Coffee Break Mailbag: Elder Scrolls VI?

Coffee Break Mailbag

On Friday the 4th the Xonebros announced that in less than 172 Episodes there have been one million downloads of their podcast. This is a major milestone for the Xonebros. They have gone from a few followers to over 15,0000 weekly downloads in the span of a little over three years. What an accomplishment! As Friday was the first podcast of the month there was a Patreon giveaway. The winner of this month’s drawing was John Meehan (I am guessing on the spelling as I wasn’t provided the full name of the winner). Congratulations on winning. If you would like to be entered to win the giveaway please subscribe to Patreon. Each month on winner is picked from those donating in the eligible pools. The more you donate the more entries you receive in the monthly drawing.

Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) recently dropped a new expansion called Morrowind. There have been five mainstream entries to the Elder Scrolls single player experience. The games have taken place in High Rock, Skyrim, Morrowind, and Cyrodil. This leaves a rather decent amount of the world either unexplored or only available in ESO. My friends and I have an ongoing bet as to which location Elder Scrolls 6 will take place in. My thought is the game will take home in the Black Marshes, home of the Argonians. My friends believe the game will take place in Valenwood which is home to the Wood Elves. Regardless of which location the game takes place in I am sure we are all up for a real treat when it comes out. If we look at the release schedule of Bethesda games we can kind of get an idea when to expect the next Elder Scrolls game. Morrowind was released in 2002. Oblivion was released on March 21st, 2006. The next game released from Bethesda was Skyrim on November 11th, 2011. This would put their release schedule on a roughly a four or five year basis. However, there is one studio working on the Fallout series and Elder Scrolls series. Fallout 4 was released in 2015 which would put the next Elder Scrolls game as coming out in most likely 2019. I wish there was a way for this game to come out sooner because I absolutely love me some Elder Scrolls. Keep giving me more of the same and I will be extremely happy.

Shadow of Mordor really is an amazing game and if you didn’t get a chance to pick it up I highly recommend doing so. Shadow of Mordor is by far the best Lord of the Rings game that has ever been made. Hands down. I am telling you right now, stop reading this and go by the game. There are few other older games that I highly recommend playing that can suck you in; Wolfenstein: The New Order, Dishonored, and as mentioned in the previous question pretty much any of the Elder Scrolls games. The upcoming release of Shadow of War is coming closer each day and looks to build on what made Shadow of Mordor great. Shadow of War is a game you should be watching closely if you aren’t already doing so.

I actually don’t find this that surprising. Mass Effect Andromeda could be considered a financial flop in terms of what the previous Mass Effect games have done and the critical reception was also poor. Now I haven’t actually had a chance to play the game so I cannot say if it is worth playing or not. What I can say it that it looks as though the game had a troubled development cycle and that Bioware Montreal had some leadership issues. By moving talented developers and key players from Bioware Montreal to EA Motive they are able to keep their employees. This shift to a new studio will also put them under the hands of experienced team leads which should result in better games.

I am not the best person to answer this question because I really don’t listen to that many podcasts but there is one I definitely recommend listen to if you wish to advance your leadership skills. The Learning Leader Podcast is worth listening to. Each week a different leader or someone who researches leadership is interviewed. You can learn a lot about yourself as well as many of the leadership styles that are out there. Each episodes stands on its own and is worth listening to.

I get your thoughts. Some view this is a betrayal to those playing on Xbox but I really don’t. I am a console gamer through and through. My computer was fully upgraded two years ago and is capable of playing most of the games being released on moderate settings. Do I really ever play games on the PC? No, not really. The vast majority (100%) of my gaming is done on the console. I just prefer that type of experience when I game. I like the feeling of the controller in my hand, the booming bass of my subwoofer and the surround sound. Yes, you can hook a PC up to a surround sound system and a TV and get a similar experience but at that point why don’t you just buy a console? A console gamer and PC gamer can be one in the same but from those I talk to people stick to one platform or the other. If we polled every steam user and xbox live player I am sure we would see that the majority only play on one platform. The decision to release games on both Xbox and Windows just opens with game to new sales with little downfall. Microsoft has to have the usage stats that compares Windows gaming to Xbox and the crossover between the two.

That is all for this week’s edition of Coffee Break Mailbag. Don’t mess with Master Chief. Remember to stay positive! Have a good week and don’t forget to check out the and support the Bros on Patreon. If you subscribe on Patreon your name in Discord will be changed to gold. Feel free to send any questions you have to me on Twitter @TheZoolabus and add me on Xbox Live (ZooLaBus). Join the Discord channel for another opportunity to pick the Bros brain as well as mine in a more immediate fashion.


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