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Between once acclaimed series now misunderstood and shunned (Mass Effect: Andromeda) or inadvertently packaged and promoted (Prey) and remasters reintroduced for virgin experiences or as a cash grab (Darksiders: Warmastered Edition / Metro 2033 Redux), throughout these Summer gaming experiences, my life changed.

With enough Doctor visits to create my own directory, experiencing debilitating flare ups and witnessing the fragility of life, as both my parents were hospitalized at the same time. I battled to counteract every negative thought that suggests I Quit without Saving.


Mass dis-appeal (Dude, is that even a word?)

Mass Effect 2 is one of my all time favorite games, featuring one of my all time favorite characters (Garrus is Bae). Although the final piece of the trilogy left a sour taste in our collective mouths, Andromeda was poised to step up the plate and take as back on a galactic thrill ride. Even though I might have  missed out on the buggy release version to echo public resentment,  the criticism was loud enough to influence my perception  of the game during the opening act. I became a cynic and immediately sent a message to my younger sister, voicing my concern. (another massive effect fan – pun-dum-tish * ). *double pun intended

Whatsapp Chat:

Nervebullet: Good start but I can understand the criticism. The voice work is stale, the characters are choppy and I’ve only played the first hour but I’m slightly bored.

Camelinthecity (younger sis) : Dude, keep playing.

So I took her advice, and kept playing. Jaal will never replace Garrus, but he grew on me. I actually laughed at some of his lines. As I reached the end of the game a feeling of sorrow engulfed me. I experienced amazing set pieces that evoked why I was initially a fan of the series, and was saddened to hear that the Bioware team will not proceed with offering future DLC content. Gaming journalism suggests that deadlines, office politics and team downsizing was the cause of disruption, however I took the game for what it was and ultimately enjoyed it and commend the effort of the team.

Don Mattrick-itus

Has gaming media become whiner then our ex? I’m not saying let’s applaud all releases (e.g. Tony Hawks 5, you can go to your room, I won’t excuse you, even if you offer Garrus as a downloadable character) – Garrus Pro Skater bahahaha!). I wish we could tone it down and  show more appreciation to the hard work that goes on in an industry that has become as cut throat as any other. Xbox and Microsoft get enough hate this generation (Don Mattrick-itus) (Believe it or not I actually cancelled my Xbox One pre-order after his epic fail of a speech, but eventually pre-ordered a few months later). I shiver to think what would happen if he was still around. Don Mattrick situations aside, let’s all chill and enjoy some gaming?


100 Day Xbox One X Fitness Challenge (Today is Day 63).

I am so grateful for the amazing support I have received since announcing my 100 day Fitness Challenge until the Xbox One X is released. I honestly believe that I started this challenge at the right time. If you remember reading about my tumultuous year, September did not let out, having seen both my parents hospitalized with major health scares and episodes at this time, including other traumatic situations, all alongside my chronic health conditions flaring up. I could have excused myself and stopped the challenge, however I used all the support in my social media feeds, comments and DM’s to strengthen my resolve, and muscle through each situation. Without adhering to a specific school of thought with regards to my training and nutrition I experimented with various fasting techniques and carb cycling to see new changes in my physical and mental well being. I utilized inflammation fighting herbs and foods (turmeric), and illuminated those that further exasperated my flare ups (dairy, dairy, breads, dairy).

During the first two weeks I focused on strength training, as my knee condition could not handle impact and cardio. I divided my workouts to cover Chest/Triceps/Abs, Back/Biceps and Shoulder/Legs. I utilized burst cardio moves between every set to promote my metabolic rate and encourage fat burning capabilities. On my Instagram and blog, I discussed my Shoulder Birsitis condition and flare up as it occurred, which forced me to adapt and re-evaluate my training regiment. I began researching my biomechanical flaws and focus my training to promote further flexibility and correct movement in hope of rectifying and working through my chronic knee, bone deformity conditions and to overcome the medical mishap that occurred during my surgery in 2012.

When my father’s medical appointment was at 7am. I would hit the hotel gym at 4 am to make sure my training was covered for the day. Before visiting my mother at the hospital this past Friday, I was able to bike outdoors for the first time since 2016 and my extreme flare up this summer. I finished the fasted cardio by 6am and was already dressed and fed by the time visiting hours rolled in.

Throughout these 60 days, traumatic situations and life events still take their toll on me. But the rightful balance of dedicating my life to my family and loved ones, being honest and transparent about my journey on social media, giving myself time to read, write, game and pray, all combine to motivate me to move forward with strength and humility.

37 more days remain. Thank your being with me, and I hope to inspire and cheer you towards ascending your personal summits, even if they do not including gaming or fitness. Each mountain is rightfully yours, and you have the strength within to reach its peak.


Summer Reading Gaming List

A quick summary of my gaming experiences over the summer

·       Mass Effect Andromeda: You already know about this.

·       Prey : Went into the game thinking it was going to be an all out shooter (comparing it to the initial 2007 release of Prey. Once you realize that you are a scientist and not a war machine, you will excuse the lack of guns blazing and more think before you shoot approach. Think Dishonored physics and controls, in a Half Life-isque (big words Mo, big words) takes Alien Isolation out to dinner sort of way.

·       The Late Shift: FMV Baby FMV!!

·       Darksiders:Warmastered Edition : Having missed the initial Xbox 360 released, this was a very enjoyable run. Took me forever to find the final artifact once I was done with the game. Excited to play Darksiders 2 as well before Fury embraces us in 2018 (New Bae?*)

*Bae Nomination has been revoked due to the impending release of the Tomb Raider Movie (Lare is the one true Bae and you know it! – Hi Wife, if you are reading this please ignore, you know video game bae and real life baes are not the same right?)**

**Dude Alicia Vikender is real… on second thought, hun please leave one of my pillows on the coach tonight. The armrest hurts my neck.

·       Sonic Mania: Got Stuck in the air level…. 7 year old me would be so embarrassed of myself right now.

·       Battlefield 1: Having only played the campaign last year, I grabbed the Premium Pass during the sale and going in for some Conquest mode when I get the time (30 minute all out war requires energy too).

·       Borderlands : Been boosting this for months (try since May) EmDeeGee, AudibleGymist6, Dr_Tinus we are almost done with this monster of a game! The DLC’s might be unbearable but these group of merry men offer me weekly laughs as we traverse the cell shaded adventure.


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