Coffee Break Mailbag: Crackdown 3

Coffee Break Mailbag - July 31st, 2017

Summer break for students is coming to an end and so it the drought of gaming releases. Last week saw the early access release of Fortnite which was heavily discussed on the Podcast. This game looks like an absolute blast with friends. It is very tempting to pick up the game now rather than wait a year for when it will be released officially as a free to play title. Tomorrow is the first day of August which means we are a little over a month away from the start of NFL and College Football. Hopefully this year there will be another fantasy football league or community wide college pick ‘em. We will all just have to wait and see what the bros have in mind for this upcoming football season. On to the questions!

Crackdown and Crackdown 2 were both great games. I absolutely loved those games and cannot wait for Crackdown 3. There haven’t really been very many gameplay reveals but based on what we have seen so far this looks like a game to pick up this November. In no ways does this look like a system seller in terms of showing off what true 4K gaming can do but it does give us a good idea of the power of the system. If there is an increase in the ability to destroy the environment on the One X then it will be awesome. Having a 4K system won’t magically make games appear super realistic. The jump to 4K wasn’t as big a difference as the jump from Xbox to Xbox 360 was.

Currently I am chipping away at Witcher 3. That game is so long that you cannot tackle it all at once or your sanity will be lost. Just ask Jordan about that… I am about 40 hours or so into that game and I am just loving it. Since Witcher is such a long game I have been tossing in some smaller games as well. This weekend I actually just finished up Titanfall 2 which is an underrated game in terms of single player campaign. I really recommend picking that up if you can. When it comes to switching up the games I play it is more of a mood thing. Am I in the mood for a long story driven game or something that I can put in 30 minute session and still feel like I made progress?

David and I will agree on this one. Ryse: Son of Rome. This game was an absolute blast to play. It was dismissed by critics as a quick-time events fest with a lack of variety. This is something that  I completely disagree with. Were there a lot of quick-time events in the game? Yes. Does that make it a bad game? No. The story line for this game was great. I really enjoyed it and won’t spoiler it here. The final boss battle was a blast to play and just thinking about it makes me want to go reinstall the game and play through the campaign again. In the past year it was one of the Games with Gold so I recommend installing and playing it if you picked it up then.

Sunset Overdrive is another great game that wasn’t commercially successful. Sunset Overdrive is a hilarious action-packed game that will bring a smile to your face. This was a game that I  played so much I had to take apart my controller and fix the X button (X is used to switch which way you grind). Go to YouTube or Mixer and find someone streaming/playing this game and you will want to pick it up.

With a growing backlog I can see this point very well. If I was upgrading to the One X in the fall I would have held off on starting Witcher 3 and would have waited for the 4K upgrade. Now these games won’t look nearly as good as games that were developed specifically to run on the One X hardware but I am sure the games will look really freaking good. This does pose a problem though as it seems like right now is the perfect time of year to be making a massive dent in your backlog. I would tackle the games not getting an upgrade first and then hit up the remaining games in early 2018 after finishing up the games of Holiday 2017.

At first I didn’t think I wanted to cover this question but the more I thought it about it I felt like I really needed to take a stab at it. Whether you are one of the bros or not, this happens to all of us. The cycle of great game releases is nearly never ending. Each week or month there is a great game released, especially during the fall and now late spring. This puts us all into a sort of dilemma. Do you continue putting time into one game or do you pick up the new shiny object so you can play with friends? This is exactly what happened to me with Titanfall 2. I picked up Titanfall 2 on Black Friday for cheap ($30 or something like that) but I could never put time into it because I kept getting pulled back into Battlefield 1 by my friends. The same could be said of single player games. When you are playing a single player game and a friend hops on and shoots you a message to join him or her in a Rocket League match you just don’t say no. Other than Titanfall 2 I would say I didn’t get to spend a lot of time on Skyrim back in college. With the release of the Enhanced Edition or whatever they called it last year I have been tempted to hop back into that game. Oblivion is one of my top 5 games of all time so the fact I never finished Skyrim absolutely devastates me.

That is all for this week’s edition of Coffee Break Mailbag. Don’t mess with Master Chief. Remember to stay positive! Have a good week and don’t forget to check out the and support the Bros on Patreon. If you subscribe on Patreon your name in Discord will be changed to gold. Feel free to send any questions you have to me on Twitter @TheZoolabus and add me on Xbox Live (ZooLaBus). Join the Discord channel for another opportunity to pick the Bros brain as well as mine in a more immediate fashion.


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