New Beginnings in Video Games


2017 is gone and 2018 is just ahead of us. New Year's resolutions, new goals, and reformations are abundant and mostly, by choice.  However, the following video game protagonists had little to no say so in their new beginnings. Needless to say, if you haven’t played any of these games, you may encounter some early game spoilers ahead.

Fallout 4

The Fallout series puts its protagonists in many dire situations. However, Fallout 4’s  lone survivor doesn’t start lonely at all. The setting of the game is unique in that you, the gamer, get to play in the Fallout universe before nuclear explosions turn the world to post-apocalyptic dystopian societies.  You are allowed to choose who will live out the adventure out of a married couple.  Regardless of who you choose, the entire family is forced to run underground to the now famous vaults.  You are cryogenically frozen and are expected to wake up with your entire family when the nuclear Fallout has dissipated.  However, someone intervenes during your cryogenic beauty sleep, kills your spouse, and steals your child.  As the lone survivor awakens, she (or he) is forced upon a new beginning, an attempt to rescue her child, and save the people of the commonwealth in the process.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

More famously recognized as PUBG, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a game that has no story, only one level (on consoles) and isn’t even in a complete stage (on consoles).  Though there are many multiplayer games out there, PUBG makes this compilation because every single match is a new beginning for the gamer. The premise is that you are 1 out of 100 humans on a plane and forced to skydive  on a large island. After skydiving, you must find refuge, health packs, and weapons to fend off your attackers, the other 99 gamers. Since you never know the flight path that the plane you skydive from will take and their is no guarantee that where you land you will find the necessary equipment to survive, each match is a new beginning for you. As you get better at the game, you will have unique, once in a lifetime stories to share with your friends. If you’re playing this on Xbox, make sure you record those events or didn’t happen.

Horizon Zero Dawn

This game is was one of the most welcoming surprises of 2017. The protagonist, Aloy, was cast out of her tribe, The Nora, at birth. Another outcast Rost, raised her. Heartbroken by Aloy’s constant rejection by tribe children and adults, Rost agrees to train Aloy to win a rite of passage and coming of age competition called “The Proving.”  Winning would guarantee Aloy re-admittance into the tribe. Aloy uses her skills to win the competition and is rewarded with verbal confirmation of being accepted into the Nora Tribe regardless of previously being an outcast. However, there is no time to embrace her new acceptance since soon after winning, the tribe and its contestants get attacked by a mysterious group who call themselves the Eclipse.  Though Aloy was looking for a new beginning by winning the competition in order to be accepted by her former tribe, she ended up experiencing a different path than she had anticipated. Luckily, her former training more than prepared her to tackle what comes ahead.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

In an unprecedented move, Ubisoft and Nintendo partnered up to bring us one of the funniest games of 2017.  We all know Mario, of Super Mario Bros fame (or Jumpman, if your old like me).  However, if you don’t know the Rabbids, they are rabbit like white creatures that first made an appearance in the Rayman universe. The characters were so lovable that they spawned their own spin-off series.  They are known to be mischievous in nature often causing havoc and unintentional harm. The game Mario + Rabbids begins with a genius kid explaining her invention called the “Supermerge.”  With it, you can zap two items and they will merge into a new useful (or unuseful) item. Soon thereafter, Rabbids traveling via washing machine, appear in the kid’s bedroom and begin playing with all of her toys and cosplay items.  One Rabbid finds the Supermerge and begins merging rabbids turning them from mischievous to evil beings. Then, when that Rabbid accidentally zaps the traveling machine, the machine sucks the rabbids into Mario’s World. Mario is then sucked into a new Supermerged world and this is where he experiences his new beginnings. Together with some friendly Rabbids, fragile alliances are made to stop the evil Rabbid who has now gone mad with power.

Prey (2017)

Prey experienced a new beginning as a franchise itself. However, if you haven’t played the game, I highly recommend that you ignore early reviews of the game (it was part of a journalistic witch hunt because of Bethesda’s new review embargo policy) and immerse yourself into a great outer space experience. This game is the epitome of new beginnings. (Major early game spoiler ahead) The game begins with you going to work to continue your experiments, or participation in them. After an alien life form breaks loose, you are knocked out unconscious.  Upon waking up, you are back in what appears to be a normal day for you. You prepare to go to work but then you quickly realize that everything has changed. As you progress through the new accessible areas of the game, you discover that you’ve been living in a simulator and have been forced to relive the same day over and over up until the escape of the alien life form. If you ventured this far into reading the paragraph but haven’t played the game yet, trust me, my words do a disservice to how the game presents this to you. Morgan, Prey’s protagonist, experiences a new beginning after being freed from her artificial prison.


Honorable Mentions

I tried including games of this past year with one exception. However, looking back at all games from the past, many more come to mind. A few honorable mentions are Grand Theft Auto 4’s NikoBellic, Telltale’s The Walking Dead’s Lee Everett, and The Long Dark’s Will Mackenzie. Let me know in the comments below what game’s protagonist would make your own list for New Beginnings. As always #KeepitTRO (True, Respectful, Original).


Noe Monsivais (Trobadour_XP)

is an English Literature teacher at an early college campus by day. He is a YouTube content creator and is currently working on getting his Masters in Educational Technology and Leadership. His favorite thing about people is when they #KeepitTRO (True, Respectful, Original). You can follow him and his crazy antics at:





Noe Monsivais

Noe Monsivais (Trobadour_XP) is an English Literature teacher at an early college campus by day. He is a YouTube content creator and is currently working on getting his Masters in Educational Technology and Leadership. His favorite thing about people is when they #KeepitTRO (True, Respectful, Original). You can follow him and his crazy antics at:

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