Pubg: Pretty Ugly Broken Game?


First off, this is not a scathing review but an in depth perspective on a game that technically hasn’t even released yet.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been sweeping the likes of Twitch and YouTube for well over a year now as pc gamers hunt for the often elusive chicken dinner that is awarded after surviving a rousing round of battle Royale.

Truth be told at this point if you don’t already know what pubg is by now you probably aren’t reading this article.

I will sum it up for you, and unfortunately on that note there isn’t a canon story relating as to why but basically you and 99 other people are dropped out of a cargo plane with nothing but a parachute and the shirt on your back and you must navigate a desolate island as well as 99 other people. 

The premise is to loot as much guns, gear,  ammo, and first aid materials as possible to give you the best shot to survive to the end.

As if there weren’t enough factors going against you, there is a shrinking circle that is chased by an hp sapping energy field that you must stay away from.

Beyond the Basics

At its heart the game is simple, but it’s the simplicity of it that allows up to 100 people to simultaneously be online in the same live lobby at one time. Unfortunately it’s that same aspect that can cause many issues.

Pubg was just released in it it’s final retail format for pc gamers who for over a year have been playing in game preview mode to help the developers at Blue Hole hash out the bugs and other issues in the game.

Additionally it was just released in preview mode on Xbox one and I would have thought it would have been better hashed out than when it entered preview status on pc, but alas the Xbox one version of pubg was introduced with many issues and the worst one of all was just how lag and rubber banding of visuals was overly prevalent at release. 

In the past few weeks since release it would appear that server stabilization has gotten much better and the lag is not as real as it once was.

The Crazy

The craziest thing about this game is that even though it is very rough around the edges with its many issues, it has brought me more entertainment than the multiple AAA titles that were just released two months ago. 

Shamefully I spent over $200 on digital deluxe versions of two of this years hottest games and yet I’m spending my time playing a partially broken $30 game that isn’t even officially a released game yet.

I think for me specifically it has to be the fact that it’s not reshuffling the same type of game play year after year but that it is setting a trend. 

It is getting out of our comfortable place of 6v6 run and gun and put us in the closest thing we can get to real life survival warfare. The aspect that it’s you alone, you and up to 3 comrades, are up against 99 other people that need you dead in order to achieve that elusive “winner winner chicken dinner.”


Overall graphics are raining with the occasional rubber banding type lag that is infuriating but at the same time it is a fun filled fight for survival full of jump scares and real time gameplay that gets my heart pumping. 


Bobbie Boyer

Is a proud member of the Xonebros creative team. You can find him on Discord or XBL under Bamashockz81