Dark Chronicles Episode 9: The Hunt begins

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    “Gathdol Nardal?” I asked Axii curiously, “Where is that? What is the Grey Sky?” Axii refilled his mug, and sipped slowly.  

“I am surprised you don’t know of this, these crags are a very rough canyon like formation that make up the most northern edge of the southern valleys known as the ‘Blue Sky valley’ and are known for being the residence of some very unsavory and dangerous characters” he answered.

“You would know them as the ‘The Knives Edge’ or ‘The Grey Edge’ in the northern terms, it has been the deciding factor in dozens of conflicts between the Empirical Lands here and the free people of the Blue Sky Valley” Mordin said dryly, “that area has harbored some of the most viscously trained assassins known in the southern lands, so dangerous that they were employed to kill almost a dozen monarchs 500 years ago during the “Norse Wars”, he stated while citing a book that he had set by his chair.

“The only name for these assassins was know after those bloody days, the ‘Nard’sh Vassai’ they’re called” added Axii.

“I’ve faced them before however and I have never had this much trouble with any of that order”, I said curious about how this information was relevant.

“Yes true, you have dealt with many of these Nard’sh Vassai as they are called, however I merely stated that the weapons of your assailant are of their make, the one that is hunting you imploys tactics that are far more dangerous and infamous that those of Gathdol.” Mordin replied trailing off as if he did not know how much information he should give me.

“The significance here is that this individual has acquired expertly crafted tools from a nearly mystic band of assassins and whom is not a member of their cohort” remarked Axii before Mordin continued.

“And there is the issue of the arrow” added Mordin gesturing for me to give him the bolt that I had plucked from the air before it ended his life.

“But the Nard’sh Vassai have never used arrows?” Axii exclaimed now even more perplexed than he had been during my recounting of the nights events.

“Precisely” Mordin remarked as he examined the arrow in his hands. “This is an arrow crafted for a specific type of bow… used for riders” he continued while walking across the room to a shelf, and plucked a book from it. After thumbing through the tomb for a few seconds he put it down on a table and said, “this is the only weapon that could have launched that bolt”. Me and Axii both stood and peered at the page. There on the page drawn in a perfect likeness was a picture of the arrow and an simple and yet elegant short recurve bow. On the opposite page was written a description and the history of the type of weapon. After reading the inscription I sat down and taking the arrow in my hand, sure of what I was about to have to do, I said calmly

“So the hunt begins…”


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