The 3 Big Misconceptions of Video Games

If you played video games as a kid, how many times have you heard that you’re hurting yourself by playing it? Have you ever been told that you will be less social because you play video games as a hobby? I know I have, and that is why I will be covering the misconception of playing video games.

The First Two Misconceptions: Life and Health

First, the idea that video games hurt your body and your health, and if you play video games you have no life. I know these claims that we gamers have no life to be untrue because I listen to a podcast on my phone every Friday called the Xonebros, they talk about video games, but they all have jobs, they all have families and all have a life. Video games are a part of their life, but it is not their whole life. This is proof that it is completely possible to play games and have a life.

Next, the false misconception that you will not have a healthy body if you play video games casually. It is said that you should spend sixty minutes a day exercising. So, what is wrong with spending a couple hours playing video games and then an hour outside? Many healthy gamers manage to go to the gym or spend an hour outside exercising every day while still maintaining their love of video games. 

In Short, it's very possible to stay healthy and play video games, and have a life. Talk to any gamer and you will see that they are able to balance their lives and still enjoy gaming. 

The Last Misconception: Gamers Are Less Social

The misconception that you will be less social if you play video games is a big one. Society often stereotypes gamers as anit-social losers hidden away in their mom's basement with little to no social skills.

However, according to a study by USA Today, “Those who do play games appear to be more engaged in society, the survey finds. For instance, gamers are far more likely to consider friends important (57% vs. 35% non-gamers) with nearly three-fourths (72%) saying that they game with their friends. That social nature carries over to other activities in that they are less likely to watch TV alone (23% vs. 40%).” Interesting, those who play games are actually more social because of the community aspect of playing games, we connect with others more than we ever could before, making gamers some of the most social people in society. 


 Like with anything in life balance is key. Just because we play games does not mean we are socially handicap and games are not a danger to our health. It's the way we relax and we should accept that playing video games is fine. Ignore the misconceptions and enjoy the benefits of video games!

Have you experienced benefits of gaming? Let us know in the comments below. 


Mitchell Imig

I'm 15 and I'm from the iceberg that is Wisconsin. My generation is where my older brothers grew up outside playing in the mud I grew up with Battlefront and Smash Bros Brawl. 

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