Dark Chronicles Ep. 5

An Episodic Journey in the Shadows of a Fantastic World First, this is NOT a children's story! While I don't think excessive cursing will be used by any of the main characters this is an evolving story and my writing process is very different. Also this story was inspired by: The Witcher, Assassin’s Creed, Final Fantasy, Doctor Strange, Lord of the Rings, Sword Art Online, Dragon Age, Japanese Fantasy and lore, and a bunch of different stealth games. I hope these characters become as much a part of you as they have of me. My hope is that this becomes an ever evolving story and world that will strike your curiosity and a desire to know more about the mysterious places and people that I will share with you. Feel free to ask me questions about the world and characters as this will help spark my own creative juices and shape the story of our sly protagonist. As always suggestions are welcomed and I would love the participation of my readers. Enjoy and happy hunting!

Episode 5: Friend or Foe

As we walked away from the mocob scene of limb bodies scattered in the moonlight, I began to sense something. Before I could alert my mentor began to smell that sweet odor again. My eyes met with the assailant from earlier that night as I tried to utter Mordin’s name. As he turned to see what my eyes had seen a glint in the moonlight shown. The deadly missile raced towards my mentor, barely visible to either of us. I had no time to react and as the arrow was about to end my mentors life I did the only thing I could think of. I cast a magical sign that would alter the flow of time for just an instant, this was done by channeling all my energy and will into making a specific sign. The sign pulled magic from all around me in massive amounts causing time to decelerate in the area I chose. I immediately used the tiny amount of time I had bought myself to my advantage and gripped the arrow and stopped it inches from Mordin's heart.

He hadn't even flinched with the arrow inches from killing him, he looked at me then where the attacker. “I think your friend has a message for you”, he said calmly. I turned and gazed at the silhouette on the rooftops, I starred the would be assassin down and smelled the arrows scent. It was the same poison mixture, I readied my hand to throw the arrow back into my foe, however this would more than likely fail. Now I had an arrow with the same poison, I could finally start getting answers. My for disappeared from the rooftops as I walked away and tucked the arrow

into my cloak, I turn back to Mordin who quietly said, “We have much to discuss” with a of aura of silent rage. There was no hiding the fact that I had used magic, I merely nodded my head and removed my mask. We walked silently, an awkward silence like when a parent leads a child to be punished and the child knows it.

We finally arrived at our meeting with no further incidents. As we began to walk down a dark and narrow hallway towards a dim red glow Mordin turned to me and quietly whispered “mask, only talk when you need to. You remember the traditions from Hitsugori?” I nodded my head twice as I put on my mask. Hitsugori was the second mentor I had studied under after being initiated into the society. He had taught me everything about the Taighaki Empire, from the language and culture to the techniques and traditions of war. His name was reflection of this tradition. The Hitsumada are an ancient class of warriors who, while they are small in numbers now, are still the most formidable and idealistic warriors I have ever known. The Zuma were as ancient as the Hitsumada and practiced very strict traditions, and respect was the key to gaining the Zuma’s favor. As we walked further into the dark alley we met a dark wall with a lamp placed in an odd place for a street lamp. Mordin smothered the flame without a word and a moment later a small beam of light revealed a pair of eyes. In a barely audible whisper I heard the stranger ask “friend or foe”.


Blake Jenkins

What's up nerds!!! This community is awesome! I've loved writing since I started college and I've loved video games since I was born! (almost true I started on my dad's NES when I was 4) So I decided why not do both, so I started a Youtube channel. Check it out here and give me a thumbs up! It's only a little sad I promise.


Blake Jenkins

What's up nerds!!! I'm Blake Jenkins, and this community is awesome! I've loved writing since I started college and I've loved video games since I was born! (almost true I started on my dad's NES when I was 4) So I decided why not do both, so I started a Youtube channel. Check it out and give me a thumbs up! It's only a little sad I promise ;)!