10 Fun Things To Do In Dead Rising 4

Dead Rising 4 came out December 6th, 2016 and was met with lukewarm critical praise. We’re not here to focus on giving it some kind of score though---we’re going to talk about a few things off the beaten path that make DR4 a good time. *Warning: May contain spoilers. You’ve been warned.*

The List

Zombie bashing in front of the pirate ship - one of the first things I did once inside the mall was come upon a huge pirate ship that had been used to stage entertainment back before, ya know, all the mall-going patrons were turned into bloodthirsty monsters. In the area right in front of the pirate ship was a huge throng of zombies (XOneBros PRO TIP: don’t forget to whip out your camera and snap some pics of this huge herd!) AND nearby is a mall security cart, as well as a Segway and a tricycle. If you bring any vehicles down into the Pirate Pit (yep, just coined that---that’s how it shall be referred to from now on!), it is an absolute hoot to go mowing down all the zombies milling around there! If your vehicle gets destroyed, mop up the rest of the zombies with frag grenades, a Blambow or Electric Wreath---festive!

Make a Mini-Game for the Stealth kills - have Frank go stealth by pressing L-stick, then sneak up on as many zombies as possible and perform a stealth kill by pressing B. Keep a running count of how many you perform. If enemies detect you, kill all nearby foes and start over again. This is actually harder than it may seem, as zombies in the mob may notice that you just murder-fied their “zompatriot” and pay attention to you, thus ensuring the stealth mode/B for melee can’t be used.

Try on all the clothes you find - There’s an achievement for trying on 100 different articles of clothing. While going around doing the missions, or being cool, or whatever you’re doing, run into each store and look around for clothes hanging nearby or on the ground that may be wearable. You never know where they might be! I found some chef clothes in the Food Court in the various restaurants there. Once you find a set you like, or if you want to mix and match out of what you have gathered so far, most mirrors you find in the world will allow you to change your clothes.

Let me take a selfie! - A funny thing that the game does is if you go into selfie mode (while in camera mode press Right Bumper) while near a zombie, Frank will grab the zombie and pull it into the frame with him. See how many funny ones you can get! Don’t forget moving the left stick will have Frank make different faces.

C-c-c-c-combooooo! - Try out all the Combo Weapons and see what your favorite Skill Move Abilities are for each weapon. So far my fave is the Flaming Helmet (triceratops mask + chemical) for the fire breath area attack you can dish out. (XOneBros PRO TIP: Don’t forget, there’s an achievement to unlock if you get to 200 hit streak, then use your skill move ability. The Pirate Pit I mentioned above would be a great place to unlock this achievement.) Some Skill Moves are single target, some are area effect---figure out what’s best to use for each situation. Using the single target skill moves are perfect for dishing out a large amount of damage to a tougher foe.

Roll with it - Don’t only experiment with combo weapons! Make sure to hop in combo vehicles and rack up those hits to unleash the devastating vehicle skill ability moves (by hitting the  ‘X’ button once the count gets high enough). The Kill-O-Watt, Sling Rot, and Mowerhog are my personal favorites to use. Using these inside the mall is an okay amount of fun, but once you’re out on the mean streets of Willamette, the fun factor goes up tremendously due to the huge mobs available out in the open.

Go West, Frank West - Explore the mall fully---if you come across a set of blocked escalators, drive a security cart up to it, then climb on the roof and jump over to access this previously inaccessible area. There are some blueprints up there you’ll want, as well as the fact that a survivor may spawn there. The mall and Willamette have many areas that you have to try and figure out how to get into, and doing so on your own without help from a guide can leave you with a feeling of satisfaction

Blooper Reel - Take some time to make the zombies look silly---load up on servbot heads, buckets, plain wreaths and tree toppers and unload these items onto zombies’ heads. Don’t forget to snap a picture to satisfy the ‘Outtakes’ PP trial in Photography. Also laugh at the hapless undead as they stumble around and look really silly.

XOXOXO the Exo - grab an Exo suit where available and use one of the many different upgrades and test them out to discover which is your favorite. The suit upgrades all have different capabilities and Skill Move Abilities to try out. The Exo Suit is, by far, the best thing to use to clear out vast mobs of zombies and to deal with the tougher enemies the game has to offer.

(Disclaimer: Currently as of 12/31/2016 there’s a bug where entering multiplayer will cause progress in your Single Player game for your Shelters to reset to 0. Expect a patch soon to address this issue) Play some multiplayer with friends - Multiplayer in Dead Rising 4 is an absolute treat! It’s so much more fun to bash zombies with friends! In addition to just getting to hang out with some buds and enjoy yourselves, there are a lot of achievements and PP trials tied to multiplayer as well (XOneBros PRO TIP: one of the easiest achievements to unlock is to take out your camera and snap some pics of your in-game Zombie Genocide Squad).


Dan Reiley

GHSupermonkey can frequently be spawn camped in the San Francisco Bay Area, however after a recent patch his loot table has changed and now he mostly carries vendor trash. You can reach him on Twitter, Twitch, Instagram and Xbox at GHSupermonkey

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Dan Reiley

GHSupermonkey can frequently be spawn camped in the San Francisco Bay Area, however after a recent patch his loot table has changed and now he mostly carries vendor trash. You can reach him on Twitter, Twitch, Instagram and Xbox at GHSupermonkey