Why We Disagree With Ryan McCaffery About The Xbox One X

E3 is that happy time of year when gamers get excited and giddy.  We are filled with the buzz of new games, old IP’s with new installments and hunger for surprises that remind us why we like gaming so much.  Last year’s E3 gave XBOX gamers the glorious news that not only would their XBOX 360 games now be backwards compatible but that XBOX was going to redesign how we think of console generations by giving us “the most powerful console in history.”  This was huge, shots were fired and Project Scorpio was born.

Soon after the announcement, we heard rumors about the specs on Scorpio but we didn’t know for sure what was really in the box.  Then we got rumblings of 6 teraflops in the GPU and we began to get excited. Most of us had no idea what a teraflop was but it sounded huge!  As the months went by Microsoft teased us with more specs until we got the list, 8 core custom AMD CPU, 12 GB of GDDR5 memory and the 6 teraflop GPU along with the promise of true 4K gaming. XBOX gamers where excited, even more so when the PlayStation Pro was announced with significant lower specs and only capable of upscaling to 4K. This was a big blow to Sony and the only thing remaining was how much was Scorpio going to cost.

E3 2017

It was time, Microsoft was first out of the gate and they opened their show by letting us know that Scorpio was dead and XBOX One X (1X) was born. We learned that the 1X was not only the most powerful console ever built but it’s also the smallest and the first home gaming system in history to tout a vaper liquid cooled system.  We got 10 minutes of specs from the team and then we got games, over 40 games to be exact with 22 exclusive to XBOX. After almost 90 minutes Phil Spencer came out on stage and hit us with the news that most XBOX gamers knew was coming, the 1X was going to be $499 or the same price as day one buyers of the XBOX One paid.  I wasn’t mad, I was disappointed because I truly thought they would go with $399 to compete with PlayStation Pro.  But then I looked at the specs and started to do some digging and realized that the 1X is almost a $1000-dollar gaming rig! Here’s an example of the cost of a similar PC build:

Gaming Media

What I never realized is how biased the mainstream media in gaming had become. Criticism and articles written by a variety of outlets announcing the 1X a failure already. This shocked and surprised me, but no article irked me quite so much as one on IGN by Ryan McCaffery.

Ryan’s article asked whom the 1X is for? He insinuates that nobody is going to pay $100 dollars more for a console when Sony has a bigger library and more first party games including exclusive content for Call of Duty and Destiny.

Who wants a 1X, I do!  I will save my hard-earned money for one so that I can have the most powerful console ever. This means faster loading times, better-looking games, Top-notch frame rates and peace of mind knowing my console is more powerful than any other system on the market.  

McCaffery ask if PS4 gamers with 4K televisions if they will move over to the 1X, I personally think some will, those who care about True 4K and love their power/graphics. If I’m someone who spends the money on a 4K TV, doesn’t it go without saying that I’m probably someone who wants my gaming system to actually utilize the technology that my TV is capable of?

The most ludicrous statement in the entire article was when McCaffrey asked what the “X” means while pointing out that he knows what the PlayStation “Pro” means. 

This is juvenile. Obviously, it keeps in line with Xbox branding IE “Xbox One S.” Furthermore, the naming of a console does not affect how games play on it. Nitpicking the name illustrates how the mainstream video game media is just grasping at straws.

Who wins?

So who wins this E3? Is it Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony?  The answer, we all do! Gamers should be able to find something at E3 that gets them excited for gaming. Whether it’s the One X, Anthem, Days Gone or even a random indy game.  If we all looked at the positives in gaming instead of focusing on who beat who then we would realize that gaming can accomplish what nothing else can. Gaming can make everyone forget their differences and focus on a common goal of having fun.  E3 is about gamers having Christmas in June, it’s not about who is better or why no one is going to want the new shiny toy.  Mr. McCaffrey, it’s about gamers and that’s what the gaming media needs to focus on. Gamers win when new games and new technology is released.






Casey Hight lives in South Dakota with his wife, Aneliese, and four children. He currently works as FedEx as a driver and moon lights as a manager at a bowling alley.  He writes the openings for the XOne Bro's Podcast and can be found on twitter at @XoneSilence42 and XBox Live at Silence42.