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At the time of writing this post would be 100 days away from the release of the most powerful console ever created, the Xbox One X. I would like to use this opportunity to revive and reboot my own life during this time period and share my experiences in a very raw and transparent manner.

I’m very grateful to those of you that have taken the time to read my two previous submissions on the Xone Bros.  blog earlier this year (which covered my experience with Gears of War 4 and Just Cause 3) Sadly I could not continue with my posts due to medical reasons *hands over Sherlock Glasses to reader* (I did make fun of my wife in the aforementioned articles so maybe a reader reached out to her and maybe she is the reason for my ‘medical ailments’ #cryforhelp #sherlockneverworeglassesMo

(Honey if you are reading this, I swear no more jokes on this post and I will only refer to you by the requested title Her-Highness-Chef-Extraordinaire-and-Make-Up-Contouring-Champion-above-and-below-the-worlds-Equator-The-First,… also I need my arms to type, workout and use the knife you never abused me with to julienne the onions for your always amazing dinners.) #talesfromthesofa

You know in TV shows when they use humor to offset a sucky part that’s about to come involving a death of a character. That’s what I did there ^ (Spoiler: I don’t die….yet.).

The Sucky Part

2012 was set to be the peak of my athletic career and personal life. I finally broke out as a Tennis Semi-Professional Athlete and got engaged to the love of my life (the same woman that ‘hasn’t’ abused me). My fitness life came crashing down when I woke up one day to what has now become a medical dilemma, that has spiraled me through a labyrinth of chronic pain. Alongside this, I suffered countless losses in many aspects of my life that have left me mentally drained, physically battered, and emotionally traumatized.  

My passions from fitness, music, entrepreneurship, gaming and writing have been jeopardized for the past five years. I’ve constantly been left reeling, trying to  figure out how to pick up the pieces. I couldn’t play tennis, workout, play drums, bike… (you get the picture).

October 2016 was the peak of my trauma, as I suffered a massive flair up to my chronic condition, closed down my very own startup in which I slaved on for years with my wife, lost a dear friend and tennis partner to cancer, watched my family house burn, got locked out of my phone  by a Hacker Group losing pictures of my newborn that I could never get back. My life goal was to motivate others through my experiences however my social media feed and blogs became barren as I struggled to navigate my own life and demons.

Enter Xone Bros, a positive gaming community, and the exact positivity and support I needed to see me through such a tumultuous period.

Xone Community

It was during my daily thirty-something minute drive to work that I grew tired of reserving my listening time for fitness podcasts. Especially with my condition and inability to carry out athlete level (and even sometimes beginner level) workouts, it made it difficult to listen to the ‘latest and greatest’ thing to try out in the fitness field. My mind wandered on what I could search for and I figured since gaming was one of my other passions I typed ‘Xbox’ into the search menu.

Xone Bros : Positive Gaming Community

*clicks play*

Right off the bat from the Daft Punk-isque  theme (Which has now been changed to an even better jam) I felt like I made the right choice to switch gears to a gaming podcast. Although I was already part of a local Xbox Community and had online friends, 15 minutes in I already wanted to be part of the Xone Bros Community as well. The vibe of the podcast was very natural and relaxed, and nothing was put on. If they made a mistake it wasn’t taped over or redone, the boys simply left it on laughed it off and continued. One podcast was really all it took, as I found out about the Discord community and immediately jumped on board.

The icing on the cake came when the Xone Bros announced the search for the creative community. I raced through my personal blog nervous and hoping to impress them. Most of my writing had my heart on my sleeve and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I continued listening each week eagerly waiting an answer or decline. I breathed a sigh of relief when the hosts mentioned that they are still working things out and will be getting back to everyone who submitted.

There it was….


I was in! The rush of excitement took over and I  immediately began working on what would eventually lead to two published articles that showcased my personal take on two great Xbox titles as I reflected on my tenure with the Xbox brand since its inception.

Titanfall UK

When I first play a video game I go through the story and enjoy it the way that developers intended for us to do so (Go to your room Dark Souls I’m not talking about you). Then I transform into an achievement hunting junkie , to the amusement of my beloved wife, who enjoys watching me attempt a pain staking achievement 50 times over and mess up on an epic scale (sometimes at the last moments) #keepingrelationshipshealthysince2012 #wasthatthesoundofanachievementpop #orjustphantomnoise  

Titanfall is one of my all time favorite games and I wanted to 100% the achievements. Although the Trueachievements website is amazing at finding groups to play with, The Titanfall grind required a close knit group to see it through. I remember sending a message to angelsk on discord asking to join her Titanfall UK boosting group. What followed was months of online gatherings, laughs and developing scientific precision towards ‘Gening’ up. I enjoyed their company so much, I happily traveled to the other side of the island (Bahrain is tiny so it didn’t take long) to buy the last Xbox 360 copy of the game in the entire country!

Orchestral music (wrap it up Mo)

Life remained unrelenting through 2017 with more loses of very close family members and the summer spent in medical nightmare. However, the positive gaming community is what I needed to see myself through this very difficult period. I had gamers cheer me on in the #gamerstrength subchat of Xone Bros Discord, and other Xbox gamers send me private messages through out my social media feeds during my medical stay, checking on me and showing me genuine care. It’s a beautiful feeling to come full circle and know gamers on a personal level, that share the same passions and show genuine support to someone who they have never and may never meet in person. This further fuels my passion as a gamer and showcases the human aspect behind the digital reality that fascinates and binds us all together.

On a personal note my now close friend EmDeeGee would chat on Xbox Live even after an organized meeting session was done. A funny moment occurred when he realized I was Thee Nervebullet  possibly the only listener from Bahrain. Its funny how someone from Bahrain and Norway have both Xbox and the Podcast in common. EmDeeGee was kind enough to call internationally to check on me during my struggle in hospital during my time in New York/Pennsylvania this summer and offer words of encouragement. Unfortunately, he is now also in hospital so I extend this dedication to him. Im rooting for you bro.

To my Xbox Family:

TheShooshi  AKA: The Wife with the Knife (hey that rhymed!) Rthompson94, Raya16

Titanfall UK: Tatey, AngelSK, BuckMarley155, Keith271179, Mclovin Legend 1

Atty, Bufarsan, Hamoodey, Nass3r, Mister Mysterio, BaraaAbdulla &  zzUrbanSpaceman

Freamwhole, SaucySlingo, Matrarch, Dr Tinus NL, Tony Coconuts & Trobadour_XP

Risky The Kid, Kabosky  & The Rest of team #Gamerstrength  

and of course the legends,  XoneBros, MrMcspicey and JordthemanXOB

A special mention to EmDeeGee & Chikn, Get Well Soon and come back stronger you Legends.

I owe you all the world tenfold, and I genuinely appreciate every minute spent with me and every word of encouragement and support that has come my way.  In a time where the internet is full of toxicity, trolling and hate (the gaming world itself is no stranger to this behavior) It is absolutely heartwarming to be shown this kind of love.

Join me on my next article for the details on my 100 Day Fitness Challenge!


With Love & Baked Fries,


Hope You’ve Enjoyed my Return Post. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. Let me know what you enjoyed and how I can improve my content. Share your journey with me on any of my feeds and I will be more then happy to cheer through your own challenges. Let me know what you would like to see me tackle in future posts in the comments below!  

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