Dark Chronicles Episode 2

Dark Chronicles

An Episodic Journey in the Shadows of a Fantastic World

Hey guys! This is a series I'm starting that I'm super excited to share with you! Before you start reading this story I figured I better tell you some stuff. First, this is NOT a children's story! While I don't think excessive cursing will be used by any of the main characters this is an evolving story and my writing process is very different. Also this story was inspired by: The Witcher, Assassin’s Creed, Final Fantasy, Doctor Strange, Lord of the Rings, Sword Art Online, Dragon Age, Japanese Fantasy and lore, and a bunch of different stealth games. I hope these characters become as much a part of you as they have of me. My hope is that this becomes an ever evolving story and world that will strike your curiosity and a desire to know more about the mysterious places and people that I will share with you. Feel free to ask me questions about the world and characters as this will help spark my own creative juices and shape the story of our sly protagonist. As always suggestions are welcomed and I would love the participation of my readers. Enjoy and happy hunting!

Episode 2 (Week 2)

The only sound was the snap of his neck, no yell or cry, just a small gasp before he met his end. I wasn't paid to cover up anything or make this man's death special in anyway, however an abnormally tall man breaking his neck in the forest would not raise any eyebrows for the city guard and the longer my presence was unknown in the region the better. I wasn't worried about the authority's learning of my actions as much as I was other parties who did business within the criminal underworld of this region.

I stood there looking on at my prey, limp and lifeless his body had flopped over the the trunk of the fallen tree he was hiding behind when I stood up. For a moment enough moonlight broke the leaves of the trees above me and illuminated the scene. If there were any onlookers, they would see his freshly dead corpse fall on the trunk, the back of his head laying awkwardly against one of the other trees. I couldn't make the scene anymore natural than this. It was perfect, when his company found him later that morning they would see that he had gone for a drunken stroll through the forest and then had a stumble that tragically ended him. The beams of light lingered, as did I. I took the moment to relax and calm my mind and body, I had been at full alert since the sun set and I had began my work. It wasn't supposed to take this long and the fatigue had taken its toll.

I was not prepared for this, I would have brought a knife and drank a concoction to heighten my senses, I should have consumed a device for my eyesight for this venture. My eyes were sore from the amount of focus I had needed, even my own attuned eyes hadn't enough night vision for this black quest. I stood there, still as the trees surrounding me, for a moment longer. As I began to walk away I noticed my sore body had not yet come to rest, was I sensing a danger, but had not noticed it because of my previous victory? I step forward into the shadows and took a deep breath through my nose, and began to sigh. I was actually probing my surroundings, there was a foreign scent! Lavender, Lotus, and something else? I couldn't identify the third smell but it was a poison that much was clear. The elements were blended together beautifully and the fragrance was alluring. The source was close, the scent was strong enough for me to catch over the already soiled body of my prey. I stepped forward again passing through the rays. I was intent on leaving this place and returning to the city, I was already late. As I continued walking deftly away I heard a twitch in the air. A glint caught the corner of my eye. As the object flew towards me the odor became stronger. I twisted my body in a downward spiral and as I drew from my quiver one of a barrage of blades cut across my shoulder. The other blades missed their mark by no more than a centimeter as I knocked two arrows and released them in haste. My missiles and the blades hit trees and made a thud in the silence at the same moment.

Before the air could still once more I knocked another arrow and released it at my assailant I was sure of their position because I could now hear their movement and breathing. I heard cloth ripping and my arrow continued through the air and tore the canopy of leaves above me. Light broke through and I saw the mysterious figure racing across the air on the branches above me. I loosed a volley of arrows at my new target. I watched my target bend and contort with skill around my arrows and as he flipped in the air shot several new blades back at me. In my preoccupation with the projectiles the assailant fled and the night quickly settled back into silence. I decided pursuit was futile, whoever this person was they had been skilled enough to survive an encounter with me--that spoke volumes. Furthermore I was in no mood to track another target tonight, and I wasn't being paid to kill this stranger.

Two things worried me, the first was that whoever the attacker was, there was no doubt in my mind that they had witnessed my kill. The second was I undoubtedly had poison in my body now. I policed the first two arrows that had found the tree as well as all of my enemy's weapons. They had used daggers, not exactly throwing daggers either. The first volley were kunai which were best for throwing, but the others were much longer and made more for a skilled swordsman rather than a ninja. I knew my new enemy was no ninja. I hurried back to the city making sure not to run and make anymore mistakes tonight, I had already made too many.

Blake Jenkins

What's up nerds!!! This community is awesome! I've loved writing since I started college and I've loved video games since I was born! (almost true I started on my dad's NES when I was 4) So I decided why not do both, so I started a Youtube channel. Check it out here and give me a thumbs up! It's only a little sad I promise.


Blake Jenkins

What's up nerds!!! I'm Blake Jenkins, and this community is awesome! I've loved writing since I started college and I've loved video games since I was born! (almost true I started on my dad's NES when I was 4) So I decided why not do both, so I started a Youtube channel. Check it out and give me a thumbs up! It's only a little sad I promise ;)!