Who Are We?

We are three guys who believe in being positive and hope that by doing so we can be an influence for good. We LOVE games. We LOVE gaming. We love sharing our positive outlook with you.

Our Mission

Provide entertainment and insight on all things Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. We are not just a couple guys making podcasts, we are a community. A community of positive gamers who like to have fun. We are not crude, we are not obscene or raunchy. We are positive and we are fun!

I want to thank you guys for all the great work you do in the community, I know that people at Xbox are big fans of your show
— Major Nelson (Larry Hyrb)

Will I like the shows?

  • Do you love gaming?
  • Are you tired of the console wars?
  • Do you own or plan on owning an Xbox One or Nintendo Switch?
  • Do you like to have fun?
  • Are you tired of biased gaming critics?
  • Do you want to be a part of a great community?

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