel. Check it out and give me a thumbs up! It's only a little sad I promise ;)!