Coffee Break Mailbag: Master Chief, Accessories & Kingdom Hearts 3

Coffee Break Mailbag - July 24th, 2017

This past weekend included the Destiny 2 Beta, which was heavily discussed both on the Podcast and in Discord. If you come here looking for more of Destiny 2 I am, sorry. This past week I have gotten sucked into the dark hole of Witcher 3. That game is just amazing. It has a great story line and the side missions don’t really feel like side missions. They all really tie back together and relate back to the main story. On to the questions!

Really!? I know the Bros covered this but I had to. Well Nathan Drake would easily beat a master chef, but if you are talking about Master Chief then this is an easy one. Master Chief would destroy Mario and Drake. He was kidnapped at the age of six and trained to be a super solider. He has genetic modifications turning him into a killing machine. Mario is a plumber and kills things by jumping on them. Good luck jumping on a 7 foot tall super soldier. Drake would try to be all sly and sneaky but MC would just toss a sticky grenade or whip out the energy sword and destroy him.

I am really curious as to how many people actually buy accessories for their consoles. Prior to Christmas I hadn’t purchased an accessory since the Dance Dance Revolution mats on the original Xbox. For the common gamer there isn’t really a need to buy accessories. However, I cannot rave enough about the Polk gaming headset my wife picked up for me. Unfortunately  I cannot find them online anywhere but they were the Polk Audio Striker Pro Zx. They retailed for about $100 last year and are compatible with a wide range of devices. The mic is very sensitive though so if you are a heavy breather it can capture that but otherwise it is comfy with my glasses and I can play for extended periods of time with them on.

A lot of people are excited for this. Kingdom Hearts looks like it will be a great game. There is a pretty big issue though. Kingdom Hearts has never been on the Xbox before and the story is extremely convoluted. Kingdom Hearts is only on my radar because I played the first game. Just imagine future games involving more of the Pixar universe would be amazing. If someone at Square Enix is reading this, bring the old Kingdom Hearts games to the Xbox One. PLEASE DO IT! If they released the remastered games a few months before III then the I believe the hype on Xbox would be larger than it is.

That is all for this week’s edition of Coffee Break Mailbag. Don’t mess with Master Chief. Remember to stay positive! Have a good week and don’t forget to check out the and support the Bros on Patreon. If you subscribe on Patreon your name in Discord will be changed to gold. Feel free to send any questions you have to me on Twitter @TheZoolabus and add me on Xbox Live (ZooLaBus). Join the Discord channel for another opportunity to pick the Bros brain as well as mine in a more immediate fashion.



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