Coffee Break Mailbag: Sea Of Thieves


Coffee Break Mailbag - August 4th, 2017

On this upcoming Sunday, August 20th, there will be a live stream on Mixer from Microsoft in Germany. During this live stream they have mentioned announcements and brand new news. Hopefully (I really do mean hopefully) there will be a couple of brand new game announcements from some of the European developers. Oh man would it be awesome to get another game announcement from Rare (or a release date for Sea of Thieves). Gamescom is a massive event. Keep your eyes on the Xonebros blog for a post with more information on Microsoft’s history at Gamescom under Phil Spencer.

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When you look at  a game development lifecycle the average game takes three to four years to develop the game. Microsoft first announced Sea of Thieves at E3 2016 (June 2016) during the press briefing. The original release date was set for sometime in 2017. That lines up with my guess of development beginning in 2015. This also ties up with their last release, Rare Replay, in 2015. In my opinion Microsoft just announced the game too early. In November of 2016 Rare began the early access testing of the game. At E3 2017 they announced the game had been delayed to 2018. This pushes the game into year four of development. This is still well within that 3-4 year range of average game development. Just because a game isn’t release on time doesn’t mean the game is going to be bad. Red Dead Redemption 2 was delayed from 2017 to 2018 and I am sure there aren’t any doubts that game will be good. From watching streams of people playing Sea of Thieves this looks like a game that is worth waiting on and picking up. Hopefully next time Microsoft won’t announce a game so early in development.

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When a game like Destiny 2 is on the verge of being released I attempt to knock out as many games on my backlog as possible. Disclaimer: I never got into Destiny. Regardless, this still applies if your favorite game each year is Madden, a Battlefield, COD or some other release. There are some games that you keep putting time and more time into. These are the games that create our backlog (along with sales). When a game that I know I will be playing the heck out of is coming out soon I just look at my backlog and either take on one of the longer games on my list or knock out a few shorter games. With Destiny 2 coming out in a month I highly recommend getting to some games you haven’t gotten to this year. You may not get another chance to play them until you get bored, if you get bored, of Destiny 2.

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I am not a fan of pre-ordering games. Not at all. I have been screwed over way too many times in the past to preorder a game.  I prefer the wait and see approach. A day or two can go by without having to purchase a game. This delay gives me a chance to gauge what the Xbox and Xonebros community thinks of a game. If it is worth picking up then those playing will easily convince you to pick it up. I will watch people streaming the game and eventually give in to purchasing the game (like I just did with Forza Horizon 3) or pass on the game. Now we can rephrase this to which games am I excited for that will probably get delayed? I honestly have no clue. At this point in the year everything announced is going to come out on its release date. I highly doubt any of them change dates. Does it make me a bad gamer that  I don’t even know what is coming out next year? I guess I have become somewhat short-sighted when it comes to upcoming releases.

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Sorry to break your heart Kelly but the chances are slim to none. The development team from Bioware Montreal have been merged into another EA Motive Studios. With this merger the Mass Effect team is most likely no more or if it is there, it is purely to support bug fixes and maybe any unreleased DLC.

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Are you telling me you have never gotten salty while playing games? If so I applaud you because I get salty when I play games. It is mainly in response to other people being a giant donkey but yeah I can get really into it. When playing Rocket League you can shoot out quick pre-defined messages from the D-pad. One of those is What a Save! This message should be used to compliment someone on a job well done but has turned into the message that can really piss someone off. Opposing team scored a goal and regardless of how close one of your teammates was to blocking it they just start spamming What a Save! They just butters my chaps and gettings me going. Don’t be mean like that. We know we missed blocking the shot and you scored. You don’t have to be mean about it.

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They just released a multiplayer update, which I think finally allows you to actually play with a friend. If that is in fact what the new update does I really hope they bring this game to Xbox. The big knock on the game was it felt pointless. You would play and there was no end game or interactivity really with the community as a whole. Over the last year they having been working on improving different aspects of the game that address people’s concerns. If the game is finally in a good state then it coming to Xbox wouldn’t be a bad thing. People would still pick it up but probably not as many as what would have happened had the game been released on both systems simultaneously.

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