The Dark Chronicles Episode 7: The Dragon’s Favor

An Episodic Journey in the Shadows of a Fantastic World First, this is NOT a children's story! While I don't think excessive cursing will be used by any of the main characters this is an evolving story and my writing process is very different. As always suggestions are welcomed and I would love the participation of my readers. 

I heard the deep voices of my mentor and the mysterious crime lord conversing in Taighi for several moments, then I heard footsteps leading away from me towards the ornate gazebo. I began to lift my head in order to see what had happened but immediately a large hand pushed me back down. I was furious and by instinct nearly killed whoever had dared to touch me. However, I had come so far already and Mordin would surely expel me for an act so rash and unthinking. I calmed myself, breathing and now focusing on using my other senses to acquire knowledge about the secret meeting. I needed to know what was being said of me. The purpose of this meeting between myself and the mysterious crime lord was to acquire the permissions needed to operate in the area that was controlled by the crime behemoth, I later found out that the areas controlled by the single mysterious man on the throne was collectively larger than most countries that I had visited.

I focused on controlling everything about my body with a focus that was lost to any normal human, a focus that had to have been earned through lifetimes of torturous hard work. I began to find the familiar grip and dominion over my body. My heart slowed, any tense muscles relaxed, and my breath became slow, deep, and most importantly silent. I pushed to hear all things around me and direct my sensitivity toward the royal pavilion in front of me. The sounds I found there were still muffled to my astonishment. I knew in my mind that I was able to push my focus hundreds of feet to hear the most shallow whispers. This should not have been a challenge. Still though I pushed now decided to breach whatever barrier I left up in my concentration so that I could hear the meeting. Still though no matter how pinpoint focused I was on the lips of my mentor I could hear nothing, as if in an insulting contrast I now could hear a man tearing apart his food in a distant room far above me. I forced one last immense effort I chilled as the focus left my body barely holding itself up and my focus seemed to become as powerful waves pushing against whatever barriers seemed to keep me from the task I wanted to complete as well as ones that I now perceived within my own mind that shocked me as I felt them. My mind felt like it was cracking under the weight of my focus. Pain sliced into my head shattering my concentration and sending pulses of pain into my mind and down my neck. I released my vain efforts and the tendrils of pain in my mind began to disband. I felt cold and I was sweating profusely. My head still ached as it felt like it was still mending from being split into hundreds of individual pieces and echoes of voices rang throughout all of them. I looked up and Mordin was walking back toward me with mysterious man at his side. I knew as much about the leader of this underground empire to treat him like I would the actual emperor, but too little to know what to expect. As they approached I bowed fully to the lord. Mordin said something in Taigai then said, “you have permission to look upon the Dragon”.

The guards around me had backed away from me, Mordin, and ‘The Dragon’ he was as tall as me which was just slightly taller than Mordin. He had night black hair that was contrasted with two grey bands on each side of his head and tied in a top knot. He had more grey hair than Mordin who just had small strands of dark grey beginning to appear. Despite his aged hair ‘The Dragon’ had a younger complexion than Mordin and dark green eyes that were tilted but more open than most of the people of Taighaki empire. His features were prominent and strong like Mordin’s and he had a closely cut beard that was clean and precisely shaved. He wore an ornate dark robe that was richly adorned with jade, gold, and red silk yet not gaudy. It was cut just past the elbows to show his hard arms covered in scars and tattoos of two very different dragons on each arm. Hanging from his left hip was a beautiful hand-and-a-half long one-sided blade covered in a black scabbard adorned with jade embellishments. The sword was majestically crafted and I realized that the blade was more of a crown than any other jewelry he could've worn! In fact that is what puzzled me, for all his riches and glory the dragon wore no jewelry of any kind. Other than the fierce sword the man wore no other adornments except for a small chain that hung from the other side of his waist and held a line of jade encrusted rings. I bowed again as he looked at me with authority and an heir of inspection. He muttered something to Mordin and replied “I am”, ‘The Dragon’ grunted and walked back into the pavilion after loosening the small chain, removing one of the rings, and gave it to Mordin, and handed him another slip of paper. Mordin walked to me, handed me the ring and said slowly, “you now have The Dragons favor”.  

I gazed into deep dark heart of the gemstone and played with band with veins of gold and onyx in the wrapping of two twisting dragons whos mouth met to form a nest for the hypnotic jewel. As I played with the band I could not help but think that this was a symbol for much more that just a membership. Whether that symbol was of a key into a new avenue of opportunities, or a chain and shackles rendering me a slave to do one's bidding; I could not tell.


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