Coffee Break Mailbag - July 17th, 2017 : Announcement Analysis

It just so turns out that this week the Bros almost got to everyone question that was asked on Facebook. They didn’t cover all of them in the discussions segment but they covered most between that and the news. Speaking of news there was a fairly big announcement that I would like to discuss from as a part of the creative team. First off all of the creative team members are volunteers so while we may have some insider knowledge to upcoming changes we are not a part of the decision making process.

The announcement from this past week, the indefinite hiatus to NESBros, was a surprise to me. When the podcast downloaded and I saw it was only 3 minutes I knew the announcement wasn’t going to be the news we were all hoping for. At first I was a little disappointed. We all have one thing in common, we enjoy listening to the Bros provide their opinion on games as well as the stories they have to tell. More of the Bros is what we all thought we wanted. After taking some time and thinking the issue over I came to a different conclusion. This is for the good of the community.

In software development there are a few things that can lead to a project missing its deadline or coming out as a failure. One of those things is called feature creep. Feature creep is when you keep adding new ideas to an existing one in order to improve it. Over time you have too many ideas and the overall product becomes bloated, convoluted or worse off than before. Fortunately for all of us the Bros realized they were beginning to move into the realm of feature creep and stopped it before it could progress. Had the Bros continued at this pace I believe the community and podcasts would have been dead before the end of this year.

One thing we don’t really take into account is how much time and energy it takes for the Bros to work on this community. We have to imagine that they all put in 40+ hours a week at their day job, working out, committing to family members and on top of all this working on the podcast. It isn’t like all they do is sit in front a microphone and talk. Behind the scenes there is a lot of prep work that goes into preparing each episode as well as Discord and site maintenance. We also cannot forget about how much time is spent streaming. Yeah, we think of it as just them gaming but in reality each time they stream they are working on building this community. David spent almost 4 hours this weekend streaming The Golf Club 2.

On top of all this time spent working on the community and at work they still need to find time for their family. Family is extremely important to the Bros and finding time for them is important. In life everything is about balance. You need to balance how much and what you eat with what your body can handle in order to maintain good health. You need to sleep a certain amount so that you can get up and be productive throughout the day while getting as much out of the time you have awake as possible. You need to balance the time you have between your family and work in order to maintain a healthy relationship.

In order to prevent an imbalance in their life as well as focus on what has gotten them this far is the reason I believe the Bros put the NESBros on hold for the foreseeable future. By taking some of the time allocated to NESBros and refocusing that time on family and the XONEBros it will lead to a better overall community and podcast experience. The Bros want this to become their full time job. They want to be able to grow this community and spend 40+ hours a week on it rather than working away at their day jobs. In order to achieve that goal the Bros need support from the community. If you are capable of donating to the Bros please do so over at Every dollar donated brings the Bros closer to expanding the community and showing that gaming can be a positive place and make a positive difference in people’s lives. Hopefully all of this makes sense. The Bros did this for the community, as well as their sanity. Finally, I am only going to cover the one question that wasn’t discussed during the podcast.

This question really does cover a lot. Unfortunately I am not an expert on televisions and haven’t even begun to consider a 4k TV. However, I did some reasearch and both of these links provide some great ideas in regards to TVs for the One X ( and

This past week was a pretty big update to the Xbox. Custom Gamerpic is by far my favorite new feature. If you haven’t done so already you actually have the capability to apply a picture you have taken as your own gamerpic. No longer do I have to sit there and look at the list of boxes given out at the end of a Battlefield 1 match and wonder if they dinosaur football player is me or another person. I can finally have a unique and one of a kind gamerpic. You can set your gamerpic via the Xbox app on Windows 10, Xbox app on your cell phone or on the Xbox.

Another big feature is custom Arenas for Killer Instinct. This feature is a step towards creating the ability for communities or groups of friends to easily host and manage tournaments. The arena allows you to create a tournament for the specified game, currently only Killer Instinct, and it manages the matches and score keeping for you. When this features breaks out into more games I believe that this community will have its fair share of tournaments.

Each year Microsoft goes to Gamescom and makes some sort of brand new announcement. I wouldn’t expect Gamescom to be any different this year. Typically the announcements relate to a game that isn’t coming out for a few years. In the past Gamescom has also served as platform to reveal more gameplay for titles shown at E3. Two months is a lot of time in the world of development and a lot could have changed between what was shown at E3 and what will be available at Gamescom. I am really hoping they announce a few more games at Gamescom or show multiplayer footage of Crackdown 3. That games looks amazing and I cannot wait to get my hands on it.

That is all for this week’s edition of Coffee Break Mailbag. Remember to stay positive! Have a good week and don’t forget to check out the and support the Bros on Patreon. If you subscribe on Patreon your name in Discord will be changed to gold. Feel free to send any questions you have to me on Twitter @TheZoolabus and add me on Xbox Live (ZooLaBus). Join the Discord channel for another opportunity to pick the Bros brain as well as mine in a more immediate fashion.


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