Microsoft Rewards: FREE GOLD


If you’re reading this post, you are almost certainly an Xbox gamer… If you’re an Xbox gamer, you almost certainly have an Xbox Live Gold subscription. And unless you have unlimited income, you probably like getting free stuff! And I’ve got a tip for you.

Using a program called Microsoft Rewards, you can get your Gold subscription for free. It takes a little bit of work, you’ll have to decide if it’s worth the tradeoff or not. I’m here to propose it might just be.

Rewards? Rewards for what?

Heard of Alphabet Inc? They are the parent company that owns Google, and Google is the world’s largest search engine by a huge margin. Google has an estimated 70% of the search market, and nearly a staggering 90% of the mobile search market. It’s really difficult to overstate how much money is tied up in this, advertising dollars and information dollars alike. This is BIG business that Microsoft wants a cut of. Enter Bing, Redmond’s answer to the question “How can we get some of that sweet sweet search money?”

So, if you have never used Bing, don’t feel bad, it’s pretty obvious most people haven’t. But Microsoft would really like to change that trend, and get more people on board with their service over that of Big G so they created Microsoft Rewards.

The entire point of this rewards program is to get people to use Bing more, and subsequently Google less. So that when you go to “google” something, you do it on Bing instead. It’s pretty simple really, sign up for the Reward Program, and switch your default search engine over to Bing, you’ll get a few points for every time you search for something on Bing.

Now that you know how to do it, you’ll be excited to find out -why- you want to do this. Simple, you get those points, and you trade them in on stuff, enter drawings, purchase gift cards, or more applicable to our niche group, get free Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass codes!

There’s even a shortcut for how you can get the most points per day quickly. If you are on a PC, and using Chrome, you can download a plug-in called LinkClump, using LinkClump, you search for anything, then hold your right mouse button and drag a box around the list of “similar searches” at the bottom, it opens up each of those results in a new tab, and counts them as a search, you get points for every search. They add up quickly that way, and after you’ve gotten a couple hundred of them, you’ll be a LVL 2 searcher and can get 150 points a day. If you want to take it a step further, you can get a plug-in called User Agent Switcher, set your browser to report itself as a mobile phone (iOS or Android) and repeat the LinkClump search method, this will max out your points earned every day at 300, and you can get Gold or Game Pass for free every month.

What do you guys think of these methods? Have any questions, or need more information? Let’s talk about it in the comments below!


Chester Baker (NoisyCricket405)  

A crazy dad with a passion for games. Having 4 beautiful daughters keeps my (smoking hot) wife and I pretty busy, but I still find time to squeeze in some video gaming here and there. I grew up with parents who loved electronics and gaming, but I fell out of the hobby for a few years as an adult. It wasn't until I got an Xbox 360 Slim at a work Christmas party that I really got interested again. Man, I had missed a lot; things had changed! Games seemed so much more in depth to me, so different and exciting. I played a few here and there, but I could always hear the Xbox One out there calling my name. Early 2017 we were buying one of those fancy new 4K TV sets and my wife said "you should buy a new Xbox!" A statement she deeply regrets because it's been "GAME ON BABY" ever since!