Microsoft Game Pass a Game Changer?


My Experience

Microsoft announced in January that all Microsoft published games will be available on their Game Pass service at the time of release. They have also clarified that, unlike the games currently in the library that are cycled, all Microsoft published games will be available always on Game Pass. Does this show a new way of thinking in the industry, and is it a good thing for gamers? Having been a Game Pass subscriber from the start. I can say it’s been fairly disappointing for myself. I have played a few games on the service, but not for an extended period of time. My most played games on Game Pass have been Farming Simulator, and State of Decay.  I was hoping that the service would have some bigger titles and more of a draw. I’ve continued to subscribe in hopes that, from time to time, there would be a title that I had wanted to play, but didn’t want to spend the money to purchase. Then Microsoft drops the bomb about all Microsoft published games coming to Game Pass at release. This was huge news in my opinion. I personally had zero intent on purchasing Sea of Thieves, or Crack Down 3, and had only considered picking up State of Decay 2.  Now I will have the opportunity to play all three with no additional investment needed!  I originally thought that these games would be available for a limited time, a month or two, and then they would be pulled.  Now Microsoft has clarified that all Microsoft published games will always be available, and will not be cycled off the service. I feel this is fantastic for gamers.

A Change in the Sea’s moving forward

I have not been a subscriber to a similar program like EA Access as I didn’t feel it carried much value for me. I mostly play games that my son and I can play and enjoy together, and for us, there are not a lot of EA titles that we play. My son doesn’t enjoy sports titles, and to only getting a percentage off new releases, it didn’t feel like it had much value for myself.  With Game Pass you know that every new Microsoft title will be available for only the cost of subscribing to the Game Pass service, what a fantastic value! I don’t own any of the Forza games because my son has no interest in them, but now I can play them moving forward without having to plop down the full price of the game all at once. The argument can be made the the library of Microsoft published games in the pipeline is slim.  This is true, and it will be up to individual gamers if there’s enough value in Game Pass for them.  This works great for me!  If I can play more new games without having to pay full price for them at release then it’s a win for me. There are also rumors swirling around about Microsoft getting ready to make an acquisition that could add more upcoming titles to their library, but time will tell.

Final Thoughts

Does this mean that EA will follow suite, and do the same thing with EA Access? I feel that it pushes EA to implement the same thing to keep pace with Microsoft. If EA does do the same I would strongly consider subscribing to EA Access. I believe that it’s never a bad thing when you provide more enjoyment to your audience. Being a lifelong gamer I love being able to enjoy more of my favorite past time.  I can see all major publishers looking at this, and trying to figure out how to monetize it. Will every major publisher decide to provide the same service? Only time will tell, but Microsoft is taking the lead, and we’ll have to wait and see who follows.


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Author Mathew Goldsmith

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